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  1. Yeah, I know dude. I am going to one of them..my main point is...that there was a good chance they would play if frank carter was..pretty similar to iron maiden, alter Bridge and airbourne this year, who was supposed to be touring together. So that would basically rule frank carter out for next year.
  2. Green day have just announced more European tour dates, with support coming from frank carter/rattlesnakes and manic street preachers. They are playing Norway on the 4th of June, and berlin on the 7th. So if frank carter plays download, pretty sure green day will also. I think there is a good chance that is your Saturday headliner right there.
  3. Paul Landers has said in an interview, that rammstein will be playing major festivals next year, and that the dates will be announced at the end of the month..also, that their 7th album will be released in spring 2019
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