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  1. Super Dishi Rishi (as my Indian neighbour calls him) to the rescue !?
  2. The virus isn't going to go away regardless of whether a vaccine appears anytime soon. The whole lockdown scenario should be (and is) geared towards preventing the infection rate from turning into something that overwhelms the NHS and treatment of patients, whilst the rest of the economy has some sort of chance to recover. Its very difficult to manage. You only have to read this thread once in a while to see the different scenarios people find themselves in. I can't imagine the country/economy can withstand much more past another 6 months. The levels of debt/unemployment caused by
  3. I was 3 months old and just started on solids. Hardcore.
  4. His new album is full of it... Wondermask Don't Look Back in a Mask Cigarettes and a Mask Rock and Mask Star Masking Glory Champagne Supermask Some Might Mask The Maskerplan Mask the World Away ...work is slow today
  5. Isn't testing volume constrained by lab capacity?
  6. I thought Dark was great. Final series was a proper head-f* but I eventually got what was happening...by the final episode IIRC! Have found a new love for subtitled foreign series. If you like that sort of thing check out The Money Heist on Netflix - REALLY good Spanish series (3 so far) with great characters.
  7. Gilb

    BBC Glastonbury

    Would love to see The Verve from 2008. Cracking headline set that was.
  8. Gilb

    BBC Glastonbury

    Was the first time I'd seen or heard Royal Blood. Blew my mind at the time. How they get the melodies out of just bass and drums. Fantastic reliving that set again.
  9. Facebook is telling me that 9 years ago I was Womble-ing 😂🤣
  10. Gilb

    How do you feel?

    Bowie followed by REM is my Friday night set list tonight. Great choices!
  11. Gilb

    BBC Glastonbury

    Sigrid was great. Another one I'd not normally go to watch but after seeing on iPlayer will do in the future. Plus being a quarter Norwegian I should really be flying the flag!
  12. Gilb

    BBC Glastonbury

    Excellent, CHEERS !!!!!
  13. Gilb

    BBC Glastonbury

    Who was that just on after Laura Marling? Missed the title showing her name, but what a voice!
  14. Gilb

    How do you feel?

    Was feeling really shite Tues and Weds. Now BBC iPlayer is on I'm feeling the vibe already from the crowd scenes and it's only the first act (Nick Cave and I'm not even a fan)! Regaining my focus already. 4 days of this non-stop and I know it'll be fine then I can start looking to ticket day again with the usual trepidation. Now have the urge to pop over to the Co-op and bag some Thatchers. 10:15 isn't too early is it? Of course not now I'm in Glasto mode!!
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