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  1. mashedonmud

    DT Project Coursework - Festival Cleanliness

    You been hanging out in Salisbury.?
  2. mashedonmud

    DT Project Coursework - Festival Cleanliness

    Try taking ya mate home in one piece and not just their head. 😉
  3. mashedonmud

    Other Stage Delay Towers

    Sacked mine. She could organise a piss up in a brewery but forgot to invite me. Bad PA. 😁
  4. mashedonmud

    Self Confirmed for 2019

    Cool .I won't be able to hear Wil.I.Am from down south then. 😉
  5. mashedonmud

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    This is purely theoretically asked. Well maybe not. But would dressing as bouncer allow you to hump kylies leg and not be arrested? If so I'm not sure if I should buy a bouncer outfit or set up a stall selling them.!
  6. mashedonmud

    June 2018

    It's okayish to miss when you know that nobody else is going. Nothing like the trauma of not going when ya mates are already ticket holders. And then there's the "I'm gonna go and buy an angle grinder and cut a doorway through that bloody fence" kind of insanity of watching on telly when ya mates are in there. To summarise I'm thinking fallow year not to bad.
  7. mashedonmud

    Festival Survey - Dissertation

    Done. Good luck. 😎
  8. mashedonmud

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    Certain parts of her anatomy may be to young to qualify for legends slot.
  9. mashedonmud

    Would it have been too hot?

  10. mashedonmud

    Ticketmaster - warning

    Thanks. Will do it now. Upvote for prompt and helpful advice. 😀
  11. mashedonmud

    Ticketmaster - warning

    Slightly different topic but I want to sell a boomtown ticket. Anybody know who to trust as read some stuff about certain ticket 'touts' who don't seem altogether helpful with name changes. Or do i just gumtree.
  12. I used to think Chris Martin was alittle bit of a cock. Then he stole the headlines by polluting Glastonbury with an unknown quantity of glowing plastic wristbands. I've changed my opinion and now think he's an enormous big fecking cock.
  13. mashedonmud

    So how much truth is there in this Madonna rumour?

    The Wurzels where one of my favourite acts of all times. Especially with the opening line of "right then you druggies, if you don't like cider then fuck off" . Forever in my memory and an absolutely amazing performance. Hopefully they will clash with Madonna. 😁
  14. mashedonmud

    Perfect therapy.

    I had the task of clearing a friend's teenage son and select chums camp at shindig last month. The poor lambs were to sickly/exhausted (translate to lazy) to help clear up. Their tent was smelly with damp clothes, half eaten foodstuff and empty tins. I done the task by stuffing everything into bin liners in no particular order. Then stored in my back yard for a month. Mummy rang Thursday to ask for tent as needed again. I spent a fantastic half an hour friday evening erecting tent in their garden and emptying 3 bin liners of waste in artistic fashion around mouldy tent. Only wish I could of seen their smiles on awakening this morning. Yes I've taken my bin liners home to re-use.
  15. mashedonmud

    Solstice Sunrise

    Unfortunately couldn't do the stones as working early. Did manage to avoid running over some gurney road hazards on 303 this fine summer's morning.