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  1. Up-to-date now I think. Some are missing from Spotify (of course), so apologies! That was a nice distraction. Now to listen to a few.
  2. Good idea. Anyone can edit, so if you see something that needs to go, or to add something, feel free I'll be adding a few more pages tonight I think
  3. I didn't see mention of it yet so I kicked this off https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6bqLMcGQfZBH4dQhOpzd7v?si=_ZVOlymCQcK6R2JIiSTrxA Entries from page 1 so far. It's collaborative.
  4. Did someone pull out then or is it a reward for years served?
  5. Thought we'd missed out but thankfully managed to book Thurs lunchtime. Always a great time 👍
  6. You can't say that and not do Glastonbury, unless you're really on the wind up
  7. Shaggy played already 😁
  8. Why didn't this happen during Johnny's set last year 😥
  9. Have to go brother bar drinks-wise. I don't even like cider that much, but love that weds vibe and it is next to my fave stage. Also have to visit deluxe diner.
  10. Aye. Huge Smiths/early moz fan, ardent green/remainer here. If he played (solo or even with Johnny) I would honestly not know how to feel. Seeing such a legend would be amazing OOTH, but on the other.. eugh. It won't happen now anyway, he'll never set foot again.
  11. Dekmantel lineup has been released, possibly some interesting names on there to check. 808 state would do nicely.
  12. The situation was exacerbated as the showers were turned off a few times. Though at one point we were given the choice of a cold shower (or no shower), which was actually OK for me since it was so hot.
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