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  1. This is a good game 😁 Top 3, all possible ones: Blur Pulp The Hives Some other less likely ones I'd like to see: Flying Lotus Detroit Cobras 2manyDJs AFX/Aphex Twin Todd Terry edit: Orbital, surely
  2. Didn't warm to Mallet's at all. Not a fan of Thatcher's either 🤷‍♂️ You are never too far from an alternative though
  3. So many options for Glamping but as Neil said all offsite to some degree and can get very expensive. We have stayed at Worthy View the last couple of fests which is sort of an in-between option, but we may be looking to try something else next year. Glasto involves a lot of walking anyway, it is HUGE, so get used to that idea from the start! 😁
  4. It was definitely worse this year. Worse toilets, longer queues, showers going off etc. My wife has refused to stay there next year it was that bad. Having said that, it is a step up from general camping - the quick entrance/exit to the car park is great, the showers were better this year (enclosed cubicles) and the wheelbarrow dudes are really helpful. The 'premium economy' Glasto.
  5. Flying_Hellfish


    At times the urinals are even worse... The entryway is rendered into a river, not to mention the blokes stood cheek to jowl peeing up the walls
  6. Just arrived about an hour ago, we're burning up In WV right now. Glorious!
  7. Haha yep we've switched from the furthest to pretty much the closest (from the village area). Tipi last time bell this year.
  8. I saw canned wine in Tesco the other day, white and red. So maybe that?
  9. Yeah. It's huge though. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ksER4r_86rSzGFqMJvE3lDejGeg3Ppzc/view?usp=sharing
  10. I've done Sonar. As a city festival you miss out on the camp banter a bit, but on the other side you can book as nice a hotel as you want. It's a good one for combination culture/festi as Barca is generally a nice place to visit. There's an emphasis on the art, espcially during the day - which takes place around the city. I saw Four Tet playing a DJ set in one of the little squares, that what pretty sweet. Night stuff is in an arena/conferernce centre type thing. Loses a lot of points there for me. I did see Aphex Twin though, so that made up for it
  11. Yep, once the lineups are out it's either this or the TBAs thread
  12. I don't care for his demeanor
  13. I like lots of different gins, but that one just hits the spot. Classic.
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