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  1. I think the idea is to suppress the virus also - if it's stilling running a muck through society, but thankfully with far less hospitalizations, there's still a real risk of a mutation that is more resistant to vaccines. It sucks but I suppose the goal is to make enough of an impact now so that we're not stuck chasing variants or otherwise for years to come.
  2. Working on Edge browser for me too, thanks!
  3. I'm amazed that they haven't yet opted to turn the access permissions off - we're nearly an hour in at this stage
  4. This tweet seems to indicate there was some last minute coding that's caused the problem rather than a load issue on the servers
  5. Also getting invalid code... damn
  6. If next year couldn't go ahead, I'd happily donate the price of a ticket anyway if it meant keeping things afloat.
  7. This thread gives me such a headache. FFS, Glasto is 3 months away. There is absolutely zero point in worrying about it now. If it get cancelled, it gets cancelled. It'll bit shit for us all but we'll all get over it. However right now, Glasto is still on so we should be spending our time getting excited, predicting acts or reminiscing of previous visits to the farm in the other threads. This doom and gloom is not what Glasto is about* *unless we're talking about the weather
  8. Just your average Glastonbury trolls
  9. In an effort to appease the rain God's, I just bought a rain jacket, a waterproof bag & quick dry shorts. Hopefully that's enough to not have to use them.
  10. Less corona, more this ๐Ÿ‘
  11. LostHorizon

    Jon Hopkins

    Went to see him in Newcastle last night, it was absolutely fantastic! The best way I can describe is it'll be similar to listening to one of his albums. Theres going to be parts where you sit and listen to Jon play beautifully on his grand piano but also bits that will be absolutely banging and everyone will be up dancing! It's all complimented by a live guitar, violin and chello too. In short, be excited - you're going to have an amazing time!
  12. To put things in context, the tube averages 2 million journeys a day and we're 113 days out. That's over 1000 Glastos worth of journeys between now and when we arrive at the farm... No need to worry (yet... ๐Ÿคจ)
  13. Blur covering Oasis on the Pyramid. Chris Martin also doesn't show up.
  14. My first gig ever... Michael Jackson, Lansdowne Road (now the Aviva Stadium) Dublin, July 25 1992. My dad brought me, I had just turned 7. Thanks dad ๐Ÿ˜Š
  15. Supervalu (Dublin)... There's also just been a local school shut down for 2 weeks. Apparently our first case was a young lad who return from a ski trip in Italy... and has been sick in school all week ๐Ÿ™„
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