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  1. This thread is alwaaays my favourite.
  2. Hmmm missing for me : Car Seat Headrest, King Gizzard, Connan Mockasin, Khruangbin, Mac Demarco, unknown mortal orchestra, thee oh sees, Foals Because most of the bands are into aren't normally super high profile I get to check quite a bit off normally, but there is a big batch I'd like to see missing. Had never heard of idles though, somehow and since the line up came out I'm really into them!
  3. SeaBear

    2019 Headliners

    I was at their sub slot, and it was pretty awesome in my opinion. They had the sound difficulty at a point, but they played through (didn't realise)! I thought the same... that they would probably want both albums out before they headline. But I just don't think next year is an option since the three headliners are booked in from ages ago for the anniversary... So this year or not at all, I guess.
  4. SeaBear

    2019 Headliners

    I used to be a decent fan of Muse's music when I was 14-17... then fell out of touch a bit. Never the less, I had never seen them, and once they were headlining Glastonbury 2016 I went over to the pyramid stage to watch. Holy shit are they good live. Songs I knew. Songs I didn't. They just floored it. The crowd was incredible and they completely controlled them. Anyway... I like festivals like Glastonbury, not only to see the bands I love, but also to see bands that I wouldn't necessarily buy a ticket to their own gigs, and bands I've never even heard of. It's the place to explore. That's why I've never been fussed about headliners. . Also regarding Arcade Fire. It's weird they sell out wembley 3 nights in a row... London is definitely their biggest audience. I can never imagine them returning to Glastonbury not as a headline act, especially after seeing their last tour live (holy shiiiit)... but their tour is over, so won't be this year. . Finally I am curious about Foals. They may not be big enough in people's mind, but I have a feeling this year's double album output is going to be big. Jack Bevan, the drummer went on the Foals Subreddit to tell fans 'A lot of exciting things incoming. Big big love! Xx'. Not that that means Glastonbury... but it definitely could, they play every time they have an album and this could be their chance.
  5. Hey! Thanks! I have a habit of posting questions and trailing off to lala land for a few days! But thanks for the heads up!
  6. In the queue to the piano bar, michael popped his head over our shoulder and skipped his way in. When we finally got in the only availble space was sitting right next to him in the balcony (someone must have just left) so we sat there. We spoke to him for ages, he gave us swigs of whiskey from his flask, and then me and my friend fashioned a ring out of our plastic rain poncho and asked him to marry us in front of everyone, to which he did, and everyone cheered!! Was hilarious... back in 2014 whilst, or shortly after metallica headlined.
  7. Any news on Worthy view or tipis? I've been refreshing every day hoping one would turn up :/
  8. I am interested! Would this be for worthy view and tipis too please?
  9. I'll politely take second dibs then! Did anyone even manage to get a tipi here? Haven't heard anyone mention it yet
  10. If anyone has accidentally booked a spare tipi please let a girl know! Till then hope everyone manages to get what they want!
  11. Yeah to second this! Last festival I keenly inspected the pages day in day out until the festival and one popped up and I bought it! Stay vigilant everyone! If you want it you can get it
  12. If you're not a fan I think it is still worth hanging around. They tend to save all their more mainstream songs (and they have quite a few as their discography is endless) for the end. They start smashing them out one after the other in a sort of 10 song encore!
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