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  1. Loved reading these posts ☺. Congrats to the people who are in a much better place or breaking even. Best wishes to those who are struggling ?. I finally bit the bullet and handed in my notice for a job that had been destroying my mental and physical health for nearly a decade. Now working on building up my own business with the dream of being in the Craft Village at a future festival ❤. "Met" some amazing people via it.
  2. Thanks @Charm @Beerqueen @Phoenix Girl for the kind comments ☺☺☺ I keep flitting between loving it and missing my blonde, so the reassurance is much appreciated xx
  3. I thought i looked quite alluring actually ???. Is it too late to get made up as an actual mask? ?
  4. Haha, does it need a NSFW warning?! I assure you my actual face only slightly resembles a phallus ???
  5. Still getting used to it after being bright blonde. The darker part is allegedly UV reactive. Anyone know somewhere I can test the theory next week? You defo have to share on here and you know it! Still going with all the colours? (Ridiculous face at the behest of husband)
  6. Currently sat in the hairdressers feeling like I'm getting 3rd degree burns on my scalp and questioning my life choices. It better bloody look good after all this!
  7. Apparently my cat is fed up of hearing me talking about Glastonbury ???. Not a side eye, but equally not at ALL impressed!
  8. I'm possibly being a bit sensitive because I'm stressing about all the stuff i still have to do for Tuesday, so obviously procrastinating by being a bit of a dick ?
  9. Yes, thats been monopolised by one person (who doesnt seem to have ever been or have any plans to attend Glastonbury) just posting random statistics and being unwilling to accept that some people just arent as big a fan on the artist as s/he is ?
  10. Well i hope your obsession and posting brings you lots of joy! ? Ps: it's a glastonbury forum, not a JJ one.
  11. Honestly, I was previously apathetic about her, but willing to give her a listen and maybe go along. You- and the egotistical poster edit- have managed to totally turn me off her, so well done ?
  12. Sorted house/cat sitter, picked up snacks, bought some cocktail cans to try. Tried to finish my cape but my sewing machine is playing silly beggers so having to stitch it by hand ?.
  13. They defo weren't there in 2017. Pretty sure he gave a pissy interview in a newspaper article about it beforehand. The link will be on here somewhere. (This appears to be the 'latest' https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife/glastonbury-festival-2019-tickets-legendary-2054660)
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