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  1. Steveod38

    The Cure

    Not a diehard fan but though they where magnificent!
  2. Have a blast folks, loved this and other threads ! We are now in Bath after a shit show of a drive from Holyhead. All sorted with a pint and Van Morrison on the sound system in the pub !
  3. First stab at packing and went to see Mavis Staples
  4. There can be no rain left in the sky after all that’s fallen in Dublin today. Hopefully taking one for the Glastonbury team ! On non weather related news Mavis Staples was bloody fantastic tonight !
  5. Coming for Glastonbury number 4 from Dublin. Ferry on Tuesday to Hollyhead and drive to Bath for Tuesday night before heading down to festival.
  6. Will be resting up in Bath after a ferry from Dublin and a long drive South !
  7. This is killing me , not that’s is too relevant buts is bloody freezing and miserable in Dublin. Fleetwood Mac on outdoors tonight and it looks like it’s happening in October. Of all the forecasts , is there a view or any evidence on the most reliable
  8. A bit rich from the festival me thinks with the official merch stalls and selling trading spaces at huge cost to clothes traders . Personally I like wandering round the traders areas and always end up picking up something!
  9. Steveod38

    The Cure

    Speaking to some people at Dublin gig and stuff on you tube etc that’s us sorted for Sunday , The Cure it is. Chris will have to wait till the next time ! Beautiful balmy evening in Dublin for what’s its worth , hopefully spreading its wings to Pilton tomorrow!
  10. Steveod38

    The Cure

    They have just finished playing a big gig in Dublin . Setlist up on setlist ! Likely to be very similar for Glasto
  11. Will be having a beer and some food in Bath having driven from Holyhead after the ferry from Dublin
  12. Wait over , arrived in Dublin today just like an awful lot of rain
  13. Steveod38

    day and stage

    Snow Patrol on the 30th according to their website
  14. Mavis Staples in Dublin on 23rd June and Glady Knight a few day before that
  15. Steveod38

    Posh Camping

    Not too much noise from festival itself , on site depends who is nearby, bring ear plugs but don’t expect too much sleep . No queues of notefor showers when we used them , same for shuttles (last night leaving festival site about ten minutes was longest)
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