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  1. I’ve bought twenty tickets this year, twelve in the general sale and four in each of the two local sales that lasted less than three minutes each. All our group and friends who go have tickets now. Pm your reg and postcode and I’ll happily give yours a go in the resales for you as well if any help.
  2. Well, by this morning, four friends wanted me to try for them. By 10:01 I had bagged all four tickets, so three for three attempts this year and twenty tickets bought. 6mb broadband on ie11. One computer, one tab.
  3. Well, not sure what happened this year! In and bought six tickets for our group in the general sale on Sunday by 9:04, got contacted by close friends to help them on Thursday and got four more by 12:02, two more couples from my local pub asked for me to help them today for the second local’s sale and scored their tickets by 10:01. Today ‘s were sold out by 10:03. Three attempts, all successful. If any locals want me to have a go for resales, message me the reg numbers when resales come up. Not sure how many you can apply for in one session, but happy to try for others on here.
  4. They are full tickets, just like general sale. I got 12 tickets in the main sale, then bought four locals for friends who failed on the Sunday. Bought and paid for by 12:02. Two more locals want me to try for the hat trick on Saturday morning.
  5. Shepton

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    I certainly got through three times, 9.08, 9.11 and 9.13 The first two I entered all details and it wouldn't go forward to payment. First time I was gutted, opened a new tab, got through again after several refreshes, only to freeze again entering 5th ticket, really pissed off now. new tab again, f5 a few times and all went through ok. Could have bought all 18 of our groups tickets had the freezes not happened. I have timed screen shots of the frozen pages. I used one computer running on 8mb standard broadband, ie11, set my home page to ticket page, just open new tab and It goes straight there. F5 a few times then in. Our groups managed to secure all 18, 12 live within 2 miles of the site rest were Scotland. Feel for the many who couldn't get tickets this year.
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