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  1. Re-read from page 400 onwards. You're welcome 😄
  2. Wow. If this doesn't happen now, it'll go down in history as the biggest red herring ever!
  3. 1. Bullet In The Head 2. Testify 3. Bulls On Parade
  4. Anybody else blasting RATM today in anticipation? @dentalplan's schedule, that IG post from the radio station, Reading announcing 'next week', Rock En Seine announcing tomorrow... surely, it must be?
  5. From the people I've talked to, it's both a financial problem and a desire to be environmentally friendly. Although festivals have done a lot recently to reduce their footprint.
  6. Hi all, Thanks for the feedback regarding this. Negative feedback is still valid so it doesn't offend me, but it does make me think harder about what the actual solution might be. As I said, the worst thing would be to spend money building something nobody wants. I wasn't the guy on Dragons' Den, although I did watch that pitch and agreed with the Dragons. That solution seemed too complicated and expensive for what it was. After speaking to a few in the industry, it is still a huge problem, despite some more positive press surrounding it this year. It's especially damaging to smaller, independent festivals. I'll keep digging but clearly this isn't the thing for you, so thanks for letting me know. Jack
  7. Note for moderators - I have had permission to post this on this board from Neil at eFestivals. Hi all, I wanted to get your feedback on this as festival-goers. We all know the big problem festivals such as Glasto & Reading have with abandoned tents & general litter post-event… many things have been tried, including getting messages out to the campers about taking their tent home with them, eco-bonds etc. It seems to me the only thing that is really going to solve this is having a pre-pitched tent for every camper at the festival. You turn up to a pre-pitched tent, and you just leave it at the end of the festival, packed down & taken away by BassCamp. Through people I’ve talked to in the industry, I think this is what festivals are going to soon introduce as the solution. On the back of this research I’ve set up something called BassCamp as a service that could do this. BassCamp is an affordable pre-pitched service… starting at £20 per person on top of your festival ticket, and grouping friends together in their own tents. The idea is to make it affordable enough that it costs the same to buy a small tent from Amazon, and with BassCamp you'd get a superior quality, larger tent (made from polycotton canvas, which has better insulation than the standard nylon/polyester tents, meaning you'll be warmer at night!). To make it attractive we’d try and include things like a bar, campsite social area, silent discos in the campsite. It might eventually look like this: And you can read more about it here: www.basscampuk.com I would love to get your feedback on this. Would you switch to pre-pitched if it was made into an affordable, and attractive experience? If so why, and if not why not? I know Camplight and Tangerine Fields are the companies already operating in this space… but still the majority of campers opt for standard general camping. I suspect this is because people value the general campsite experience, not wanting to pay the extra money for pre-pitched. So my thinking is to create a pre-pitched service that preserves that general campsite experience, and even adds to it. If you're a fan of this, is there anything you'd like to see added to the campsite experience? I’d highly value your comments, positive and negative. Thanks! Jack
  8. Hey guys, hope it's okay to ask this here - I write a blog on festivals and wondered who your top 3 artists were at Boardmasters this year, and why. Let me know and don't be afraid to waffle on!
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