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  1. Mean Mr Mustard

    You get ten acts and ten acts only

    Feist Jeff Tweedy Jim White Big Thief Hiss Golden Messenger This is the Kit Richard Dawson Tiny Ruins David Thomas Broughton Sweet Baboo
  2. Mean Mr Mustard

    2017 EOTR Photos

    Thanking for showing us these excellent pictures of a fantastic weekend. Less than a year to go before it starts again. I can't wait.
  3. Mean Mr Mustard

    2017 - How was it for you?

    Forgot to mention John Moreland who was tremendous. He doesn't say much but with songs like his he doesn't need to.
  4. Mean Mr Mustard

    2017 - How was it for you?

    This year was our eighth EoTR and one of the best, I think. Random thoughts - Great to have so much happening on Thursdays - we always felt a bit listless in previous years when we arrived early, just waiting around for Friday Aaron Lee Tasjan got the Friday off to a brilliant start - witty and great tunes/guitar-picking too Bill Ryder-Jones - perfect for a late sunny afternoon when you're feeling slightly woozy from the great beer and boxed wine FJM - still not my cup of tea really, but he made for a good headliner and my companions loved it Robin Ince cheered us all up when we starting to flag a bit during the wet Sunday Why do so many people leave their empty cans/plastic glasses where they were stood for others to clear up? When we arrived, I was slightly worried by the preponderance of 'young people' camped around us but they were as good as gold - and from my perspective, there were less chatterers during sets than in previous years Perfume Genius (didn't play my favourites but he was great nonetheless and will listen more to his most recent albums); Legends of Country were good fun; enjoyed Lucinda W overall but was slightly underwhelmed - thought it was a bit perfunctory (put off a bit by her reading her lyrics from a lectern); Band of Horses Agree with others about needing more sheltered areas and tables to eat Some of the food is really expensive now. £8 for a measly portion of fish curry (mainly sauce) and a bit of rice. £11 for burger and chips! (The burger was nice though). Tea bus bacon sandwiches are still great though. Bill Callahan was beautiful, spell-binding - and the drizzle made it even better somehow Will be back next year, of course
  5. Mean Mr Mustard

    You get 10 bands and 10 bands only

    John Moreland; Aaron Lee Tasjan; Aldous Harding; Lucinda Williams; Bill Ryder Jones; Bill Callahan; Car Seat Headrest; Lemon Twigs; Slowdive
  6. Mean Mr Mustard

    Bands for 2017

    I remember Public Service Broadcasting as packed too
  7. Mean Mr Mustard

    Bands for 2017

    Loads to look forward to. It's an excellent line-up this year, I think. I'm starting to crank up my preparation now as EoTR approaches and as usual, the more I listen to, the more I begin to worry about clashes. My itinerary as of now includes: Friday - Aaron Lee Tasjan > Daniel Romano > Scott Hirsch > H. Hawkline > Real Estate > Lucinda Williams Saturday - John Moreland> Courtney Marie Andrews > Bill R-J > The Lemon Twigs > Band of Horses/Car Seat Headrest > Father John Misty Sunday - Nap Eyes (might be tempted to Legends of Country though) > Timber Timbre > Julia Jacklin > Foxygen > Amadou and Mariam > a bit of Perfume Genius > Bill Callahan
  8. Mean Mr Mustard


    I was there for the Muppets. It was hilarious and a really good atmosphere in the old cinema tent. I'm glad they're changing the venue - the one they've used for the last few years is a bit staid, I agree. My kids have watched loads of films in the morning at EoTR over the years. Sometimes though they've not been able to get in to see the kids' films because space was taken up by grown ups without children. Should be a law against it.

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