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  1. That would be nice. But Skindred are in Germany on Friday. Bought the tickets some days ago. Now I can wait and hope that the travel to the UK will be possible next summer.
  2. Anyone an idea how to enter the festival with an non-UK COVID status? On their homepage it is written that I have to provide evidence of a negative NHS Rapid Lateral Flow Test. So does that mean that they do not accept a foreign double vaccination? So far as I understood the government waives quarantine for arrivals fully vaccinated from Europe. : https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-travel-update-government-waives-quarantine-for-arrivals-fully-vaccinated-from-europe-and-usa-while-also-confirming-international-cruise-restart Would love to travel to Leeds over that Wknd 🙂
  3. that's sad, hope to see QOTSA next year.
  4. I don't have a ticket yet. But also looking forward to it. Not much news from the festival itself. A Spanish TV station named the festival a few days ago: https://www.rtve.es/playz/20210528/festivales-cartel-2021-2022/2095241.shtml
  5. I am not. I think and hop it will take place as scheduled. The last statement from the festival make me positive. The just announced that due to Sad Summer Festival in the US being rescheduled, The Story So Far and Movements are no longer able to make it over for #SDF21 in September.
  6. Can someone tell me the dates for 2022? I reckon 26 - 28 of august, right?
  7. Thx for the advise. Ill do that. But if Ill attend the festival, I will fly into London with a group of 5 or 6 mates, so we would prefer a two or three bedroom flat. but for that's probably to late. We reserved a flat in reading months ago for that weekend, bot now the festival is sold out. Not easy planning in pandemic time 😉
  8. Tempting line-up. but the prices for accommodation in Portsmouth are quite high... probably next year and a bit better planning from my side.
  9. Really, what a shame. I hoped for news, sorry
  10. It looks that they will announce new headliners today and tomorrow. Not really the news we are waiting for.
  11. Nice line-up! Because of the pandemic situation, I think only the UK will have a festival summer this year. I hope I can travel to that event. Any idea about selling out? First the south? after that announcement I can grab some tickets for the north?
  12. I couldn't get tickets for Reading, so I hope for a trip to Madrid to see QOTSA.
  13. Finger crossed for changed date. Next week they will inform about their plans.
  14. Same for me. Still looking for tickets. I hope they well bring some on sale. Previous years they’ve released more around April but this year might be different because of corona.
  15. https://camdenrocksfestival.com/ This weeks announcement.C Who do we think could headline?
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