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  1. When Muse headlined in 2016, What were they the first act to do?
  2. Just came on here to give the same heads up, amazing album! Baby has been on repeat all morning
  3. That Small timings between Diana Ross and Kelis then clash with Alicia Keys is stressing me out and I don't even have a ticket
  4. Looking back on it the design I think makes it not look like a lot in that one box, but yeah a good 65 acts announced on the poster.
  5. Walker2295

    2020 headliners

    Love seeing the positivity on here, tired of the "It use to be all about guitars, how this festival has changed" Comments when announcements drops on facebook. Amazing 3 headliners and would probably end up at all if I had a ticket this year, but will be enjoying from the comfort of my sofa for another year I guess
  6. Radio 1 Jan Slam 2020 Competition - Win 2 Glastonbury Tickets on Monday. Listen at 8am for the Word to be texted.
  7. Looking good for me. I'm in!
  8. 2016 for me. Leaving from Edinburgh at 11pm and getting into the festival nearly 6pm the next day after being stuck in that traffic. But that minor bump didn't stop such an amazing weekend!! not going to lie, I did see Glastonbury as just another festival just on a bit of bigger scale but it wasn't until I saw Adele SMASH that headline pyramid set, that everything fell into place and just started to really GET the festival and what it was all about. I would say I was pretty submissive to my friend requests of who we see throughout my first year, the site was overwhelming and didn't want to lose her for hours upon end. But ended up with a lucky ticket in the 2017 resale and going with friends I had made in 2016. During the build up and I found this site and started reading topics, stories and tips and gave me the confidence to be okay if you don't want to see someone and can just wander by yourself for a bit (Which I ended up doing. Grabbing a pizza and wandering round different stages for a couple of hours) and made me love this place even more. For that I want to give a big shout out to everyone on this site, Truly is a special place and festival.
  9. Someone scrolling through twitter got foals
  10. Walker2295

    Diana Ross

    Just when I was getting round the disappointment of missing out on tickets.. they go and announce this! Whether I'm at the pyramid stage or chilling on my sofa with BBC Stream(OBVIOUSLY THE 1st OPTION WOULD BE GREAT) this will be getting watched. what a booking
  11. Ready to Go at the office, Work PC and Phone on 4G. Awaiting check in from Home on Laptop and iPad
  12. Have got a presentation outwith the office which finishes at 4, so will come back to the office and wait it out. Got my family trying at our home with laptop and iPad also.
  13. Friday Night into Saturday morning it was raining, I remember coming out of block9 around 3ish to head back to tent and getting in fairly damp
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