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  1. Spinkedzzz

    Lowlands 2017 ALONE

    Fantastic festival! The best shows i've seen was undoubtfully Feist, then Mumford&Sons, Kiiwanuka, Elbow
  2. Spinkedzzz

    Lowlands 2017 ALONE

    Does smbd know, do i need to buy drinking water at lelystad or there are free drinking water at camp?
  3. Spinkedzzz

    Lowlands 2017 shuttle bus

    Sorry, dunno anything about car park
  4. Spinkedzzz

    Lowlands 2017 shuttle bus

    it's true they dont operate in the night so either use bicycles or hitchhike
  5. Spinkedzzz

    Festival costings NL

    if i'm going to lelystad straight from airport on Thursday about 18-00 pm, can i buy snacks and drinks there?
  6. Spinkedzzz

    Lowlands 2017 ALONE

    It's 11 euros on a train from Amsterdam to Lelystad, there are free shuttle buses from lelystad to festival
  7. Spinkedzzz

    Lowlands 2017 ALONE

    about camping - you need 3 things - tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag (the last is optional if you take a lot of clothes) if weather is sunny cheap tent is ok but when it's raining you need waterproofness of outer tent at least 2000mm
  8. Spinkedzzz

    Lowlands 2017

    they say shuttle bus from festival to nearest train station starts about 9 am so you should consider other options
  9. Spinkedzzz

    Lowlands 2017 ALONE

    Hi I am going from russia to lowlands alone, i dont' know Dutch too. Language is not a problem at all, i was in belgium twice on Rockwerchter, everybody speaks english.