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  1. FestyAcademical

    Festival / Event entry Questionnaire

    That's absolutely fine ... your views are just as important to the research . The concept of leaving the world behind is an intrinsic motivation for many people who attend festivals , so your points are extremely valid. And thanks for raising the signposted option on the form to me ... duly noted
  2. FestyAcademical

    Festival / Event entry Questionnaire

    Thank you kind sir !
  3. FestyAcademical

    Festival / Event entry Questionnaire

    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TEr5FzE7czZMAOs1IvBQ6ZEPWrHdlwtbJdIBPqKcTzE Hi there people . I'm a UK Masters postgrad student currently conducting a research project related to festivals & events . The research focuses on digital apps which could provide faster & safer entry and the questionnaire is to help understand peoples behaviours and opinions on entering festivals & events. This survey takes just 2 minutes to complete and all answers are provided in complete confidentiality. Thanks in advance to all those who take part . Please feel free to PM here with any questions about my research. FA
  4. FestyAcademical

    new here? introduce yourself

    With a couple of bands on very minor stages / tents around the early 90's . It was a great experience no question , but sadly nothing that changed music for the better heh.
  5. FestyAcademical

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hi everyone . Newbie here on the forums , but a veteran of many festivals and events . I've been to Glasto 6 times over the course of 20 odd years as a performer , attendee and event professional. Still my favourite festival ever to work or to visit and one of the few events these days that still gets the butterflies really going . Best moment undoubtedly was seeing Rage Against The Machine in 94 . oh .. if anyone finds the keys for a 1991 Ford Escort opposite the Pyramid stage .....then you're a better man than I was that dark rainy night lol
  6. FestyAcademical

    Favourite venues

    The old Band on the Wall in Manchester. The new refurbed one is great , a lovely well designed modern venue .. but the old one had so much more atmosphere and ambiance in my opinion. King Tut's Wah Wah Hut , Glasgow . Crazy name , crazy place and some of the best lost nights of my life . The Roundhouse , London . My mum used to hang out there in the 60's . When it was re-opened I could totally see why. JB's Dudley . Huge space and probably one of the best PA systems for an indoor venue I'd seen and worked on.