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  1. If you want to go to the Delegate/Conferences, do you need to buy a Festival Ticket as well?
  2. A few cops with dogs, but it all seemed quite relaxed.
  3. As mentioned above, one big outdoor stage, one mid-size outdoor stage. A big tent and a small tent, then a VIP area, which from my brief time in there was a bit of a waste of space. One or two rides for folks to enjoy. Were plenty of food and craft beer options, as well as the standard fare. Prices were to be expected, but I don't think eye-wateringly so. The weather was spot on, so that helped, but was a good vibe and a decent crowd. Queues were fine all round - toilets and for food and drink. The craft beer queues were longer than the main bar selling Red Stripe, which you could mostly just get to the front of instantly. Ground around the bogs got a bit depressingly wet later on in the evening, so you were walking in boggy piss water if you weren't careful. They seemed to have ample of portaloos though. I'd say it was about 70% full last year? Certainly a fair way off sold out.
  4. Is it me, or do Primal Scream stick out like a shore thumb in this lineup? Doesn't seem like the best use of funds/headliner slot by the festival team.
  5. My friend ordered BD tickets from See Tickets this year and got them about a week later, I think. Guess they changed that rule!
  6. I'd be slightly wary that those are codes for locals only and you have to provide some sort of proof (Council Tax bill, etc) on the day. I doubt they'll check, but worth considering.
  7. Oof, that price! Not sure how they justify that, really. Unless there's some really high-end production and boutique facilities, buuuuuut that seems unlikely. Not sure an £18 booking fee is that justified either! Most ticket agents/festivals seem to lower it a bit when tickets go over a certain threshold.
  8. Looks like a brand new festival. One for the family judging by the lower parts of the poster. Looks like more bands to be announced, but seems like it might do alright. For a good cause anyway!
  9. Interesting! Does make me worry they were facing losing money and required some backing from someone with deep pockets. Fair enough, really. I doubt anything around the festival itself will really change.
  10. Which ticket company was it with? I've had mine back from See Tickets before after just one email "complaining" (I was v. polite). I even sympathise with the ticket company a bit as I'm sure they have costs involved processing and refunding the order, so sometimes think a % of the booking fee being kept is fair, but 100%....?
  11. I'll go with Metronomy from the original 2020 lineup coming back. King Gizzard would be the perfect booking for this - sure they'll try.
  12. Super early bird's are on sale for this now @ £29.50. Bargain!
  13. Probably a few of the bands from the original 2020 lineup before COVID hit. Metronomy, The Comet Is Coming, Beak>, Girl Band, etc.
  14. I thought it was really well run, especially in challenging circumstances. Toilets, bar, food, even the sound was great (seems to be a few complaints on noise, but I didn't notice much from where I was). Imagine, like most events at the moment, drop-off/no shows are around 30% or so, so might feel a lot of busier next year. Felt it was about just right yesterday. A Certain Ratio, Snapped Ankles and SLIFT the highlights for me! Squid and Mandrake Handshake were a bit disappointing. Goat Girl too. Should've swapped their stage with Snapped Ankles. KOKOROKO were decent too. Enjoyed them on record more, but they and the crowd seemed to be having fun.
  15. Sound like Stereolab, don't they? That's a good thing, I reckon.
  16. Altin Gun and Tinarwien both out, which is a shame. But that's how it is at the moment. Some bands will drop out on the day too if they test positive. But Yard Act, Porridge Radio and a few others added, which is good!
  17. https://halloweentownfestival.com/ Thought this looked interesting, because 1) it's in Bedford and 2) that's an eclectic lineup! Craig David, Nathan Dawe and Majestic one day. Andy C, DJ EZ, David Rodigan and Shy FX the next. Levellers, Peter Hook and Dreadzone the final day!
  18. Exactly. You can sort of see how they got to £50, but given the lineup and equivalent out there AND it's at Northants cricket ground, it still seems high to me.
  19. Hmm. Sleaford Mods and Billy Nomates? I'm tempted.
  20. One of the ticket sites. Dice, I think. Edit: Here it is on AXS. £50 + fees. 10% everywhere, I guess. https://www.axs.com/happylandfaqs?q=Happyland
  21. Standard for most, I'm afraid. Card fees/processing fees and all those costs get absorbed by the ticket agent, then again refunding orders. Plus whatever other costs there are. I doubt most festivals will pay that back to the ticket agent and the ticket agent isn't in a position to insist their client does, so the customer gets saddled with it.
  22. Are we expecting more bands to be announced for this? Ideally some acts from Manchester Psych Fest which is the day before Wide Awake?
  23. This is new. https://southfacingfestival.com/ Looks like a concert series that lasts pretty much all of August. Max Richter, The Streets, Supergrass and Dizzee Rascal announced so far. Interesting! And on my doorstep.
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