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  1. deejayone

    Tramlines 2018

    Sorry for the bump... Seems likely the move is on. There was a consultation meeting tonight: http://sheff.info/TramlinesUpdate
  2. deejayone

    Tramlines 2018

    Thanks for the info Craig! Surprisingly the people I've spoken with there haven't corrected any of those points, opting to just give me the statement in the updated section of the piece. The implication in conversation was that they were considering moving the main parts of the festival to a multi-stage operation at Hillsborough Park (I took this to mean instead of Ponderosa). There was no comment on other aspects of the festival (Dev Green/Folk Forest) and whether they'd remain or not.
  3. deejayone

    Tramlines 2018

    No early thread for next year's Tramlines Festival in Sheffield yet? Well, opportune timing because it appears that organisers are trying to move it out of Sheffield City Centre and out to Hillsborough Park in the northern suburbs of the city from next year: http://www.deejayone.co.uk/music/item/84-exclusive-tramlines-festival-to-be-moved-hillsborough-park-2018.html To be honest the fringe has increasingly been the place to be for Tramlines with exceptional bands on in virtually every bar and venue in the City Centre. Not sure what to make of the proposed move other than it might fragment the traditional Tramlines experience. (Disclaimer: I researched and wrote that linked post. Nothing actually confirmed about the move yet, but I have spoken to someone at Tramlines and apparently they are preparing a statement 'soon').

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