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  1. Oh the joys of charging yourself on those fabulous carpets. Then casually sliding up behind a mate, finger primed and loaded. ZAP right to the earlobe. I always found the earlobe to be the best for optimum 'Shock.😱
  2. Glastonbury for the Lilliputians. Teeny weeny cuteness. Gulliver will be happy that Glastonbury is fully inclusive 😂
  3. Just booked tickets to a festival through Ticket Sellers, on reading the T and C's for refund I noticed that they had a NO refund policy for.. -YOU are prevented from travelling to a BOOKED EVENT due to an outbreak of a contagious disease and the Government or any agency acting on the behalf of the Government has imposed a ban on travelling to EVENT.- Never noticed this before when taking out insurance on ticket refunds, or maybe I have and not been as aware as I am at the moment. 🤔 On the plus side I get a full refund if I die.🤣😂💀
  4. mashedonmud

    Billie Eilish

    Think Billie and her brother nailed the brief. It's a Bond Theme song. Not my thing but fits perfectly. 🙂
  5. Out of upvotes. Love it. Find this person and I'll donate towards buying them a drink. Or two.😂
  6. You're very welcome, I may reveal more of my festival f@ck ups in the future. 😉
  7. To get back on topic I have just got back from a wander about town. This wander was to secure myself some supper after an afternoon of DIY. I was fully intending a quick fix from the Chinese Takeaway. But for reasons I don't fully understand and can only assume to be subliminal. I walked straight past Chinese Takeaway. I then found myself in a convenience shop buying cheese and crackers. This action may forfeit the original 'survey'. My apologies for confusion. 😁
  8. Unfortunately there is often 'collateral damage' in some of life's most amusing moments. I have often had to eat the humble pie on occasions. Apologising profusely is not uncommon. Picture my amazing partner at a small festival, sat at a table having her Tarot Cards read. The table was adorned with Crystals and other psychics paraphernalia. I approached with my most special walk, one eye closed and listing so far to the left I defied gravity. My only defence being it was day two of festival. I very carefully placed my pint on the table so as not to spill a drop, I chose the words for my introduction from a truly addled brain. "I'm a bit special" was what came out. "You'd best sit down my dear" was the gracious reply from the Psychic lady. This acceptance filled me with much excitement and my brain then instructed my arms to flail about in celebration. The pint went over everything. Tarot cards and crystals literally floating away on a little beer tsunami. Her face told me that I had just destroyed her entire life, my significant others face told me my life was soon to be destroyed. Now quick thinking was needed to get myself out of bother and maybe a little joke to ease the tension. "Didn't see that coming did ya" My chums and even significant other did smile, albeit briefly. The next day was spent tracking down the lady to offer my apologies and compensate for any lasting damage. Again she was absolutely amazing and let me know she'd seen worse, even that weekend.
  9. My younger self and equally stoned mate once participated in a psychology test for another friend. She was studying the subject and wondered if we'd help out. In our fog of smoke we thought it funny to try and give the craziest answers we could. She got back to us with the results and revealed we were completely avaragely boringly normal. She smiled and left our confused faces to muse over that. I must confess she was much smarter than the two stoners and it took us a while to figure out her excellent double bluff.🤣
  10. I've awoke sober. These tests take on a much more accurate reading regards how I'm wired up when sober. Thus making such test very scary. I shall answer regardless. It reminds me of one of my metatarsals. (Unfortunate day yesterday in which i managed to break a bone in my foot) I cook for my dad once a week, he still complains the veg is not cooked. Bless. 😂
  11. It reminds me of spilled gravy. The gravy without all the vitamins and minerals. Not that life giving, nutritional, vitamin ffilled gravy liked by the descendants of the irish. And also enjoyed by everybody with the slightest idea of how to cook. That would obviously make a different splodge. Did your boiled potatoes go grey coloured? Like deathly grey. Mine did. 🤮
  12. Ditto, it wasn't just the Irish. My mother cooked the colour out of all veg. Then just to be sure she'd keep it warm all day in the oven. I have a scar on my hand that reminds me every day about this bizarre cooking/sabotaging of food stuff. The scar was born because my teenage self stabbed at some charcoal/meat that had adhered to the plate. The unidentified meat decided to unstick after some serious stabby action. Then I didn't stop the stabby action quickly enough and stabbed my own left hand. Six stitches and hours of AandE I returned home. Guess what, mother had kept my food warm. 🙄 The water from the pans had all the goodness and that got thrown away. She preferred fresh water for the gravy. 😂 God rest her soul. 😘😘😘😘😘
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