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  1. battleborn

    Why don't they let this many people in any more?

    I've been trying to go for a few years but it's been too expensive, I've been unable to get time off or I didn't get tickets. Maybe next year. And it's clearly possible they could sell 100k more tickets; the demand is definitely there and going by those videos from 2000 at least in theory the room is there. (This might explain why I wish they'd let another 100k in). The atmosphere thing would partly depend on the bands. You'd never get that Chemical Brothers or Fun Loving Criminals type atmosphere with Florence and the bleeding machine or Ed Sheeran. You rarely see people in that tightly packed a crowd at a gig still having so much fun. I'm sure a few people feared for their lives but most people seemed to be loving it.
  2. battleborn

    Why don't they let this many people in any more?

    Just show's how pathetically authoratarian our government are. If there's room for people on the site they should be allowed on site.
  3. battleborn

    Why don't they let this many people in any more?

    Looks like an absolute electric atmosphere as well, especially the Fun Loving Criminals and Chemical Brothers gigs. The whole health and safety thing seems like a weak argument, nobody died these years. Supposed to be the biggest party on earth why not let 250,000 people in and make it seven days.
  4. Just found these clips from the 1999/2000 festivals. I was 3 and 4 so obviously wasn't there, but holy fuck that's a lot of people. A hell of a lot more than the 150,000 allowed in these days. Why don't they allow this many people in any more? Looks like the farm could easily accommodate 250,000 people... Looks insane.
  5. battleborn

    How hard is it to get tickets?

    How much time do you actually get to enjoy the festival with this volunteering lark. I did it at another festival a few years ago and was incredibly lucky in working Thurs/Fri leaving Sat/Sun to enjoy the festival but I guess Glasto would require a more full on comittment?
  6. battleborn

    Rock Werchter 2018

    Just looking through the line-up for this. Truly staggering. How come no British festivals are anywhere close to this this year?
  7. battleborn

    RIZE Festival (Hylands Park, Chelmsford)

    Line ups well beyond shit isn't it.
  8. battleborn

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Guessing he missed a not out of that sentence.
  9. battleborn

    RiZE Festival

    Apparently they don't, being held Thu-Sun with camping available. Maybe they couldn't get enough bands for the Sunday but had already booked the Friday?
  10. battleborn

    RiZE Festival

    What's up with this, 2 day festival being held on the Friday and Saturday? Line up is a bit naff besides the headliners though, some decent bands on other stages but no-one you'd go out of your way to see.
  11. battleborn

    How hard is it to get tickets?

    Thanks for those links. That Tort's glastonbury website is an absolute treasure trove for other general information, can't stop reading it.
  12. battleborn

    How hard is it to get tickets?

    is it an old fashioned first cone first served then? Also can you buy multiple tickets?
  13. battleborn

    How hard is it to get tickets?

    I know were a long way off but how hard is it to get tickets for Glastonbury? Does whether you've been before affect how hard it will be to get a ticket?
  14. battleborn

    2019 Headliners

    To be honest an awful lot of very good bands would be worse bookings than Green Day.
  15. battleborn

    2019 Headliners

    To this disputing whether Green Day could headline. They could play, not necessarily in this order: Longview Welcome to Paradise When I Come Around Basket Case Coming Clean In the End Nice Guys Finish Last King for a Day Good Riddance Hitchin a Ride American Idiot Jesus of Suburbia Holiday Boulevard of Broken Dreams Letterbomb Wake Me Up When September Ends Viva la Gloria 21 Guns Minority Stay the Night Warning Bang Bang Misery

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