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  1. ClovenFin

    Your top Glastonbury sets ever

    Been going since '01 but it's a bit hazy before '05: The White Stripes (05) Chemical Brothers (07) Patti Smith (15) Leonard Cohen (08) Slash (10) 'Stones (13) Justice (17)
  2. ClovenFin

    BBC Music to run nationwide "Glastonbury replacement" in 2018.

    Just another corporate snoozefest bigging itself up as yet another 'alternative' to Glastonbury
  3. ClovenFin

    The Beauty of the Glastonbury Organisers

    I've sent this story to my mom. What a place it is.
  4. ClovenFin

    Your favourite bar at Glastonbury?

    Have to agree with the shout outs for the Avalon Inn and the Ciderbus - the former for its chill vibe/nice deco and the latter for its location and its hot spicy variety. Did anyone find the Piano bar this year? Much to my annoyance, I was taken on a wild goose chase round the southernmost parts of the site. Might have been worth it had we found it, but I suspect its just urban legend.....
  5. ClovenFin

    Your favourite bar at Glastonbury?

    There is probably already a thread out there with this topic, sorry for the duplication.... anyway, your favourite bar and why?
  6. ClovenFin

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Fair enough, but I hope you are doing your bit to advance the cause you catch my drift anyhow. You can't be serious, this is what people were saying? Perhaps I'm being gullible but you are clearly a reputable poster around here... Anyway, I'm off out in a minute to see Krafty Kuts/StantonWarriors etc - desperately trying to recreate some of that Glastonbury dance magic....
  7. ClovenFin

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    A few years ago, Sir Mick and Co headlined the pyramid stage. I encountered so many right wingers that year I thought that Chipping Nortan had decamped to Glastonbury (Did anyone else have this experience? Practically every other person I spoke to was of the right wing persuasion). Generally I don't mind hearing other peoples views, however much I disagree with them, but it reminded me that a diversity of culture at the festival is accompanied by a diversity of opinion. Had I been deprived of entertainment from the arch-tory Rolling Stones that year, my festival might not have been as enjoyable (sic). This year we had a new addtion to the group who was a staunch Tory, and I ended spending quite a lot of time with her. So I welcome Tories to the festival, however much I resent their unpatriotic political views.
  8. ClovenFin

    What made you cry at Glasto?

    Didn't cry this year, the closest I came was Chic. Watching it back on iPlayer sets me off, though. The last time was at Patti Smith in 2015 (didn't go in 2016, that in itself was nearly enough to turn on the waterworks).
  9. ClovenFin

    Ban Grime at Glastonbury

    I have long advocated banning Tories from the event; they ruin the place with their corduroy trousers and their love of Coldplay. On an unrelated note, how many times did you hear someone say 'Jezza should not do a speech at Glasto because it's not a political event'? Clearly these people have no idea about the origins of the festival and its connection to CND.
  10. ClovenFin

    Clash regrets...I've got a few

    Big clashes on Thurs - Solardo vs Fabio/Grooverider vs Emerson/Digweed. Ended up at Glade lounge as Emerson and Digweed did not cut it at Spaceport. Discovered a great new DJ. Stanton Warriors vs Popof, also pretty savage.
  11. ClovenFin

    2018 Festival - Glastonbury replacement

    As none of my party were up for Ghetto Funk Allstars at 3am on Sunday night this year, Shindig Weekender is looking quite appealing.
  12. ClovenFin

    Who should reform?

    Rage Against The Machine, clearly.
  13. ClovenFin

    Headliners 2019

    Fatboy Slim Red Hot Chili Peppers AC/DC or G n' R
  14. Hi, I am working the bars this year and I am in need of a ride to Devon on Weds/Thurs - is anyone travelling from Brighton? Happy to make a contribution for petrol and to make new friends Best, Jake
  15. ClovenFin

    Headliners 2019

    Ideally, but by no means likely at all; Stereophonics Fleetwood Mac Pink Floyd/LZ