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  1. Have wanted to see Tankus the Henge since I discovered them last year. They'll put on a great show! Barely spent any time in Avalon in 2017 but that's going to change this year! Need to listen to the playlist - lots of good recommendations from people on here, I love discovering new music
  2. It's based on a Peter Pan/Neverland theme so it's all pirates, mermaids and lost boys (and tinkerbells!). Saying that, I saw a bloke dressed up as Princess Leia with a massive inflatable Jabba the Hutt, so I think anything goes! ? It was unbearably hot last year which was great at night as you didn't need to wrap up but it was difficult to find any shade in the daytime, and I didn't see as much rock/punk in the dive bar as I would've liked as it was so hot inside. But dancing at the beach, on the real sand, or down in the goldmine, was just amazing. Saw lots of the smaller bands walking round before or after their sets too, which was cool as we got to chat to them. Argh I'm getting really excited now!! 4 months to go yet though lol!
  3. I'm off to Boomtown on the 7th so I'm going to take Neverworld fairly easy. Most of the music ends around 1am anyway (it's advertised later than that but they had council issues last year with noise limits - didn't spoil it for me as I'm usually back in my tent by then anyway!) and Sunday the 4th is 'going home day' so it's definitely doable! A lot of people moan about the cost, but considering how many acts you get to see, it's a real bargain! Plus it's not like you're at Glastonbury amongst a crowd of 100,000 struggling to see anything, you can get right to the front quite easily. The crowd were friendly too - met some lovely people who are all going back this year so I expect we'll all meet up again!
  4. I went last year for the first time and loved it. It had a lovely small, intimate, local festival feel but with a real diverse line up - pop, rock, indie, metal, acoustic, drum n bass, dubstep, garage, house, disco, cabaret, comedy, games, quizzes, kids club... over about 10 stages/tents/areas, which is quite a feat for a 5000 capacity festival! Lots of dressing up but by no means compulsory if not your thing. I much preferred it to corporate giants such as Latitude, R&L, IOW etc but it's less than an hour away and we got our tickets when they were on earlybird prices so that helps!
  5. What stage/area would Sub Focus do? Temple, or something else? And surely not at 7pm ?
  6. Line up released today! Craig David, Shy FX, Tom Grennan, Professor Green, Craig Charles... looking good!!
  7. Would love to see Editors, Bloc Party, Gang of Youths, Jeremy Loops, Rae Morris, Tom Grennan, Tankus the Henge, Newton Faulkner, KT Tunstall on there, but hoping as *some* of these are 'smaller' acts that they'll be later additions. I'm just happy that I'm not bothered about the headliners as it'll mean heading to SE corner nice and early ?
  8. I feel exactly the same. Last time I spent too much time at the Pyramid and Other stages, would like to discover smaller stages and hidden bars this time ?
  9. Maybe they've sent the poster in the post to a handful of random ticket holders and we'll all have to wait for one of those to open their post and share?
  10. That's what I guessed too... Craig David would be an amazing booking for such a small festival! Vaccines would be pretty good too, considering they subbed at Latitude and that's 10 times the size!
  11. Meh... Victorious is not for us. If there was onsite camping, it might have been better, but I like to leave festivals with a warm fuzzy feeling, a sense of community, having spent a few days in somewhere like another world, a utopia... not watching hundreds of men p*ssing up the fence, no queuing system for the portaloos (people just walking round the back), security passing drugs to festival-approved dealers through the barriers at the Strongbow Yard (after making Joe public walk past sniffer dogs), wasting time walking to and waiting for a bus to campsite to get changed because of the rain etc... they didn't even provide wristbands (except for camping)!! Yes, some of the music was good (sound not good for Common Stage though), but felt more like all day concerts than an actual festival, and because none of the line up really interested us (got our tickets before it was announced) it didn't seem worth the trip. I know we're in the minority though as lots of people loved it, including friends we met up with...
  12. Apologies if this has been discussed to death but any ideas on the price of a pint of cider or real ale? Also, is it worth going out of the festival to get a decent fish and chips or does the chippy on site (Rock n Sole) do proper portions?
  13. Bumping this to see if anyone else on here is going? Line up looks spectacular for such a small festival, with a good mix of music genres, pop, rock, indie, drum n bass, house... and lots of glitter and dressing up too!
  14. I think maybe we should've camped in Green... is that where you were? Maybe more people willing to chat to their neighbours. We did try... my husband more so than me, he helped a young lad put up his tent next to us, and carried some bags for a couple of blokes who were struggling without a trolley. Also some polite conversation with our neighbours about borrowing a mallet (!). I agree with Latitude maybe not knowing what it wants to be. I was surprised to see so many teenagers there... I'm not sure what attracts them, apart from the freedom and lack of security/searching. The music seemed geared more towards indie nostalgia (which I liked!) and modern rockpop than current chart music. Food was outstanding - the Tibetan stall, Happy Maki vegan sushi and a beef burger place that took a while to make but was worth every second. Another vote for Gang of Youths... once their sound engineer had sorted out the vocals and click track! Didn't see Solange, we opted for James... and was disappointed they didn't sing their biggest hit!
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