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  1. Garage rock trio Knuckle brought out a brilliant album on independent label philophobia music on Friday. Clue records also announced the signing of Crushed Beaks and a forthcoming album in August accompanied by new single Honesty Box
  2. Great news saw them recently in Leeds
  3. Never been to anything here before but it does sound very appealing. Is there any toilets up there or do you have to trek back down to the bottom of the hill? Unfortunately I do have to take this into consideration due to not having the strongest bladder
  4. Impropaganda


    Found this tweet from the band Kermes quite interesting. They make a good point to be fair just in terms of any sort of gender equality on their tours. The thread with comments from other bands also says how they like Idles' music so it's far from trying to rip them to pieces.
  5. I was kidding ive not listened to them for many years although their debut album was one of the first records that got me into music when I was an angry teenager haha
  6. Agreed all of the above would make excellent additions
  7. Didn't see them in Avalon but seen them a few times they're a brilliant live band but would agree the intensity of their shows are more suited to smaller, indoor stages. I think they'd be good on Williams Green
  8. Idlewild have got a new album out soon any chance they'll be making an appearance at the farm
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