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  1. Elizabeth0131

    Backpack size into festival question

    Thank you, but I'm in the US so I can't get it in time for my flight to the U.K. I may just look when I arrive there. A4 is not a common US size. Appreciate it! Any idea how strict they are on sticking to that size?
  2. Elizabeth0131

    Lift/Taxi share to London Saturday night?

    JUST KIDDING. Saw this was from 2016.
  3. Elizabeth0131

    Lift/Taxi share to London Saturday night?

    Hey Becks12! We are going back to London Saturday night too. Are you still looking to share a taxi perhaps?
  4. For bringing a backpack into the actual festival, how strict are they on sticking to the A4 size? I'm having some difficulty finding a backpack or small bag for my husband that is within the A4 size. I found one that was 12 x 17 inches, but I'm concerned that it would be too big and they won't allow. Thanks friends!
  5. Elizabeth0131

    First time coming from USA - questions?

    No, we do not have a one day wristband, just a day pass. Thank you to everyone for your responses. Much appreciated!
  6. Thanks in advance. Traveling over from US for festival and have a few basic questions. We're just going for Saturday on a day pass, no camping. 1. What can we bring into the festival? For instance, is a camel pack OK? What about folding chairs or a blanket? Any alcohol allowed to be brought in? Water bottles? 2. Are cabs easily accessible after the event? 3. Can you come and go in and out of the festival after you have entered? 4. What time do the final mainstage acts usually go on? 5. I know this is a very general question, but any recommendations on things that we should definitely bring with us to the festival (other than the absolutely obvious)? Thanks for the help!! So stoked about this fest!