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    Lineup 2018

    Unless they're stupid and don't listen to the replies, I reckon we could be getting an amazing line-up
  2. Alfie2001

    Lineup 2018

    I agree I'm not a massive fan of Drake I can just see it being very likely they will get big rap headliner again this year
  3. Alfie2001

    Lineup 2018

    It sounds ambitious ik, but after hearing that they're are planning something big next year I reckon it will be: Foos, arctic monkeys and Drake Foos could fit it in nicely with a UK tour for their new album And obviously the rumours of Arctic Monkeys and a sixth album if it is true they have to headline I'm not a fan of Drake or any rap but seeing as reading is slowly heading that way and his appearance on Giggs set it would make sense to have him