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  1. Ah thanks. With the line up the way it is this year I don't think out of place would be a bad thing
  2. I don't think he consulted any fans before making that wild claim. It's more a case now of we've all seen them and would like something new!
  3. I asked earlier but I was sadly overlooked, so I'll try again and wait in hope for a reply Pixies were a strong rumour a couple weeks ago, anyone know why they now aren't performing?
  4. Weren't Pixies a strong rumour a couple weeks ago? What happened to that?
  5. Milky have you done it or is that the original version copy and pasted ha?
  6. Yay! How'd you do it? EPO?
  7. Well done Shorts. Are we talking climbing fences here?
  8. My partner got in with a hospitality ticket that had someone else's name on it. I had a screenshot of the document confirming the change of name for the serial number on his ticket but the people at the gates didn't even ask to see it.
  9. I thought you needed a general ticket and then you could book worthy view. So would have thought you need to show ticket and wristband. I'm not 100% certain on that though.
  10. Successful with my partners staff/performer ticket. Thank you @rumpola for this
  11. Yay rumpola put me in touch with a guy too! This gives me hope for partner in a couple hours. Was your name different to the one on the label then?
  12. Anyone know what the queue situation is like? Heading up from Plymouth in a minute.
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