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  1. Gilb

    Park Stage 2020

    "Er, Harry Styles", with Coldplay.
  2. Gilb

    Er, Harry Styles

    I'd be the first one to slam the introduction of some manufactured pop on a Glasto 50 stage but having heard some of his solo stuff I gotta admit he's pretty damn good. Deffo worth a slot somewhere.
  3. !!!! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS !!!! With all the talk on here of ballot results by email, I too started getting butterflies and checked my junk folder and lo-and-behold I AM A WINNER! Not of the Glasto ballot... it turns out I have a Nigerian uncle I never even knew about who has (sadly) passed away! Apparently I stand to inherit about $154,000,000. To say I'm beaming is an understatement! Already about to book VIP for Glasto 2020 - no expense spared!! See you in those fields suckerrrrrrs!! 💃🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆💃
  4. Gilb

    2020 headliners

    Did you not know Rage are signed up for at least 4 more pages on this thread before the next nailed-on cert headliner appears to take us through to page 423.
  5. Gilb

    2020 headliners

    Have to admit I've not followed RATM bvut having seen this thread and investigated YouTube live performances I'm in awe, and this clip is incredible! I see them headlining, but.... ...just not on the Pyramid at the 50th! Any other year for sure and I'd be there (tickets permitting). On the Other stage, yes/possibly. I just think the 3 Pyramid headliners are going to be Mega-stars to pull in the biggest mainstream tv audiences 🤷‍♀️ Now going to watch this again a few more times.
  6. Already got the book, but have an upvote anyway
  7. Gilb

    2020 headliners

    Macca is definitely headlining Saturday (had a wink from Mary last night). You heard it here 321st !
  8. Gilb

    2020 headliners

    Not mentioned before I think, but she just appeared on my random playlist so I looked up what she's doing these days... *** Alanis Morissette *** To quote from her Wikipedia page: In June 2019, Morissette went into studio in Los Angeles. She said that she had written all the songs, and "Smiling" will be included on the new album, likely to be released in early 2020.[82] On August 8, 2019, Morissette revealed that the new album is produced by Alex Hope and Catherine Marks. Obvs not a headliner but a good shoe-in for a late sunny afternoon slot.
  9. Cracking evening. Lots of anecdotes, lacking in revelations (guess too much was given away in the earlier interview), lots of love for the festival. Loved the moss story of Lionel Richie!
  10. Gilb

    Resale club 2020

    Notification is by email
  11. Gilb

    Fake Poster....

    Next up................ Angry Kittens
  12. Gilb

    Fake Poster....

    Now this has started a whole new game..... Not to be beaten by this review on Trip Advisor of 'Angry Fudge Lady'
  13. Gilb

    Fake Poster....

    All good intentions.... ...Sometimes the festival gets the better of us all 😂 Would love to know how you get on next year!
  14. Gilb

    Fake Poster....

    I've always found angry fudge to be most unpleasant.
  15. Gilb

    Fake Poster....

    I knew it! Subliminal messages! We are under their control 🥴
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