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  1. The journey to Glasto started this morning - wellies have been left behind 🤞🏼😎🤞🏼
  2. Just jumped on a Ferry from Dublin... the journey begins!
  3. LostHorizon

    Lost ticket

    There's no winners here... but @crazyfool1 has got it right
  4. This thread is absolutely bonkers. I love it.
  5. Coming from Dublin via Ferry on Monday... Bristol for a night (and a half?) and then we’re festival bound
  6. This thread is sending me on a roller coaster of emotion...
  7. Ugh... Weather forecast seems to have taken quite the turn for the worst on both BBC and Accumweather since earlier...
  8. Legend 👌🏻 Have an upvote!
  9. Coming across from Dublin and staying in Bristol on Tuesday (side note: if anyone has any advise on a good spot to grab a decent beer in Bristol, please share) We're then festival bound from early doors on Wednesday morning.
  10. What was it can I ask?
  11. Opening his tent? Hmmm... going to have to rethink my hiding spots
  12. LostHorizon


    Not sure if this has been mentioned here already but the guys from Arcadia did a radio interview a while back and mentioned that there will be a 5 metre wide satellite radome hanging from the crane with lots of cool stuff projected on to it... Whats a satellite radome? This -
  13. It looks like we're not the only ones wondering...
  14. So I spent a few hours last night sifting through YouTube for live sets of bands I hadn’t heard of before... I’ve committed the following to my Clashfinder for Friday, hopefully I get to see most of them. MØ 12:30 – 13:30, The Other Stage Genre: Indie pop, Soul music, Alternative dance One of those performers who controls the stage with a huge amount of energy. She played in 2016 and jumped in to the crowd and sang among them. Looks like a great way to kick off the weekend Georgia 14:00 – 14:45, Park Stage Genre: Dance/Electro, Electropop A solo act played on drum pads, synths and plenty of other musical toys topped off with great voice. Bit of a cool 80’s electro vibe going on here Tankus The Henge 14:15 – 15:10, Avalon Stage Genre: Rock n’ Roll… ish? They ooze energy and have plenty of songs that make you want to sing along. Your quintessential entertainers and they’ve also got a Trombone, Saxophone & Piano so whats not to like Elephant Sessions 15:40 – 16:35, Avalon Stage Genre: Rock meets Folk Fronted with a mandolin and a fiddle, their music is infectious not to mentioned they’re also fantastic musicians. Aurora 19:30 – 20:30, John Peel Stage Genre: Electropop, Folktonica(?), Synth-pop Having never heard of her before, I can’t help but feel Aurora might be one of those performers I leave Glastonbury telling people about (this happened with Sigrid after Glasto ’17). Something tells me I might be late to party with this one though!
  15. Double air bed, double sleeping bag & pillow. Might go all out and bring a fitted sheet this time too. Sleep, or lack there of, is the biggest killer at a festival. Get that part right and it’ll pay dividends for you during the day/night.
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