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  1. Looks to me like one headliner still to come? CH and Biffy the other two.
  2. I'd be surprised if The Killers don't headline. Festival is the weekend before their uk stadium tour starts ( which starts in Scotland), only one confirmed date in Scotland at a venue that was nowhere near big enough for demand, and they haven't done a Big Weekend before. Could be wrong but would make sense.
  3. Yep definitely the big weekend in Dundee. Hopefully we get a good line up, excited to have it back in the area as I'm local
  4. If the rumoured Dundee festival is a Radio 1 big weekend thing, id say that has The Killers written all over it considering their touring schedule and lack of other (bigger) scottish dates.
  5. Queen, The Killers, Artic Monkeye, LG and stereophonics in 2018 was great. As was 2017s 3days.
  6. Don't even know who Aitch is. 2017 and 2018 were class lineups. Seems by rumours the festival is moving away from bands
  7. Didn't Liam headline in 2018, same year as The Killers last played? I'm sure both headlined that year + Artic Monkeys, although my memory is a bit hazy.
  8. Yeah I presumed The Killers wouldn't be doing TRNSMT again so soon. Maybe they will do a summer sessions gig or something? If they were going to do another few gigs at Falkirk I think they would've announced it at the same time as when they announced the other additional dates in London and Ireland. Kings of Leon a big possibility for TRNSMT now? Or have they not been rumoured at all/ already ruled out?
  9. I don't understand why the killers are only doing 1 gig in Scotland, especially at Falkirk? Unless they have something else lined up at somepoint (as of yet unannounced) They sold out their stadium tour in like 20minutes, put extra dates on at the likes of the Emirates stadium and in Ireland, yet are playing only once in Scotland and at a small stadium compared to the other venues. Just seems strange.
  10. Neontiger90

    The Killers

    Was one of the best sets I've seen. Setlist was near enough perfection for a festival (although I still wish they'd play Bones, and they could've squeezed in Run for Cover). Was topped off by that encore. Read that it was apparently the loudest performance in Glastonbury history. They weren't a popular choice (particularly on here) and they were up against it in terms of matching or bettering the secret set, but they smashed it. Developed into such a great live band. Their 'best of' also went to number 6 on the album charts last week following Glastonbury.
  11. Neontiger90

    The Cure

    They sounded great, was a brilliant performance. Shame the crowd weren't feeling it as much the performance deserved. Was a bit flat for 80% of the set I thought
  12. 1) The killers 2) Friendly Fires 3) Two door cinema club
  13. Ah ok that would make sense then, if they bill her as a special guest or something like that. Maybe throw in full set coverage on BBC1 or 2 and that'll appease JJ. Clearly it's a big deal to her where she's situated on the poster, to the point where I was wondering if she simply wouldn't have agreed to do the festival if she wasn't billed high.
  14. Still a bit baffled why Janet is on the top line of the poster? I could get it if they sold it to her by telling her she was headlining The other stage, was a joint headliner overall (sub in reality), subbing the pyramid, or had the legends slot. But it looks like she's bumped down 3rd on the pyramid on Saturday. Just don't see the point of having her top row when she's most likely going to be on before Liam G, who's on the 2nd line of the poster.
  15. Neontiger90

    Tame Impala

    Decent enough listen for a fan like me, but as has been mentioned it sounds like a run of the mill album track or filler. The reality is that it's flat and bland. If that's the new album highlight then it'll be a flop.
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