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  1. Yep, but he only played 3 songs off it according to setlist.fm so definitely didn't play more songs from Hollywood's Bleeding than his other two. And the statement that I was replying to claimed he hasn't released anything other than Nirvana covers since last time, which isn't true.
  2. He's released a whole album since he last headlined and he'll probably have another one out by next year.
  3. What are you basing this on? He seemed to be one of the best received announcements for R&L this year. I pretty much agree with this regarding Dua Lipa headlining. I also think Ezra will get the gig soon too, but Capaldi won't.
  4. Kendall Calling headliners do tend to play larger than 2.5k venues ya know.
  5. Good job it’s a British festival then isn’t it. Dave will be big enough to headline outright after his next release, I’m sure.
  6. The 1975, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga
  7. Well he was talking about Primal Scream being a 'rock and roll' alternative, and then said the thing about guitar band alternatives, which I read to mean more than just an act that play guitars but fair enough. Yeah I used Metronomy as an example, not New Order.
  8. They play guitars. They sure as hell aren’t ‘rock’ alternatives.
  9. Happened at 2 of the last 3 festivals, possibly 3 of 4 if this year was similar to what we're predicting. Looks like it might become more and more common at the festival.
  10. Ahh okay, I thought there was, but that might just have been the echo chamber that is this forum. So it happens, then.
  11. Eh it p much happened on the Sunday in 2017, unless you count Metronomy which is a bit of a stretch.
  12. Didn't Primal Scream confirm themselves to be playing Saturday night though, and there's also info that Charli xcx was headlining the JP on Saturday, so presumably they were subbing her.
  13. Yeah p sure Manics were confirmed to be playing Friday, right? Here's how I see it. Fri Py: Kendrick Lamar OS: Fatboy Slim WH: Thom Yorke JP: Editors Pa: Manic Street Preachers Sat Py: Paul McCartney OS: Dua Lipa WH: The Isley Brothers JP: Charli xcx Pa: Caribou Sun Py: Taylor Swift OS: Pet Shop Boys WH: Kano JP: FKA Twigs Pa: London Grammar
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