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  1. Back to the drawing board, literally. 🙄
  2. I shall check back later, I've a good feeling this may liven up. It's Friday. I'm going to a chums for Limoncello Jellies and some rather interesting Chocolate Brownies. I have Rum too, and something else. I am hopeful that the conversation is better than, "I fuuuuucking loooooove youuuuuuuuuu, your my best frieeend" Where's **Yoghurt, exceptional when *spangled.😂 *I am not encouraging Yoghurt, nor anybody else to get spangled for the amusement of others. It's not big and it's not clever. ** I realise that Yoghurt is aware now I've read all the posts, 🔞
  3. The waters free and clean! FFS. I've been getting through my festivals on cider and rum safe in the knowledge I'm not gonna get the plague. Now i feel like I've wasted all that money and avoided the (non existent) plague at the expense of my liver. Why has nobody pointed this out before. I'm gonna have to reassess what liquids I ingest in the future. NOT. 😉
  4. If this is the same uncle, the one who passed away every year for the last ten years, then we must be related. Pleased to meet you. 😂
  5. They've contributed so much and still are. Immense and would always be welcome for me. 😁
  6. mashedonmud


    Bookies are rich enough. They're getting fuck all from me. 😋
  7. Just checked email. Amazon have delivered after saying 19th of November yesterday. Cost £20 so still acceptable. Cheers anyhow. 😀
  8. Are they delivering quickly, Amazon has let me down. May reorder here. Thanks for sharing 😀
  9. A masterpiece of illumination and grace, like all great works it transforms our understanding of life. Starting in the 70s , in Somerset. Glastonbury 50 tells the story of unlikely people whose lives come together during a time of political turmoil. After the days of bleakness there was hope, their circumstances -and their fates- became inextricably linked in ways nobody could have foreseen. Written with compassion, humour and insight. Glastonbury 50 is a vivid, richly textured and powerful book by two of the most gifted writers of our time. The Eavils are master blenders of the picaresque and the tragic...... To say they capture the textures of Glastonbury well and the larger than life characters is to note the least of their achievements. If anything their success is to make life so much larger. A tough task......Enthralling This is the work of geniuses. I cannot do a review without saying so. It should be read by everyone who loves books, win every prize, make its authours millionaires. Hope this takes the pressure off of Crazyfool. 😁 And for the rest of you there are plenty of pictures 😂 Maybe slight plagiarism involved. To counteract any lawsuits I offer my humblest apologies. Like I'm really really sorry. Honest guvnor. 😉
  10. Spoiler alert. You've just ruined Christmas. 😂
  11. mashedonmud

    Fake Poster....

    I'd agree that some can make getting spangled a bit harder than it should be, at the risk of being called a 'gammon' I'd suggest these could be younger trainees. Not professional bar stewards with pride in their work. But even if you're dealing with an unprofessional/useless bar steward there is still plenty to rejoice. Your in a bar. 😜
  12. mashedonmud

    Fake Poster....

    It might be too soon but I think the little piggy has helped. Who can stay angry with that face. If any of you dare to make jokes about bacon there'll be a f@cking war you butty eating bar stewards. The above statement about war and butty eating bar stewards is not intended to make war trivial, nor is it my intention to insult bar stewards. They do a fantastic job. 😁
  13. mashedonmud

    Fake Poster....

    Could you all calm down. You're gonna scare the little piggy. 😥
  14. mashedonmud

    Fake Poster....

    I cant speak for god, mainly because he exists only as a figment of some peoples imagination, But speaking for mysel I'd say, You done good. You've spread a lot of happiness at the expense of a couple of 'fuses'. Not a bad return. Be proud. 😂
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