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  1. Bizarrely not... however he did contact again yesterday pressing for details. Probably just coincidence though, based on the response he got.
  2. We have lift off! One email confirmation that an Irish ticket is on its way!
  3. I see they're now saying 3 days rather than 7...
  4. You should post their surname on the off chance they're on this forum. They'll be able to confirm first name, address and potentially reg number if that's on the ticket.
  5. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes that given they've defaulted all internationals to box office, potentially the Irish too and maybe even more being defaulted with people not making their coaches due to the strike, they might see sense and open a day early to reduce the queues. Our trip is based around arriving early Wednesday morning and meeting a gang from the UK to camp together. If we have to queue early am for the box office before we even get to join the main festival queue, it's going to be awful and will probably scupper our camping plans too.
  6. Just dropping a message here to check back with me in a few days. No promises yet but if our tickets end up becoming collect at box office and the Festival opens the box office on Tuesday, I'm sure we can squeeze you in 👍
  7. If rain is predicted, pack your clothes in bin bags in your bag... nothing worse than wet clothes before the festival even starts!
  8. TheDayman

    Show us your list

    Haha, more so a long list from over the years (between us all). No doubt we wont actually bring everything but handy to have a big list to reference against when we're doing the pre-festival pack
  9. TheDayman

    Show us your list

    Here's my list... you might find a few things on it https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V88N14wUY2afPZ8ad24OMjrQ3GLnAqh53aGwWqGWDN8/edit?usp=drivesdk
  10. Sorry, we might be arguing a similar point - I think the physical tickets are great but I'd be in favour of a more streamlined system as long as it didn't open the gates to touting. Yeah, maybe. I suppose the argument is that this year seems particularly tight. That said, this could very well just be a hangover from covid lockdown (and Brexit for internationals) given every other year has worked very well.
  11. I don't think anything will completely stop it but it definitely greatly reduces. For one, it's usually just tickets here and there rather than a whole economy based off it (think viagogo, seatwave, etc.)
  12. Absolutely wild behaviour! 😂
  13. Yeah, this is my feeling too (which I didn't mind until I read that the box office wasn't going to be open until 8am on the Wednesday... queuing for hours once is hard enough as it is)
  14. Well, as you know the concerns with the Irish tickets is documented fairly extensively here. Hopefully I'm coming back here to eat my words next week but 7 days really leaves no margin for error at all. They need to be sent within the next 24hours if they're to arrive by Wednesday. We've also been told that the box office won't open until 8am on Wednesday which means International tickets (and anyone else that has opted for box office) will need to double queue and most likely will face many, many hours waiting to get in. I can only imagine what that's going to feel like if the weather is extreme in either way.
  15. If they want to keep it to physical tickets with a photo - which I think is fantastic as it stops touting - they need to invest in better infrastructure. This messing around with distribution last minute, with ticket printers potentially overloaded with the volume of festivals happening, is leading to added pressure and ultimately mistakes.
  16. Given Melvin Benn is back involved, who runs Festival Republic, which is owned by Live Nation Events - who also own Ticketmaster - I wouldn't be surprised if they were on the horizon. That said, they've also had a mare with Download Festival this weekend so 🤷
  17. Lol, "closer to the festival"... as if the 12 days to campervan access is ages away!
  18. Because I'm really sad (or maybe just avoiding work) when I saw all the fuss around Download Festival tickets not arriving in time, I decided to do a little digging during the week on ticket printing... I work in events so had a fair idea that See Tickets wouldn't be printing the tickets themselves and a quick Google search brought up a company in Bristol that amongst many other things, advertises that they print tickets - and car parking passes - for Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading. Given the latter two are run by Festival Republic, as is Download, it's probably not far fetched to guess that Download passes were also printed here. Now, the reason I've highlighted car parking passes is because Download Festival's official social media accounts had to come out a few days back to inform Festival goers that car parking passes were delayed and for those that hadn't received they could show their email confirmation and ID instead. I'm wondering that, if its the same company fulfilling Glastonburys tickets, parking passes, etc., etc., maybe it's there where the initial pressure is building up. Either way, my biggest issue right now is the lack of information. I completely understand if companies are struggling with the return to normal life. Sure Dublin Airport had a complete meltdown only last week. If the festival would just be open and let us know what their plans are it would go a long way to allowing us plan accordingly too.
  19. Interesting... any Irish here with a campervan ticket? They'll need theirs on Tuesday
  20. Yep, that's why we got ours updated to delivery - no info on how we'd get in to the car park without our passes (or how to even get to the box office from the car parks which is normally at the coach drop off)
  21. Yeah, we've 7 tickets across 4 addresses. 3 of the addresses (which are 6 tickets) are "Tickets will be sent be secure post. A signature may be required", while one is "Tickets are in stock and will be despatched shortly to the address provided". That single tickets has had that status for at least 3 weeks now though. I wonder if that adds any weight to the theory that they're holding back Irish tickets to eventually default to box office...
  22. We're in the same boat as you, heading across by Ferry on Monday to Bristol via. Holyhead. If they even gave us some detail on the box office like confirming it will be open from Tuesday (which I'm guessing they might need for the campers), I'd happily do the same and drive up just to collect the tickets.
  23. I'm conscious that we don't want to ruin the buzz for all the International Contingent on their way to the farm so I've started a new thread for Irish tickets given how tight it is now. It'll be handy to keep any extra information any of us might get that could otherwise get lost elsewhere✌️
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