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  1. Especially if you played Sonic on the MasterSystem
  2. Definite: Hot Chip, Chems, the Comet is Coming Will go and see GB&tQ on the strength of the first album & the fact I'm a Blur fan. Bring on the breakdown posters!
  3. WV unless needs must. I'll go in the longdrops if I absolutely need to.. ain't no way I'm heading back up the hill
  4. Everytime I look at that poster I see another act I'd like to see.. think it is optimistic!
  5. Agree with this TBH. Love the Strokes and would be made up if they play, but I can't see them as headliners right now.
  6. Sounds good to me, much needed
  7. Awesome.. a party act for anyone to jump along to. Would love to see them on the farm. Can see a live set @ Silver Hayes similar to Ross from Friends last time out, but a DJ set would be great too. Maybe both!
  8. It looks decent/roomy, modern though so a bit of a different style. Just glad to have got in after the confusion!
  9. Why were there no tipis in WV this year? They were our second choice after the octopad, but there was no option & now not on the 'available accommodation' page, either. We ended up with the Glastonbury Bell... We weren't even sure what is was as the accommodation page went down 🙂🙂
  10. Probably someone bailed out of the purchase
  11. Wow that went quick.. got in, no octopads left. Ended up with a bell tent though.
  12. The car park is at one end and the site entrance is at the other, more or less. Last year tips were to the left of the car park (as you enter WV) , quite far from the entrance. The colourful, smaller tents were to the right, closer to site.
  13. We stayed in the Tipis last year, pretty much as far away as you can get. A bit of a mission after a whole day away, especially after the hill, but not overbearingly so.
  14. It's going to be 40°C.. The long drops will be evaporating
  15. Weather was far too good last time and then this summer was a record breaker... Only one way it's going
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