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  1. I've been in this trolling game 12 years mate. It's a bit like any other addiction, I get an immense sense of joy out of it that's simply can't be replicated anywhere else. I am attempting to cut down though, hence my recent decline in posting and extended gap. I'll be gone soon once I manage to find the stress ball I normally use as a retraining mechanism.
  2. battleborn

    2019 Headliners

    Sorry but what is the issue with that factual post?
  3. I've got music on in the background to enhance the experience. And a live feed of the Tory leadership crisis in the hope that someone finally ousts Theresa May and collapses the government, but thanks for the concern. The idea of coming onto a forum for a normal discussion rather than to troll seems far sadder, like do you really not have people you can talk to in real life about this shit?
  4. If only I was a child, I wouldn't have to question the life choices that have led me to this point...
  5. Stop ruining my evenings entertainment for fucks sake.
  6. I'm perfectly calm thank you very much. And yes, I'm good. Ever thankful not having to live in a shithole like the Black Country.
  7. Alex Turner's lyrics were a reflection of the society that they lived in at the time WPSIAM and the singles they released before that came out. They were honestly a groundbreaking step in modern rock music. Stormzy just rhymes words together for shits and giggles and fills the middle with bollocks. Yes they had a few duffies along the way, but every Stormzy song is just stream of consciousness crap-filler between nursery level rhyming. Alex Turner wrote modern poetry, Stormzy talks shite over music.
  8. I mean Dizze would make more sense least he could fill a full set-list without resorting to talking about he's mam.
  9. You know I'm right, that's why you can't answer me. Turner wrote it. Yep. The other poster was talking out his rear orifice.
  10. Ahead of it's time. Not mention, it's fucking deep for what is essentially a kids song he wrote for his daughter.
  11. But those people being pushed by record industries don't get to portray themselves as indie hip hop saviours of music as the person commenting about public enemy attempted to paint them before.
  12. A well considered social commentary on the workplace relationships dynamic that traps so many women in power plays and the greed of business-men to assume women are their property. A well-considered building verse with the use of repeated lyrical verse to emphasise a deeply held love with the use of traditional metaphor to conjure up images of intercourse. Both are those are far more pieces of creative genius than Stormzy's this word rhymes with that word fill in the blanks with rubbish approach to song-writing.
  13. battleborn

    2019 Headliners

    So are most 20-25 year olds, we sang it in primary school/early secondary school and are equally bemused by THBC as you lot. Although many of us dug AM tbf. Average AM fan post-TBHC and is a mental hospital patient. Now get AM to do THBC in full and see what happens to the commentariat.
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