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  1. I read a comment before that Glasto has a 'good faith' agreement with other UK festivals which effectively means that they wait until the others have announced before their posted drop (and that this is tied in to the fact that they pay acts far less than others). So I know we have a record of all glasto poster drop dates but has anyone ever correlated this against other festival poster drops? From my (very small) amount of googling, it seems like Isle of White, Reading & Leeds are getting earlier with their announcements. There is no pattern.
  2. Yeah, I was chatting to both acts after their gig in Dublin in April last year. They didn't confirm anything at the time but both seemed confident they'd be there. B&H wouldn't be my type of music usually but they completely won me over, they were fantastic. Was really gutted for them when they didn't end up at the farm
  3. Having worked directly with TM (Ireland) in the past, my experience has always been that dynamic pricing is something that is switched on at the request of the event/concert/etc. The price changes are usually calculated by 3rd party companies too (at least in Ireland anyway), who act as intermediaries and use their own algorithms to set the pricing changes based on the number of sales. In short, it's pure shithousery.
  4. None of these strangers to the farm but a few I'd love to see there again - Beardyman King Kong Company Showhawk Duo
  5. Yep, its the way for a lot of concerts and sports events these days unfortunately. It's pretty much the same tactic as airlines use.
  6. Thanks for bumping - great idea, added a couple myself last night too 👌
  7. Don't want to burst any bubbles (I'm still hoping!) but I'd say it's unlikely given that they not only announced for Reading & Leeds but also Electric Picnic (Ireland) & Lollapalooza (Berlin) all of which are now run by Festival Republic. Festival Republic themselves are owned by Live Nation Entertainment in the US (which also owns Ticketmaster). The commercial ladder of music festivals these days is actually pretty depressing when you look under the sheets and it makes me kind of sad to see RATM signing up (probably exclusively) with these festivals given what their political and social stance has always been. That said, all this shows just how special Glasto really is and that makes me very happy ✌
  8. LostHorizon

    Other Stage 2020

    Just saw Deadmau5 has confirmed for Higher Vision (Ireland) on June 20th... Other Stage headliner again? https://nialler9.com/deadmau5-announced-as-higher-vision-2020-headliner/
  9. Probably not as necessary now that Glasto has banned single use plastic but at a lot of festivals in Ireland there are plastic cup drop off points where you can exchange the used plastic cups for cash. Now most of the younger kids spend time running around collecting as many cups as they can carry and trading them so that they can buy ice creams, sweets, face painting, fun fair rides, etc., etc. They appear to love it and it also teaches them some really good lessons too
  10. Is it just me or has there been a lot of trolls on here over the last few days?
  11. The journey to Glasto started this morning - wellies have been left behind ?????
  12. Just jumped on a Ferry from Dublin... the journey begins!
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