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  1. On that Delightful Subject, They have released their lines up for this years Warehouse Project https://www.thewarehouseproject.com/calendar
  2. I would see Tame Impala booked more for Summer Sessions over TRNSMT in my eyes . But overall a decent first predication I would be happy with.
  3. Walker2295

    2020 headliners

    They Could have Led Zeppelin, Oasis reform and Fleetwood Mac and there would probably still be Facebook comments saying "What a weak line up" Personally, I would love that trio but agree with Matt, Clearly all focus would have been put on the major booking.
  4. Walker2295


    Yup, So frustrating. Now on Stubhub etc for £108 a ticket. SO ANNOYING!!
  5. Walker2295

    2020 headliners

    (Personally) Would love to see Christina Aguilera at the farm. Not a headliner but could see her take the same slot of Janet or similar. Decent enough back catalogue of hits.
  6. Walker2295


    Did anyone manage to get any tickets in general sale Was on Glasgow site ready and waiting. was open at 9:59 and nothing available Could more dates be potentially released?
  7. Only just noticed that!! Cracking booking there! I'm very keen to go but my mates are a mix of cant make it and not wanting to go after discussing last couple of days. Hopefully get a pal to go along with cause that's a great line up not to miss out on.
  8. Anyone a fan of the Queer Party/NYC Downlow vibe should check out the below, looks like a great line up. Unsure if was right place to post, but thought I would stick it in here..
  9. I've not been but been interested to hear reviews also. Been very tempted by the line ups but never had a chance to go due to other commitments and then was too close after glasto 17 finish to get all that time off. I would defo consider this an option for next year if there is no luck with T Day
  10. A Sculpture of Chris Martins face will be hung above the pyramid next year for 50th Anniversary. It will then remain a permanent fixture
  11. Walker2295

    2020 headliners

    I would get on board with either really. Annoying with the timing of their joint tour last year as that would be a great headliner show for a 50th. May keep a note for future headliner though..
  12. Walker2295

    2020 headliners

    I know he's not the most liked on these threads, but could this make an appearance at all? I think personally this would be great pyramid opener Sunday for the last day of the 50th. Highly unlikely though Staying relevant to the topic I'm going to say the safe and already mentioned options of- Foals Lady gaga Fleetwood mac
  13. Just watched their player set. Totally agree with this, Amazing set they played.
  14. 2017 Pano got made into a canvas when redecorating my room last May. Considering getting line up announcement poster for 2016/7 ordered (the years I’ve been to) and framed also now.
  15. FOMO was at all time high yesterday watching everyone in line ready to go in but today feel a lot better. Think it was just the initial blow since being lucky both 2016/17 I went. Definitely will be watching. Planning to watch where I can Friday and Saturday during the day but out both nights so wont in to properly watch headliners. But Sunday will be a Glastonbury stacked day of BBC recordings, live feeds and then also packing for leaving for holiday to Vegas on Monday. Which is making me feel better knowing while they are all on a downer on Monday i'll be jetting off Then the stress begins for the countdown to October!
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