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  1. I actually had them down for that slot after seeing them perform last year. But Miley is still a great booking for that slot. I know not everyone cup of tea but being one of the biggest uk girl bands around right now, just surprised they haven't done a slot.
  2. Emily Just posted a tribute on Instagram and were booked to play this year :(:(
  3. Saw him last Saturday at Albert Hall at La Discotheque event and was great! Was thinking he would be great at the Downlow. Has he played before? looking at their previous line ups on the glasto site surprised he hasn't been there yet but that only shows the last 4 festivals.
  4. Walker2295

    2019 Headliners

    https://variety.com/2019/music/news/janet-jackson-launching-las-vegas-residency-1203149714/ Janet Jackson announced Residency with June completely clear and 30 years since the release of Rhythm Nation Album. looking likely to be there but has she been completely ruled out to headline?
  5. Yeah I know, just annoying she has announced limited dates for the show. Still time for more to be announced I guess.. (one can dream) But still the thought of Janet showing up at the farm is exciting ticket with or without a ticket this year!
  6. Gutted as I am over in Vegas 1st-5th July would of LOVED to have seen this. Even more gutted I won't make glasto to see her there if she is confirmed.
  7. Walker2295

    Arcadia - London

    Fair play to them providing the statement and explaining their priorities. Making me even more gutting not being able to make it this year. Hopefully get along for 2020 to experience this.
  8. Its Kylie, Glasto Festival Tweet Notification Just Came Through
  9. Yeah 3rd down on Other 2016 BMTH - Bastille Sub - Disclosure Headlined other that night.
  10. Patiently waiting on Glastonbury (Official) Twitter or Emily Eavis Just posted on instragram notification popping up on my phone..
  11. Very much on the fence - I think he is a worthy headliner but off that one album really? I mean its great, critically acclaimed and shocked everyone by beating Ed Sheeran brit award nominations but still. I just don't think it's the right time to be headlining . I guess get him while he is hot..
  12. Don't See her being the top headline act but at least a high pyramid act. Probably the katy perry slot from last year. She is still yet to release UK/Europe date so if she does and there is a slot open. Could see her doing a set
  13. Think I just found another potential canvas print! Love this
  14. Walker2295

    Resale Club 2019

    Hi All, Still not over Sunday's results 7 People trying, 1 got through but couldn't get pass putting in reg details, kicked her out and then got sold out sign so none of us got (First time for me) But got ticket last year in resale so remaining hopeful and positive for April. all we can do at this point
  15. A Glittlerbox takeover in a tent would be awesome! Elrow hosted a couple of nights in Lovebullets so I imagine Glitterbox could do the same. Dimitri From Paris Peggy Gou Carl Cox Roger Sanchez The Martinez Brothers Pendulum and Swedish House Mafia I have down as unlikely but would love to see on the line up
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