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  1. I've made these jackets and currently working on my walking boots 😊
  2. Me pedantic? I was just trying to help explain the miscommunication...
  3. I think they meant 'Terrible lineup??' Confused me for a minute but the rest reads positively, so I think it's just a typo.
  4. Personally, I dread too good a lineup (though obviously it's all relative) as it means I'll spend less time in the Green Fields or T&C areas. We also like at least one night that we can get to the SE corner before the end of the headliners. The main thing I'd prefer would be the Cure to be on Friday or Saturday, rather than the Sunday.
  5. gfest2009

    Brexit at Glasto?

    No upvotes left, but I concur! I'd give up a proper bed and regular showers to escape this shitstorm! (Though that may just be the fallow year talking!)
  6. Me too. Dont think I'll ever top the Saturday of 2010 for nights out. Muse into dancing with cows in the Dance Village, into alleyways in Shangri La, into smoking in sunrise at the Stone cicle with a guy dressed as a fox, then stumbled across the Underground Piano Bar (which was a caravan front that year) when looking for toilets and finally bagged out up by the Glasto sign because we knew the tent would already be too hot to sleep in. Bliss.
  7. First Glastonbury: 2009 with Oxfam. Favourite Glastonbury: 2010. The combination of the weather and it being our first year not working meant we knew our way around, but also had LOADS still to discover. First Glasto act: Should have been Maximo Park on the Thursday. We went and were in prime position and then i thought i was going to pass out as the 12 hour overnight Oxfam shift that I'd not long finished had killed me off, so it ended up being half of Bjorn Again on the Pyramid and then The Early Edition in the Comedy tent. Favourite Act: Rolling Stones. Despite it being absolutely manic, everything just seemed to click and it was an amazing gig. First non-Glasto gig: The Stereophonics.
  8. Yeah, that was SH*T. And overhearing people talking about us walking past our tent brought us back to consciousness and our hangovers WAY earlier than I'd have liked. Though if we had to be anywhere for the news, I'm glad it was surrounded by so many like-minded people!
  9. gfest2009

    Sober times

    We tend to pace ourselves at Glasto as we love the day activities so much and don't want to miss anything/lose whole chunks of the Fest. We always head back to the tent early on the Weds, not long after the opening ceremony (the journey in kills us!) And then try and work out the best 2/4 nights to go "hard" (it's all relative!). We're always open to go with the flow, so don't stick to this rigidly, but it's our general rule of thumb.
  10. Check out www.instagram.com/greenfieldscrafts
  11. I think I'd cry if I couldn't get my Oggie fix!
  12. Not 2019, but hubs and I had planned to go travelling at the start of 2020. We have now decided that if we can get tickets to the 50th anniversary we'll push our travels back to the start of July.
  13. Mainly upcycling: furniture, cushions, frames, bottle lamps etc. But then also embroidery :). I have the skills but my entrepreneurial nuance is lacking so don't know if it'll ever be much more than a pipe dream sadly.
  14. Currently looking at how to apply for the Green Crafts Field. In 2013 I was inspired to start my own business which I've been gradually trying to put together alongside doing a "proper" job that makes me really ill. Need to get out of it asap...
  15. I love this . Congratulations. Glasto is an important part in mine and hubs' relationship so we tried to incorporate lots of elements of the fest into our wedding too :). Would defo have got married there if we could: will defo be doing a hand fasting one year :).
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