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  1. Ah ok that would make sense then, if they bill her as a special guest or something like that. Maybe throw in full set coverage on BBC1 or 2 and that'll appease JJ. Clearly it's a big deal to her where she's situated on the poster, to the point where I was wondering if she simply wouldn't have agreed to do the festival if she wasn't billed high.
  2. Still a bit baffled why Janet is on the top line of the poster? I could get it if they sold it to her by telling her she was headlining The other stage, was a joint headliner overall (sub in reality), subbing the pyramid, or had the legends slot. But it looks like she's bumped down 3rd on the pyramid on Saturday. Just don't see the point of having her top row when she's most likely going to be on before Liam G, who's on the 2nd line of the poster.
  3. Neontiger90

    Tame Impala

    Decent enough listen for a fan like me, but as has been mentioned it sounds like a run of the mill album track or filler. The reality is that it's flat and bland. If that's the new album highlight then it'll be a flop.
  4. Anytime I've posted info regarding The Killers on here it's been correct, regarding the secret set in 2017, TRNSMT, and the fact they'll be headlining multiple festivals this year tba. So only reason i said for certain that it was incorrect to say The Killers won't be headlining Glastonbury again, is because the person who gives me reliable information said the band have an agreement to headline Glastonbury again. And there's literally no reason for me to doubt them...
  5. Oh ok.., and what makes you say that?
  6. Well that's factually incorrect ;).
  7. Nothing too extensive but The Killers will be active this year and playing a few festivals/shows. They've also had an agreement for a while now to headline Glastonbury again, it's just a question of when and whether that's become an actual set in stone booking. I don't have any more solid information than that currently, just my own guesswork or hunches
  8. That's a worry. Wonder what that's all about, but they better get it sorted for Sunday
  9. Cheers for that info. Helps that there's urinals either side so not too far a walk. As for the Queen day, apparently the numbers are/were worryingly low in the lead up to last weekend. Doubt we'll see a headliner of that ilk again at TRNSMT. Hopefully the ticket deals they've had on has helped shift a lot more, plus this week folk might still have a buzz from last weekend so will fancy going along which will boost sales a bit.
  10. For the likes of Liam and AM, how was it for getting pretty close? I'm just wanting to be reasonably central and maybe in the first section for The killers set. Will be at the main stage for friendly fires, Franz Ferdinand & Chvrches anyway, it's just whether it's possible to dive off for a beer, some food & a piss at points and still get sort of close for the headliners.
  11. Friendly Fires are a great band to have a little dance to at a festival. Even if you aren't a particularly big fan of them
  12. What's the sound like? Few folk I know who went last year said the main stage sound could've been turned up a tad.
  13. Snow patrol and Artic Monkeys then? Tbf getting The Killers and Artic Monkeys as headliners is quality, but it would've looked a lot better as part of the original 3day fest and having a very strong undercard on all 3days. Is there now a chance a lot of the good undercard bookings get spread out over the extra days? 3 of the 5 headliners being Liam Gallagher, Steroephonics and maybe Snow Patrol seems a little bit weak. Don' t get me wrong I like all 3 and would happily see them live, but all should/could be strong subs. Would've liked an older band like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Pearl Jam or anything along those lines, similar to radiohead last year.
  14. Nah not bought any tickets yet for any of the days. Hoping too next week.
  15. Nah he's not the main headliner, you have to remember TRNSMT was originally only meant to be a 3day festival. Chance that one or both of Liam/ Stereophonics have been bumped up from subbing/ co headlining to both being day headliners on their own. I was told back in August that The killers were already booked up to headline TRNSMT, as well as another act apparently. I doubt the other big act was Steroephonics or Liam Gallagher (as much as I like both). Saturday is by far the easiest day to sell for a festival in the centre of Glasgow with no camping etc, and it's more likely a lot of folk will just pick and choose individual days out of the 5. So it also makes sense if bigger acts are on a Sunday as someone mentioned. Bands also have to fit this festival in around their other touring plans in europe, whereas for most bands if you're headlining Glastonbury you fit your plans around that as it's the biggest/best festival. For example the Artics could be in some other european country on the friday or saturday of TRNSMT, and only be able to do the first sunday - which is heavily rumoured now on the TRNSMT thread.
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