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  1. And he will love this...full limelight, free publicity, paying a thousand lawyers (and paying people in general) to clear him, emerging as the victim who defeated the left/communism/socialism in the USA ready to lead them again in 2024. His millions of disciples will hang on every word and lie he says. No-one will be able to stand in his way. Gun sales will quadruple. It's a real horror-show scenario.
  2. If the GOP let him, Trump will run again in 4 years. He'll have 4 years in opposition to rile up more division and hatred within the US.
  3. In about 84 years, when the country is ravaged by the worst snowstorm in history and the Express is proved right with their annual worst-weather prediction, you'll eat these words!
  4. I've had this on loud for most days of the past few weeks when working at home. Absolutely love it! It was such a great set and what a beautiful evening at WH it was. Both Busy Earnin and Time at the end - such a great finale. My mum came round at the weekend and asked who I was listening to (she loves a bit of funk), and then she passed it on to her sister. The whole family's now hooked on Jungle 😆
  5. For all the working-from-home brigade out there. Why have I only just discovered this?!! Keep your Active light green whilst you nip to the pub/shop/holiday!! https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/move-mouse/9nq4ql59xlbf?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  6. Debt will always go up. It's not always a bad thing - even more so when interest rates are at their historical lows. People quote the national debt figure because it looks bigger & better in headlines and makes people go 'ooh wow look at that big number'. So use that to bash the government, whilst the government will quote the deficit figure (which had fallen a lot between 2010 to 2019 which was the purpose of austerity) to sing their own praises. The deficit is the problem - the difference between government income and spending. This is likely to rocket when the 2020 figures come to
  7. In the style of 'We've got Dele Alli'.... We've got Starmer, Kier Starmer! I just don't think you understand! He's going to beat the bug, Cos Boris is a Mug! We've got Kier Starmer! 🤣
  8. More worryingly... "He's behind you!" ... Yikes!
  9. Happy to stand corrected. That does sound like it's out of step in that case. All I can think of is maybe the amount they splurge on sets, props, costumes, location, insurance shows up as more excessive in their accounts than other venues might have in a fixed location. My first take was that you hadn't heard of it. I've done a few including BTTF which was really good.
  10. Secret cinema isn't once a year. They do lots of stuff. Maybe look it up?
  11. Would have been 80 today. Imagine what he might make of everything going on in the world today. I expect he'd say we (human beings) reap what we sow. Imagine him gracing the Pyramid Stage with 200,000 people trying to cram in on a hot Sunday afternoon in June. R.I.P. legend 💓😢
  12. Gilb

    2021 chances

    Glastonbury don't do ballots and I'd bet my granny's teeth they won't go down that route. I reckon it'll be all in, or not at all, with the decision made by March (same as this year), so going to be dependent on a vaccine and enough people getting it.
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