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  1. Kiainthehouse!!

    Going to Reading alone 2017

    Hi guys, I'm also going alone for the weekend , would love to meet up with you all. I've joined the Facebook group or requested at least. My snapchat is : nakiwi99 feel free to add and talk
  2. Kiainthehouse!!

    Wireless Festival London 2017 - Attending Alone

    OKAY so I posted before and lots of you have posted too. To make it easier to get things arranged , my snapchat is :nakiwi99. If you want to go with and have a nice time on Saturday, Sunday or both then message me x
  3. Kiainthehouse!!

    Going to wireless alone

    Hey guys and girls, I'm going to wireless alone because my friend bailed on buying her ticket. So I'll be attending on Saturday and Sunday and was hoping anyone else who is also going alone would meet up with me. I'm just looking to enjoy the music, have a lit time and enjoy the couple of days.
  4. Kiainthehouse!!

    Wireless Festival London 2017 - Attending Alone

    Hey guys and gals!! My friend bailed but I still want to go , so is anyone up for company on Saturday and Sunday?? Just looking to enjoy the day and rave to some lit tunes I've seen some of you are already meeting up, if love to come too