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  1. Walker2295

    2018 New Music

    Tom Grennan album is out now and is sounding really good on initial quick listen. Having a proper listen on my drive home tonight
  2. Walker2295

    2019 Stage Predictions

    I agree, and as much I am loving that sunday other prediction it is very heavy electronic based and not much variety although do think Disclosure could headline it. but the rest of that day line up wouldn't happen (Sadly ) I'm the same! Tried to do it a couple of times but think I take it too seriously, getting flustered with placements and giving up on it. But anyone else making and posting I'm all for going through them
  3. Walker2295

    T. DAY

    Hahaha Yeah I feel you there! A few people I know outside the group I've asked are suddenly interested defo cause of the hype and want to go now and I know they would just be there for the snapchat and intagram pics . While I know people are just about that now a days (and I'm all up for your ace pic up on the hill next to the sign and a couple of uploads) just annoying cause they have shown no interest before and feel like it a waste on them as they are just the type of people to go to say they have been there.
  4. Walker2295

    T. DAY

    Rallied up some troops who are keen to go and all Glasto virgins which will be exciting (if successful)... but think they thought this would be a simple ticketmaster purchase until I gave them the low down on having to register etc last night
  5. Walker2295

    So how much truth is there in this Madonna rumour?

    If Rumours are true, here's hoping no capes are involved in this performance
  6. Walker2295

    Could Florence play next year

    I'm biased towards the band and have loved them since early on and want to say absolutely bring them back for next year But like you say if she had subbed in 2015 this would of been her year but getting the bump up has lowered her chances. I do think she does deserve her own headline announcement and not just off the back of a cancellation. Not that it wasn't amazing thing to happen for her but just be ace to know she's headlining from the get-go. A Secret JP Set could also be a good shout also!
  7. Walker2295

    Whats the most memorable event from Glasto 2017?

    My moment happens to be in the Glade Tree house also! Friday Afternoon walking down the Railway Line towards Avalon for an act my pals wanted to see where we came across DJ Indian Man. What started as lets see what's happening here, ending up abandoning our original plans and staying for the full set mash up of Hip Hop and Bhangra Music. Best kind of Glasto Memories!
  8. Walker2295

    2019 Headliners

    https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/dance/8458073/axwell-ingrosso-swedish-house-mafia-2019 If this tease does become a confirmation of 2019 tour, Could Swedish House Mafia take that Other Stage Friday Dance/Electronic headliner slot? Apologies for bringing them up again if they have already been ruled out!
  9. Walker2295

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Pyramid- Fri: Florence + The Machine Sat: Arctic Monkeys Sun: Fleetwood Mac Other- Fri: Catfish and The Bottlemen Sat: Disclosure Sun: Dua Lipa Legends Slot - Kylie Minogue. Did have Elton down but after seeing Matty's Poster, thought could be in with a good shout and would go down a treat (In my eye's at least )
  10. Walker2295


    Such a good site for the block 9 Glasto blues. Started following them on FB after seeing these all stating to get added I've been waiting patiently for Heidi since I missed it last year and it hasn't disappointed! Black Madonna 2016 and Luke Howard closing last year have been on repeat also and worth a listen if not done so already. Hopefully Hunee set is added soon and I'll be happy
  11. Walker2295

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Okay was very oblivious to her Sheezus (2014) Album she released and thought Somewhere only we know for John Lewis was just a one off. So thought no "New music" hadn't been released since her 2009 Album. That's My Bad
  12. Walker2295

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Tried doing placing's on my quiet day at work yesterday as well but was proving a lot of effort also. but basically came to the same conclusion as this. Only Thing I had different is Dua Lipa high Other stage and replaced Jon Hopkins with Catfish as headliners (was just a scrambling thought for a other headliner so unsure if they can.. possible??) The mention of Lily Allen (loving the comeback she's making) and SZA has got me excited as well. Overall, would defo take this prediction.
  13. Walker2295

    What made you smile ?

    Moving with the crowd leaving the Pyramid Stage after Ed Sheeran towards beat hotel. My Friend proceeded to push us through the crowd to get out of it faster . I continued to say "excuse me, Sorry" out of decency while passing to which I was stopped by a woman stopped me and "You are first person I've heard to actually say that the whole time I've been here and not just barge passed without no care" She high fived me and said "Enjoy the rest of your last night!" and left to catch up with my friends. This made me smile, Manners cost nothing people!
  14. Walker2295

    Headliners 2019

    Seeing SHM headline Radio 1 stage in TITP prime of 2012 is still up there with one of the best nights I spent at T. But a mixture of focus on electronic acts, moving site, bad press just brought this festival right down over the later years which was a shame really. Yeah I would agree with this, would like to stay optimistic they would make an appearance sometime but not as full on pyramid headliners.
  15. Walker2295

    Headliners 2019

    Royal Blood or Arctic Monkeys Florence Beyoncé or Gaga Would LOVE to see Florence and the Machine have another successful album come out over the fallow year. Get the main headline announcement she deserves after that amazing 2015 bumped up headline set. Couple "Dreaming" headliners - Daft Punk Fleetwood Mac Kendrick Lamar