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  1. This was my first time witnessing Idles. Holy shit. Fuckin' biblical
  2. 1) The Cure 2) Zeal & Ardor 3) Suede 4) Fontaines D.C. 5) Garbage Honourable mention goes to Skindred, which was just mad. Whatever their style is, it may not be my thing but the performance was absolutely electric and got everyone going. Crazy band.
  3. Nah, it'll probably be high time for another "Friday I'm in love" post... Controversial opinion about the albums I'd say. Both bands had killer debuts that are unbeatable to me. Weezer's new one left me cold and I haven't had the chance to listen to VW's, but the singles seemed solid.
  4. Sounds like an automatic reply. Which is, of course, the ultimate "fuck you", they don't even bother reading the feedback.
  5. Algiers, Carnival Youth and Whispering Sons caught my eye first. But I'm sure there's even more good stuff here: Hippocampe Fou * Jungle By Night * Bosse * 47soul السبعة و أربعين * Maruja Limón * Algiers * Sophie Hunger * Lord Esperanza * Coma Cose* L'Or du Commun * Whispering Sons * Carnival Youth * Naaz * Leoniden * I hate my village * Lucille Crew * IDIOTAPE * The Ringo Jets* Ivan Dorn * Pipes and Pints * La Ganga Calé * RENDEZ-VOUS * Celeste Buckingham (Official) * MÖRK * Esti Kornél * Satellites * Belau * Cheap Tobacco * Hearts Hearts * Mongooz And The Magnet
  6. Yeah, sorry for the mixup, Idles are at NOS on the 13th according to the poster, so this is probably obviously wrong. Can't believe I fell for it I did remember something about them doing multiple gigs on the same day, but Ireland to Portugal seems... much
  7. Rest easy, IDLES have two shows on the same day, the other one is in Ireland at 8 PM. https://www.idlesband.com/shows/
  8. Still nothing in the mail, so I've arranged with See Tickets to pick up the ticket "at the venue", but they say they can't give me precise collection time or place yet. Anyone have experience with doing this? Maybe I'm worried over nothing but some certainty would be nice. Found a thread about See Tickets, it's not very reassuring. It is ancient though, so hopefully things are better now. https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2684865
  9. I live in Lithuania and got an e-mail that the ticket was despatched in January, but still haven't received it. Is this normal? Should I contact SeeTickets? The e-mail says not to contact them until 24 hours before the festival. That's cutting it a bit close, no?
  10. Oh great, Razorlight and FF are on the first two days, and I have a 5-day ticket from the Friday. Oh well, guess I'll be holding on to that FF ticket after all.
  11. The good news is I can probably sell my solo Franz show ticket. However, the rest is pretty meh, apart from Razorlight (00s nostalgia ftw) and Yeasayer. Welshly Arms are an intriguing band too.
  12. Looks like a guerrilla rebranding strategy – from NOS Alive to NOS Dead. [Could add a Standup Stage, while they're at it, for paragons of wit like me, natch]
  13. I know the Strokes day is already stacked but what other names could we expect to be added?
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