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  1. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不
  2. I've already got three festival's inked into diary, plus a couple of gigs in Germany. My festival season shall be good whatever.
  3. You've put me off now. Shit I'll never drink it again. or maybe I could put the cup on the floor and lift the keg myself. To be completely honest I do generally need help when nearing the end of a keg, but that's with everything.
  4. These hold five litres each, from memory they're around 瞿15 each. Less if you buy in bulk. They get lighter and easier to carry the more you drink They 'can' be used as a seat that also gets comfier the more you drink.云 Hopback Brewery do some others but this is my favourite.
  5. As above but I'd ignore number 6. Bad for environment.
  6. The French version of doughnut holes are called pet de nonne, which translates to "Nun's Fart." The Frenchdoughnut was allegedly created when a nun in Marmoutier was preparing food and farted. The other nuns laughed so hard that she accidentally dropped a spoonful of dough in a pot of boiling water.24 Apr 2013 Couldn't find an image but thought this useless 'fact' may be useful.
  7. I can't predict what I'm thinking when I'm thinking.
  8. I'd purchase a million battery operated plastic illuminated wrist bands. These would be used to bribe people to come and see me. I'd then ask the recipients of these bracelets to randomly discard them in Chris Martin's assorted gardens.
  9. 1st Glastonbury. Too long ago to recall Favourite Glastonbury. Every single one I've attended and a couple I wished I'd attended. First Glastonbury act. See 1st Glastonbury. Favourite Glastonbury act. Could never choose but Underworld doing Born Slippy was near on to being a religous experience. Definitely spiritual.
  10. Just finished a marathon session on you tube, think it's made me more sad.
  11. Shit news. Gonna put Fat of the Land on repeat and pull some shapes. Brilliant at all he did, RIP Keith.
  12. Yeh, best plans and all that.
  13. I do get some comfort from you going for the first time and me missing out on tickets. Just smile and enjoy. It's a blast from start to finish.
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