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  1. Keegan Isowe - AOIFE Femi Kuti - Stop the Hate Black Country, New Road - For the first time
  2. Highly recommend this hip hop project by Keegan Isowe. Dude's 15 apparently. Brockhampton sorta vibes. Really really good stuff.
  3. Digga D has dropped a really solid drill mixtape.
  4. I'd recommend listening to her first 4 records in order, then delving into the rest if you're sold.
  5. Okay, now that it's looking pretty likely that 2021 will go ahead, I'm gunna go for Travis Scott Courteeners Billie Eilish Panic! At The Disco Rage Against The Machine Royal Blood
  6. Eh I think you could foresee Yungblud's blowup over here a lot more than I can see MGK suddenly increasing in popularity now. He's already pretty established, and his album blowing up in America means fuck all over here. Like I said, Sam Fender would definitely get a better slot than MGK here, so swapping them round would be a lot more realistic imo. Just think when you look at the subs for this year, A$AP is clearly leagues above them all. Think he'd be a headliner or nothing, especially now there's gonna be 6 headliners every year.
  7. Don't think Machine Gun Kelly would sub, third down at best. You could definitely swap him and Sam Fender round. Think A$AP Rocky would be a headliner, he's surely as big as Catfish/Disclosure. Rest looks pretty realistic.
  8. They'd be a shocking booking for R&L, not the right crowd at all. Not gonna happen.
  9. Yeah it's clearly something they've been planning for a few years, given the rumours we heard about it back in 2018. I reckon it's gonna be the new norm for the festival. It kinda makes sense too, given the increase in coheadliners over the last few years.
  10. Yeah I think Paramore are a good bet for next year too.
  11. Sam Fender and J Hus would both sub, you could just take out Skepta and Miley Cyrus and bump them both up as I think they're more likely bookings. D-Block Europe would probably be a slot higher, as would All Time Low. Sunday is probs too indie overall. Georgia headlining the Dance Tent would be a bit odd imo. Apart from that it looks fair, I could see lots of these getting booked next year. I know it's a bit of a picky point and it might start happening more often now that there's going to be 6 headliners every year, but both AM and Paramore headlined in 2014 so they might
  12. DAMN is Kendrick’s 4th album. However, TPAB is an excellent example of a great third album.
  13. Not sure if this has already been discussed, but Femi Kuti's new album is really excellent.
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