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  1. Like I said, it’s a terrible take.
  2. This year, sure. But last year all three FR headliners were academy acts. And Jake Bugg would be such an odd booking for R&L nowadays that I don’t think he’d necessarily get a slot reflective of his (diminishing) size.
  3. Not a chance Jake Bugg would get 3rd down main now. FR headline at best, and even that’s pushing it. Don’t think they’d book him at all nowadays, anyway.
  4. Literally only Gerry Cinnamon and LG would be described as 'dark fruits' from that list.
  5. I see Dave following an incredibly similar wave to Stormzy tbh. I'd say both of their career's have followed a very similar path. The one difference that I would agree on is Dave doesn't have the same level of showmanship that Stormzy does. British hip hop is massive right now. I honestly think acts like Dave and Stormzy will become way more commonplace as Glastonbury headliners. 10+ years ago indie rock/post-britpop was all the rage and the headliners reflected that. I don't think Glastonbury will go so overboard booking British hip hop headliners, but the scene is popping just now and many of the biggest up and coming stars are within that genre.
  6. Sorry to have done a bit of stalking, but...
  7. They could, but I think the formula of indie/rap/rock is working quite well for them just now. Rage will sell out their day, I'm sure of it. It'll sell out quicker than a day normally would at R&L too. The Foos day sold out way before any other last year.
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