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  1. Hi! My sister and I are attending reading this year. Our first time at any festival, so we've booked pink moon. We like that it is next to white camp as we've read lots about it being the more family friendly site which suits us as we arent rowdy! However after seeing the map, it's obviously quite deceiving to a new comer as I have no idea the scale of the map! We are getting the big green coach to site so will arrive at totally the opposite side of the site to pink moon. Anyone know the distance and best way to get there (foot or are alternative methods available)? I read somewhere (thread from 2012) that there are river steamers than run? So would we be able to get a boat to save on some walking if it's really far? Another question; I saw on Facebook that people were commenting saying reading had blocked off the nearest access to the local Tesco? Although we are taking plenty of money, we arent wanting to eat burger van food for 5 days straight (more so because I have dietry requirements due to a gastric disorder). So was hoping to make it to a local supermarket to get some bits and pieces throughout the weekend. I know Thursday we will get a good opportunity to get familiar with what is around us but just wanted a rough idea of how easy it will be to get off site and check out town or supermarkets over the weekend? Last minute nerves but excited!! Thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply