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  1. Gilb

    BBC Glastonbury

    Would love to see The Verve from 2008. Cracking headline set that was.
  2. Gilb

    BBC Glastonbury

    Was the first time I'd seen or heard Royal Blood. Blew my mind at the time. How they get the melodies out of just bass and drums. Fantastic reliving that set again.
  3. Facebook is telling me that 9 years ago I was Womble-ing 😂🤣
  4. Gilb

    How do you feel?

    Bowie followed by REM is my Friday night set list tonight. Great choices!
  5. Gilb

    BBC Glastonbury

    Sigrid was great. Another one I'd not normally go to watch but after seeing on iPlayer will do in the future. Plus being a quarter Norwegian I should really be flying the flag!
  6. Gilb

    BBC Glastonbury

    Excellent, CHEERS !!!!!
  7. Gilb

    BBC Glastonbury

    Who was that just on after Laura Marling? Missed the title showing her name, but what a voice!
  8. Gilb

    How do you feel?

    Was feeling really shite Tues and Weds. Now BBC iPlayer is on I'm feeling the vibe already from the crowd scenes and it's only the first act (Nick Cave and I'm not even a fan)! Regaining my focus already. 4 days of this non-stop and I know it'll be fine then I can start looking to ticket day again with the usual trepidation. Now have the urge to pop over to the Co-op and bag some Thatchers. 10:15 isn't too early is it? Of course not now I'm in Glasto mode!!
  9. There are a lot of people struggling with this bit.
  10. Gilb

    How do you feel?

    I should have been picking up my hired motorhome right this very minute. Then driving down to pick up my mate, super-excited to be on the road to Glasto 2020. The weather forecast for the week only adding to our super-hyped-adrenaline levels. It was supposed to be a big celebration for all us celebrating our 50th year along with the festival. Big party organised on site, professional photographer to document it. Blaaaaaa! Instead I'm glued to a pc dealing with spreadsheets for some miserable corporate tosser. Need to get this week over with as I'm dwelling on Glastonbury dreams far too much and its feeling rather unhealthy. Much love to all of you feeling the same way. Write this year off and lets have the biggest sesh at Gasto 2021! 🙌
  11. Posted this on FB a few days ago so should share here too: Here's my homage to Glastonbury this year. A purpose built one-up, two-down residence for our fabulous garden Blue Tits, complete with Dave Grohl on stage Can't wait for next spring to see if we get some families moving in for a rave!
  12. Apparently they (China) shut down the wet markets after SARS but the practice just went underground/black market. Interesting article on the history here. Snippet below: A permanent shutdown of “wet markets” would affect patterns of food consumption in ways that are unknowable but potentially harmful to public health. It would deprive Chinese consumers of a food sector that accounts for 30-59% of their food supplies. Due to the large number of farmers, traders and consumers involved, the abolition of “wet markets” is also likely to lead to an explosion of an uncontrollable black market, as it did when such a ban was attempted in 2003, in response to SARS, as well as in 2013-14, in response to avian influenza H7N9. This would involve enormously greater risk to public and global health than the legal and regulated live animal markets in China today. And live poultry and animal markets have long served as a crucial “early warning” site for viral surveillance, including in the United States. What “wet markets” in China require is more scientific and evidence-based regulation, rather than being abolished and driven underground.
  13. They've started coming back to life? Blimey 😲 why aren't our dead doing that. Who's to blame for this?
  14. Someone dared to have a bonfire the other day (at an appropriate time according to council guidance). Our residents group on Face Book went into meltdown 😄
  15. Same round my way. Your local curtain-twitchers now think they're on the front-line. It's what they've always been waiting for
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