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    we've noticed that both Asda and Morrissons are 5L selling kegs at the moment on offer. Can you take these on to the campsite? (Just wondering as I noted some things like glass are banned) thanks.
  2. Jonnymcjonjon

    Travel for Day tickets

    We went Saturday day last year. There seems to be no easy way about it unless you go on Thursday . Perhaps look into if here is any public transport to Tadcaster and then maybe a taxi into the festival. And reverse. otherwise what we did last year was terrible. Get to York train station then train to Leeds then you have to queue up (for about an hour) to get JUST a ticket for the Leeds fest bus (so now you're going back in the York direction anyway) and then you have to wait in line for he bus itself. All told old the journey took us nearly 4 hours! Bramham park is 30 mins from York in a car. maybe pushbike? It would honestly be quicker! Or pay someone for a lift if you're lucky.

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