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  1. Looks like this is gonna be where it's at. Sad news indeed but keep the spirit alive. I shall start planning my own garden festival. Top of my list is a Welfare Tent, discreetly erected in one corner of garden. As it's my very own Welfare Tent I shall get to choose my own brand of Tea Bags and Biscuits. Would love the Cider Bus but room in garden is at a premium. May have to settle for Cider Shed. 🤔
  2. Don't hang around here, run you bloody idiot, RUUUUUNNNNNNN. 😉
  3. Sorry, but it's a classic. Up there with Techno Viking.
  4. Don't think the other landowners would agree. Animals need feeding, crops sorting. If you had a muddy year the fields wouldn't recover well before the onset of autumn. Farmers work to the seasons so I wouldn't think they'd go for this. Unless hugely compensated but still the argument of cattle getting the chance to graze naturally. 😀
  5. Old skool. Like it. In fact I may not use the gate when entering my own garden. Case the joint first. Couple of shifty eye movements and over the fence. Then I shall spend the weekend in my garden looking very smug, albeit with long sleeves at all times. 😎
  6. I didn't get a ticket for this year's Glastonbury. Am I allowed to join in or do I have to watch it on iPlayer afterwards.😂
  7. Pub Grub. Cut with Vaseline. I'll wait for the £100 'pure' 😉
  8. Struggling to see why you got a downvotes for that. Unless it's because you didn't say "I bet the Kardashian are kicking themselves for missing that one"😁
  9. The 151 overproof rum will do it on it's own. 😂 Just so ya know this is not normal. Myself and wayward brother in law where practising/experimenting making Zombie Cocktails. 😉
  10. I'm working on a cure. My chemistry skills are not great. I'll try several different ratios of rum. Corona not allowed in here. Ever.😜
  11. It could go either way, I've no idea. gets my vote. Mainly because I have no feckin idea. I shall use shindig as my test case . If later in May I'm hangin out my arse, full of self pity, feeling queasy, more jaded than a jadey thing with bloodshot eyes and a smug grin. Then shindig happened. This would be a good sign for all you ticket holders. 😅 If later in May I'm hangin out my arse, full of self pity, feeling queasy, more jaded than a jadey thing with bloodshot eyes and a guilty look. Then shindig didnt happen. This would be a bad sign for you ticket holders. 😥 Hope
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