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  1. I’m on the side of the underwhelmed. That said, if the Prodigy were on it I’d probably be looking at it completely different. For me it’s missing that bit of heaviness to balance things out although there are quite a few act I don’t know towards the end of the poster that I’m looking forward to hitting up on Spotify today. Maybe I’ll have a different view come the end of the day!
  2. My feelings exactly. Lots of meh, not a lot of yeah. Any act I’m interested in I’ve seen before. Also bit too pop heavy for me so far.
  3. I flew in for the last festival. I bought an air mattress (in Argos) when I arrived and on leaving Glastonbury packed it back up in its original box with pump etc. and dropped over to the charity point to ask if they had any use for it. As it was in perfect nick they were happy to take it. Otherwise, I had packed a spare bag to fly it back with me. I do find airbeds a bit of a necessary evil though. I would happily spend money on a decent sleeping mat but my problem is that as I sleep on my side, mats can be very uncomfortable. Airbeds are good for a decent nights sleep but they tend not to last very long before they start leaking which is a terrible waste. That and the weight of the things!
  4. Interesting... I fly in from Ireland on the Tuesday and then back the following Tuesday.
  5. After years of unsuccessful ticket purchase attempts, I finally managed to get tickets for 2017 for myself and my girlfriend at the time. There are so many things that make Glastonbury stand out for me from the atmosphere to the people to the sheer size. However, the one thing stood out head and shoulders above the rest was the inclusiveness of the festival. This was best summed up on the Friday afternoon as we lay on the grass close to the circus when we were approached by two festival-goers: one of which had down syndrome and the other was in a wheelchair with a disability. Dressed from head to toe as traffic wardens, and through bouts of uncontrollable laughter, they issued us with 'parking tickets' and gave us a stern warning as to where we park ourselves on the grass in future. Then with a cheeky grin, they toddled off to find their next victim. This in itself was absolutely hilarious but it also made me realise Glastonbury was something for everyone. It was such a small thing in the grand scheme of the festival but for me, it was my highlight of 2017.
  6. Although I find it unlikely, I’d really like to see Deadmau5 having avoided a few of his gigs over the years on account of how young the crowd tended to be for him (in Ireland). A festival would be perfect for older me! If the Prodigy, Orbital & The Chemical Brothers were to play, it would have been a nice chunk of my youth. Poor Keith, here’s hoping the latter play with awesome tributes! Not a headliner by any stretch but a Digitalism DJ set somewhere would be awesome - they supported Daft Punk years back and absolutely rocked it. Jon Hopkins would be pretty awesome too.
  7. A degree of caution with electronics from Wish, they can be quite flimsy, and as such, dangerous. I've seen those mad specs for power banks too, 690,000mAh would power a small car! Something tells me they may be overstating their capacity a "small" bit...
  8. I can't recommend this tent enough, it's fantastic. It has a reflective coating inside the oversheet which greatly reduces the sunlight from penetrating so it stays cooler and darker far longer than any other tent I've owned over the last 15 years. I've had this one at 3 festivals so I can say this with experience - it buys you an extra couple of hours of sleep in the morning which makes it worth its weight in gold. Really sturdy too and has a door on either side which is perfect for quickly airing the tent out. And it's only £45. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/arpenaz-3-freshblack-tent-3-man-id_8357355.html
  9. The Prodigy, and particularly Keith, shaped me to be the person I am today. I’m absolutely devastated. As quoted from Keith himself after a gig in Dublin many moons ago, “Glance back, look forward and live in the now” He surely did. RIP.
  10. LostHorizon

    Other Stage

    Saw them last year at Electric Picnic - they're still absolutely rocking it. Really liking their latest album, No Tourists, too. Some serious bangers on it. Paired with the latest tunes the Chemical Brothers have been putting out of late (MAH is epic) we might have a bit of a renaissance year on our hands. Somebody call Faithless and Basement Jaxx and tell them to get the finger out! (The Prodigy at Electric Picnic 👇)
  11. What makes you so sure?
  12. I couldn't agree more about MAH - what a tune. Paired with 'Free Yourself' from a few months before, I can't help but be genuinely excited about their new album this Spring. Neither songs would feel out of place on 'Surrender' or 'Come With Us'. I think if the new album is as good as the two songs they've released already, it's going to be Chemical Brothers on the Pyramid for Saturday. My feeling is that they'd be too strong an act to stick on The Other Stage at the same time as The Strokes.
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