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  1. chard_evans

    Acts you don't "get"

    After loving Neon Bible by Arcade Fire I just couldn't get into any of their other stuff, I just didn't see the appeal. And Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which is weird because I like many bands with nonsensical lyrics, but for some reason I despise their lyrics/songs.
  2. chard_evans

    LCD Soundsystem....

    If you're at the Manchester gig on the Sunday and happen to see a short, curly haired woman bawling her eyes out during Someone Great come over and say hi, I'll be the 6ft 2" bearded guy standing awkwardly next to her
  3. chard_evans

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    Reading about Y Not made realise in hindsight that Truck was very poorly run. On the Friday we arrived an hour after gates opened and ended up queuing for nearly 4 hours; there were no stewards or queuing system with the queue ending up going down a small country lane which was also being used by drivers leaving the festival. After 3 hours of queuing Truck finally posted a statement on social media saying they had "opened up more lanes to increase the flow of people". Thankfully it was sunny so we weren't waiting in the rain, but there was no water access points or stewards to hand any out water. By the third hour of queuing an ambulance was seen arriving at the queue, no idea why though. Truck's excuse was they just assumed people would arrive at a steady pace throughout the whole day, and not at the beginning Arrived in the car park around 10 30am, had my tent set up by 3 30pm! I've made quicker progress at Glastonbury! This as well as minimal security in the campsites; no bag searches upon entering the festival & arena (I saved so much money smuggling cans into the arena) and hay only being laid out in the entrance to the arena. The staff and stewards were nice, I can't fault them!
  4. chard_evans

    Truck 2017

    it ain't a festival if theres no rain!
  5. chard_evans

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    If I can put up with seeing The Sun and Daily Mail left wing bashing all year round I'm sure you can put up with some pro left wing opinions for one long glorious weekend a year (which in my opinion is no where near as juvenile than the former). Though admittedly I did not manage to procure a ticket this year so I cannot speak for 2017.
  6. chard_evans


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but is the Other Stage the same stage they use for Reading/Leeds? (I could probably Google this but hey-ho!) In some respects I've always thought the Other Stage was bigger than the Pyramid, maybe not in regard to the actual floor space on stage though.
  7. chard_evans

    Secret resales

    I keep trying to ignore the fact its happening now, but every now and then I see a slither of news on the web (coming on here doesn't help!), first one I've missed since I started going in 2011. But like General Lee says, I've been incredibly lucky managing to get tickets up to now so I should be grateful I've been 5 times. Still, can't help but feel a little numb on the inside!
  8. chard_evans

    Secret resales

    I just wish they'd put us out of our misery. ".@emilyeavis will a statement be released as to why theres been no secret resale for this year's festival? An answer of yes/no will suffice" I just tweeted her this in the hope that a one worded answer may make her become more inclined to reply
  9. chard_evans

    Extra security

    Dying in the long drops, good lord that'd be a way to go
  10. chard_evans

    Secret resales

    Maybe they're taking their sweet time to announce it, like SEE and a certain resale...
  11. chard_evans

    Truck 2017

    Its telling me your clashfinder is private
  12. chard_evans

    Truck 2017

    "Can I take alcohol into the arena NEW FOR 2017: Like most UK Festivals, this is prohibited at Truck Festival. This policy has been implemented after taking advice from the licencing authorities. Please feel free to read more here. Please Note alcohol can still be purchased for extremely reasonable prices within the arena providing you have a valid form of ID. " Sory folk, looks like they changed that this year
  13. chard_evans

    Secret resales

    Whats the next step after deranged? Because I think I'm getting pretty close to it
  14. chard_evans

    Secret resales

    I keep waking up from dreams about breaking into Glastonbury, the last one involved me blasting my way through the wall, I'm clearly getting desperate...
  15. chard_evans

    Secret resales

    SEE Tickets monitoring this thread be like: