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  1. I don't really see a problem with being in multiple groups as long as you are open about it to those groups, and communication is good. I know about 15 people trying this year, and I will happily try for all of them, but as they don't necessarily all know each other, multiple groups have formed.
  2. liame

    Musical Confessional

    I love Kelly Clarkson and hope she plays at Glastonbury one day
  3. Thanks for the info. I’ve seen some charities were asking for applicants last November so i’ll keep my eyes peeled! Have to be there no matter what!
  4. Who do you volunteer with? I would be quite keen for early morning litterpicking if I didn't get a ticket next year!
  5. liame

    Overheards and funnies

    Carrie Underwood during her set: ’It’s so amazing to be playing on the same stage Dolly Parton did a few years back... and to mentioned in the same sentence as her is such an honour!’
  6. liame

    Post festival flu

    Surely the dust has got to be playing a part too?
  7. liame

    Flops 2019

    Agreed. We left to catch Christine & The Queens after about 20 minutes because we could barely hear a thing.
  8. I’m a Thursday coach arrival. Usually arrive Wednesday afternoon/evening after the queues have died down. Gutted I won’t be doing that today but have to be thankful I’m one of the lucky ones with a ticket!
  9. Looks like Park Home? Near Oxylers/Dairy.. Any of these likely to have space for tents on Thursday morning? I normally camp near gate A but would move closer if I could for convenience
  10. liame

    Hurt/Heal Game 2019

    Chemical Brothers -130 Hot Chip - 23 (-20)
  11. liame

    Hurt/Heal Game 2019

    Edited mine so should be good
  12. liame

    Hurt/Heal Game 2019

    Jon Hopkins - 40  Chemical Brothers - 147  Hot Chip - 83 (-20)  Kate Tempest - 90 The Cure - 109 Christine & The Queens - 82 Janelle Monae - 138
  13. liame

    Hurt/Heal Game 2019

    Jon Hopkins - 100 Cat Power - 70 Michael Kiwanuka - 40 Chemical Brothers - 160 Hot Chip - 110 (-20) Kate Tempest - 110 The Cure - 145 Kylie - 80 Christine & The Queens - 30 Janelle Monae - 125 The Streets - 105
  14. Aren't Festival Republic involved with running Glastonbury?
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