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  1. rosieangel

    Nick Cave

    Got tickets for Rome and going to have a nice little mini-break. Tour dates definitely lean towards a Glasto slot
  2. Nick Cave coming on during Kylie was a lovely moment. A few years before when Nick Cave sang part of a song to a girl in the audience and my friends couldn't work out whether she was a plant, we found it quite bizarre! He is great though!
  3. I remember that! Hadn't it just started raining and so Wow was particularly rammed as everyone scuttled in for shelter. Remember giving many a bear hug 😏
  4. 1. Kylie 2. Dolly 3. Lionel 4. Barry Gibb (Didn't see ELO or Kenny).
  5. rosieangel

    Diana Ross

    Unbelievable booking and such an early announcement took us all by surprise! Definitely thing she'll get a huge crowd, she has the name recognition and the stratospheric songs a la Dolly that everyone knows. Just sad for my sister who's going to be doubly devasted she missed out on tix!
  6. Our two main groups of 6 got through but another group of 4 and my sister's group of 2 didn't so 2/3 success.
  7. I wonder if there's a subconscious thing about trying for tickets and being logged on and persisting that - despite it being pure luck - seems to feel more fair than just going in for a ballot? I say fair cautiously as obviously you can try and try to no avail but i wonder if that slight sense of actively trying for it is part of the reason?
  8. rosieangel

    Volunteering 2020

    Trying to convince my sister to consider Oxfam as she missed out on tickets Might anyone let me know how the shift allocation works? Do people have any choice or are there sort of gradings of shifts so that it is spread evenly?
  9. I was just reminscing with my housemates about the halcyon days when the weather thread switched from predicting swamp like conditions to a blazing inferno and we all collectively lost our minds.
  10. First got to the holding page on my phone's 3g and later on my laptop. Recall a friend saying that Glasto had tweeted about processing being slow this year but to keep going and Emily Eavis said 2.4m registered this year so it may be that it's getting considerably harder for the server to cope. I wonder - might this be one of the largest instances when people are trying for such a limited thing?
  11. Here we go again!!! My friend got through for our group of six at about 9.15, then just before 9.30 my housemate got through for our other group. Was trying for my sister and her friend and sadly no luck and know of another group of our friends who were unlcky - a friend got to the payment page for them only to be then told it was sold out. But can't believe I'll be back - and to experience the tumultous highs and lows of the weather thread again!
  12. A newbie friend trying in another group (strategic 😉) asked 'when we stop' at 18.10 yesterday...
  13. Taking advantage of my split screen work combo!
  14. Work, my boss has just left for the day so should be relatively quiet...save for my own repeated swearing!
  15. The best of luck to everyone! In an unintentional show of support, my boss has just left for the day and so won't be making any demands around ticket time that i'd refuse, but in doing so create a somewhat awkward atmosphere.
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