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  1. The weather, the line-up and the general euphoria/celebration about the site turning 50... would have been wonderful. I can't say it would have been the best ever as often those moments have sprung from group moments, or feelings during specific sets or other things
  2. When it looks like it's going to be scorchio (2019), don't forget that it will actually be chilly at nights and so you'll need some warm clothes to change into!!
  3. rosieangel

    BBC Glastonbury

    I'm out of upvotes but this is stunning!!!
  4. The canisters in the stone circle are a truly great touch!
  5. rosieangel

    BBC Glastonbury

    Loving Lorde’s set, I remember being in the crowd and thinking it was absolutely majestic, especially the crowd jumping as one to green light. That Perspex box was such a good prop.
  6. The rain has mostly held off which is good! Our street name is henslowe so we did a spin off of the glasto sign. Alternative between live sets and others, it’s not the same but it’s still a wonderful day.
  7. Am on a bit of a Gillian Anderson binge at the moment. Recently watched Sex Education on Netflix which i loved, then watched The Fall on Amazon which had me hooked and just started X Files! Otherwise just finished Dead to Me on Netflix which i absolutely adored.
  8. You could try and make the glasto sign out of cardboard? I'm using paint instead of haberdashery
  9. I was wondering this; if all the rain last week and this week during the time when so much assembling and set-up was occuring, whether that would have really churned up everything and set the scene for quite a muddy one, or if the potential sun from tomorrow onwards (along with some wood chip) would have dried everything out. I can't help but think about even though it's torture
  10. Slightly off-topic but does anyone know why some Kylie Mingoue vinyls - her 00s stuff - Fever, Body Language - are so hard to find and/or expensive? I guess it's supply and demand, but i'm curious as to why more weren't issued? I remember Sainsbury's put out some a few years ago but they seem to be hard to find. The only ones i can see are around the £200/300 mark.
  11. Have bought lots of outdoor lights to put in the garden and planning on making our street name in the style of the glasto sign with all the cardboard we've accumulated from deliveries and some paint to hang on the back fence. Our plan is to put a tent in the garden and borrow our friend's projector, put a white sheet up and project the different sets being broadcast onto the sheet all of saturday. Might also see if there is a glasto 2020 playlist with all the acts that would have performed and have that for when we're not watching sets. We're all going to get dressed up in our finest festival gear too i'm really very excited.
  12. Friday. I love when you wake up after a heavy Thursday night and all of a sudden you have the added noise of all the live music beginning on the main stages, it's a whole new layer of excitement.
  13. I'd be trying not to look at the Weather Thread whilst in Rome to see Nick Cave at the Cavea Auditorium this coming Sunday. I'll never forget the sheer frenzied elation about 2-3 weeks prior when the weather forecasts changed from swamps and a wash-out to a scorchio drought and everyone here lost their minds. Still chasing that high.
  14. rosieangel

    The poster 2020

    So happy with this poster! So many great names I want to see and looks like theyve tried really hard to get loads of female performers which is welcome! now we just have to hope it stays on and stays dry!
  15. I have to say that all I have been thinking about in the wake of all these storms is how the festival ground is holding up and whether this much rain is an ominous sound for the perma-saturation of the ground. My sense is that Somerset hasn't had it that bad compared to, say, the Midlands but there's bad and then there's baaaaaaad. Still, plenty of time to dry off I guess. That and the prospect of snow in the South West next week!
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