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  1. Three of my favorites from 2017:
  2. Getting a recommendation from a friend to check out a band you`ve never heard of. Ho99o9,Thursday night 2017, earache express stage. Huge fan now!
  3. Prodigy The Horrors War on Drugs Childish Gambino Smashing Pumpkins Chosen for the fact i`ve never seen any of them live....
  4. Also a few of the posts before I agree with. The Avett brothers and Interpol would be brilliant!!
  5. I know a few of these would only be headliners but my dream list... Childish Gambino LCD Soundsystem The War on Drugs Foals Bruce Springsteen Cypress Hill Gaslight Anthem Public Access T.V Led Zeppelin Fleetwood Mac If at least two of these are on the lineup i`ll be ecstatic!
  6. Ouch, quite a long wait then.... Thanks.
  7. When do they usually release the initial line up? I remember the Radiohead field stunt being pretty soon after the ticket sale last year but can`t remember the timing of that first poster they put out with the majority of the main acts.
  8. Excellent. Thanks for posting this. Been looking for something which creates an outside space which isnt a gazebo, this fits perfectly! Can also vouch for the 3 man pop up Fresh and Black tent. Used it at Beautiful Days this year for the first time and it was brilliant.
  9. Cant comment on their 2013 appearance as i`ve never seen it. I do however think they could pull off the Pyramid slot. As others have said though, it wont happen. Only mentioning it due to the media attention i`ve seen since they have got back together.
  10. I`m not really a huge Pumpkins fan however you cant deny they have a huge back catalogue of very good songs.
  11. I reckon they`re big enough for the Pyramid.
  12. Wishful thinking on my part but you never know..... Was my first Glasto in 2017 and never got to see a pyramid headliner. I`m into the the more heavier type of music and still cursing them putting the Dead Kennedys on at the same time as The Foo Fighters last year haha.
  13. Anyone reckon Smashing Pumpkins could be an outside bet for a headline slot?
  14. Was my first visit last year and consider myself utterly lucky/privileged to have got another golden ticket next year. The weather last year was perfect and hope for the same but i`ll be prepared for all outcomes! Just being there is enough for me :)
  15. First time at Beautiful Days this year. Did Glasto last year and this seemed like the perfect choice during the fallow year. One question for the people that have been before though..... Is there any sort of night life after the main stages end? Obviously i`m not expecting a Shangri La type party all night experience! Are there any areas/tents that stay active till 2-3am? Thank in advance :)
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