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  1. bigsliceoflemon

    Post your favourite picture from this year

    Unrecognisable without litter everywhere, good job
  2. bigsliceoflemon

    Glastonbury flu

    I had no idea this wasn't just me! Still haven't recovered from Glasto flu, so in all I haven't felt normal in over 10 days.... I would assume it's the mixture of germs/immunities from all over the world converging in one place, I definitely count myself lucky for never having caught this before
  3. bigsliceoflemon

    Will i get my stuff stolen at Bestival?

    I've never had anything stolen anywhere, including many Bestivals. Just be careful
  4. bigsliceoflemon

    BST Hyde Park 2017

    Can't believe they still haven't got the crowd distribution right... when I saw Libertines a few years ago it was only so dangerously rammed because there was a huge EMPTY section at the front
  5. bigsliceoflemon

    Truck 2017

    If only that were still the case.. glad to have enjoyed this while it lasted
  6. bigsliceoflemon

    Truck 2017

    Absolutely heartbroken they've gone the mainstream way with campsite-to-arena checkpoints... the openness was a huge part of the chill vibe. On the other hand shuttle buses have been desperately needed for yeeeears!
  7. bigsliceoflemon

    Isle of Wight Festival 2017

    Was on the wrong side of the bar for this one, which isn't a great miss judging by some of the negative reviews
  8. bigsliceoflemon

    I'm trying to know the name of the song that was on after Radiohead set

    Surely a combination of the crowd "I lost myself..." and Common People
  9. bigsliceoflemon

    More Hip Hop

    I don't think Childish Gambino will be a thing by 2019