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  1. You will need ID when collecting your wristband from the hospitality cabin and it depends what kind of ticket as to whether you have full hospitality access, sometimes it's restricted to the specific stage the ticket has come through. What does it say on the confirmation?
  2. lbferb

    The Weather Thread 2019

    anyone else feel extreme rainxiety watching that?!
  3. lbferb

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Countryfile kicking off...watching the bands of rain miss the site so far !
  4. lbferb

    Shangri-La Map

    great thanks guys, it was the re-designed gas towers location I was specifically looking for as it's a friends project so wanted to know where I could find it!
  5. lbferb

    Dave Hendwem

    We took the coach a few years ago and remember the allowance being something like one rucksack, tent, sleeping mat per person for the hold and one hand luggage bag that you can have with you on board. They are quite accommodating as long as people are sensible and not bringing huge trollies / extra bags etc! So you should be fine with the things you have mentioned.
  6. lbferb

    Shangri-La Map

    Does anyone have a more detailed map of Shangri-La showing where each of the stages are ?? Thanks!
  7. lbferb

    Leave No Trace

    Out of up votes but I couldn't agree more !!
  8. lbferb

    Leave No Trace

    This would be EVERYTHING!! @crazyfool1 just made an excellent point over in the Attenborough thread...if he spoke on the Pyramid and asked every single person to pick up one piece of litter, image the impact that would have and the message it would spread.
  9. lbferb

    Leave No Trace

    Well done on the no smoking! Out of interest, why do you think Green Man and Bearded are doing so well on the 'clean' front? Better waste facilities / different clientele who are more concious perhaps??
  10. lbferb

    Leave No Trace

    Wonderful stuff. What are Worthy Warriors and is it too late to get involved?? Such a great point about everyone just picking up a couple of bits of litter here or there, doesn't take much to make a positive impact.
  11. lbferb

    Leave No Trace

    Thank you so much for creating it and for highlighting such a disgusting issue... it shows everything that is wrong with society today and is a stark reminder of how far we have to go to alter peoples 'throwaway' mindsets. Hopefully it will have made an impact on some of the 746K + viewers and we will see a much cleaner festival this year, with festival goers respecting the environment and the land that we are so kindly invited to party on !!
  12. lbferb

    Leave No Trace

    That's just brilliant. Well done
  13. lbferb

    Leave No Trace

    Me too, it's just the sheer volume of the same stuff - perfect tents, airbeds, chairs, duvets, clothes.... There is just no excuse, people should be fined for it !!
  14. lbferb

    Leave No Trace

    I am sure this must have been posted somewhere on here before, but I have just come across this video highlighting the extreme amount of waste left on site after the 2016 festival and wanted to share again as a reminder to all to LEAVE NO TRACE! It just makes me so sad seeing this video and the sheer volume of things just dumped, for someone else to deal with. What are you doing differently this year to be more sustainable? Any tips you can share with this community?
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