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  1. Similar to what I do but using a gallon whiskey bottle which any change goes in along with £5 £10 notes each month. After each G fest any money left over goes in as well due to the two cancelled years I reckon, Im about a year head of myself or more as far as saving goes so won’t touch the bank account for ticket money and spends for the two of us.
  2. Missed one year since 1994 (2005) through choice .
  3. Not been to see it for a year or two but spent a while up there last week end
  4. Great to see pics of him there and it’ll be great for those attending to get to see him around the place and to interact with him during WP I’ve said to friends before that in normal years the one thing that he has for some one of his age is tons of energy and in the normal years where Michaels here there and everywhere promo’s appearances events must go some way to keeping him younger than a lot of mid 80 year olds. Long May he continue.
  5. Keanu Reeves Dog star 1999 dog s&@t more like
  6. I’m happy to bet a pint with him over it.
  7. That’s what we did working fine . The sad thing is GFL will cope the grief rather than Drift Live
  8. He’s said on West Country news this evening ( although The interview was done yesterday or Tuesday I think ) he’d play a mix of things from the 30 years he’s been attending the festival.
  9. During the meeting coaches where mentioned to the same kind of destinations that run to ‘local towns’ for the Sunday tickets.
  10. Hope fully this one will tide you over until then.
  11. Kinda makes last weeks marathon listening in session worth it.
  12. The list of towns mentioned during the meeting seemed to match the Sunday festival local coach list
  13. So far its been a Marathon length event
  14. possible local coaches to towns within the area
  15. Mr Phipps the GFL legal rep being a bit of a legend for the last 25mins
  16. I got Guss HoneyBun , Roland Rat & Reggie's autograph there one year
  17. I’m guessing these folk don’t use the the Co-Op at the working men’s club which was renovated by donations from GFL out of principal.
  18. He's representing GFL so yes
  19. Does it come with a villagers ticket ... That may get her a suitable groom
  20. I hope her hypothetical daughter's isn't such fun sponge as I'm sure her wedding would be ruuuuubbish
  21. Yup every time 'Blue notices' are mentioned take 1 swig
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