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  1. If it does go to number one, which it probably will, that’ll be 5 in a row.
  2. Things have really come full circle when Glastonbury are booking all male white British guitar bands to be more diverse lol.
  3. I think they’ve already done enough. Also, I know NOACF was their least successful album, but the release also coincided with covid. If they’d had time to tour it I really don’t think people would be saying they’ve dropped off as much as they have. Similar thing happened to Lorde. Remember when some people were saying that she couldn’t be a sub headliner anymore when Solar Power came out? Once her live shows started and people saw that the setlist was still full of hits the talk that she dropped off quickly stopped. The 1975 never had that chance.
  4. I was in the pit so don’t know how big his crowd was but by all accounts it wasn’t small, so yeah he did ok. The 1975 would be bigger though.
  5. The 1975 would get a bigger crowd than Kendrick.
  6. I suppose you could also add The Weeknd to that list. Forgot about him.
  7. In my opinion one of The 1975, Harry Styles, Dua Lipa or Dave will headline next year. I think Dave is the least likely of the 4 given that he's headlining R+L this year, think he's a shoo in for 2024 though. If Taylor is there then I think that makes Dua a lot less likely too, just in terms of diversifying genres. Again, think she's a shoo in for 2024. I guess you could also make the same argument for Harry Styles there too. That leaves The 1975. Maybe Taylor won't be there, maybe there'll be someone way more left field that no one was expecting (Frank Ocean?). I just don't think the trio will be AM, Fleetwood and Taylor. That could have feasibly been the lineup in 2013, so it doesn't feel very 2023.
  8. I'm surprised you say that feels like a home run when you've been one of the biggest voices championing more modern acts on this site.
  9. Didn't Emily say they already had the 2021 headliners booked early 2020? Feels a bit old doesn't it? There's so many acts that have emerged in the last 10 years that are either ready to headline now, or will be on their next record. If they don't book some of them now then there's gonna be a backlog and many won't get their chance. The 1975, Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, Dave, Sam Fender, Olivia Rodrigo etc. Inevitably more will spring up too.
  10. Whatever you think of The 1975 the Foals comparison is dumb. They're clearly a step above them, and always have been throughout their career. I've said this before but I'd say they're a similar level to a band like Kasabian back in the day.
  11. Could be a case of them honouring 2021 bookings?
  12. I can believe this, but whether it's true or not I don't think the headliners will be AM, Fleetwood and Swift. They'll have a more modern act headlining surely, they always do. The 1975, Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift is a pretty well rounded trio imo.
  13. I'm not familiar with the stages at Coachella, but I can guarantee it was bigger than the Park stage. He may well play, it just won't be where you're suggesting.
  14. There's no way you're getting much of a consensus on here lol.
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