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  1. Just to add another unlikely but possible one to the list, "friends of the festival", talked about doing something post pandemic, would no doubt jump at the chance to play again if asked: Blur 50/50 if i'd want it after the magic last time they were there, but would no doubt smash it again
  2. Wheres the fun in that? 😄👍
  3. And on top of that, maybe the rumoured "ladies day" that was going to be sunday 2020 with swift and ross etc, moves to friday with Billie headlining? Feel like im stretching there, but could make sense. Fri: All Female Sat: Everyone else Sun: Legends
  4. Could be an honest mistake, but would also be very easy to shift aerosmith, noel, macca over to sunday with ross, add in the specials and 1 or 2 others and you have a legends day! Macca closing the festival sounds better than a Kenny closing.
  5. Full thing from FB: Black Dyke gain a Supreme accolade. When you’ve played sell-out concerts at Carnegie Hall, in New York, the Sydney Opera House, the NHK Hall in Tokyo, the KKL in Lucerne, the Royal Albert Hall, London and Symphony Hall in Birmingham, to name a few, you might be forgiven in thinking there were not many other venues of note worth performing at..............you would be sadly mistaken! There’s a performance space in the middle of a field in rural Somerset that many artists would give their platinum discs to appear at. “When Michael Eavis asked us back to perform on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festivals for the 50th-anniversary event last year,” commented Professor Nicholas Childs, Music Director of the Black Dyke Band, “who would have guessed at the impact of the subsequent pandemic and lockdowns? However, when Michael asked us again for 2022, we were delighted to accept.” Professor Childs went on, “We are always innovative in our concert planning and aim to reach new audiences, and especially those who wouldn’t have been exposed to a world-class brass band! Joining Diana Ross and a fantastic line-up to open the Legends Day shows the regard that Michael has for our musical versatility and ability to entertain.” He commented that the band was undoubtedly looking forward to the experience and also their appearance at the prestigious Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza with Paloma Faith in August. Although The Beatles had never appeared at the Glastonbury Festival, the band that backed them on their two million-selling disc, “Yellow Submarine”, certainly would!
  6. Sunday Legends day: Black Dyke Band Specials Ross Aerosmith Macca Add in another couple?
  7. This caught my eye, im sure im reading way too much into it! From the Black Dyke Band self confirming: Does this mean: we are opening the Pyramid stage on the day the legends slot is? OR is it a Legends DAY on the Pyramid stage?? “joining Diana Ross and a fantastic line-up to open the Legends Day shows”
  8. Macca (with his supergroup of ronnie wood, clapton etc) will play this year, will be joined on stage by swift (as they have hinted playing together a few times). Help from my friends as the last track, joined by aerosmith, noel, Swift etc Swift then returns to headline 2023 Coldplay doing their last ever album in 2025 (so they claim), are almost guaranteed for 2025 or 26 as a result, so wont headline before then. Billie, Macca and Adele would be AWESOME, still think it will be kenny, superbowl and glasto is enough to keep everything ticking over until a tour later down the line. 2022: Billie, Macca, Adele/ Kenny 2023: Swift, AM/ Reg, Adele/Kenny 2024: GNR, AM/ Reg, Dua? 2025: Coldplay 😄👍
  9. 2017. Bit scary that!
  10. I always took Fatboy slim as more of a, "heres a big slot to say thanks for being here every year for the 50th" kinda thing. I have my suspicions either him or Dizzee or both will be west holts headliners
  11. Point is more that they are both already tipped to be playing, and Glasto has a reputation of bumping someone up, rather that get someone else in. Only late (not that we're late atm) replacement i can actually think of was gorillaz for U2. Could have got someone in when Foos went, but bumped Flo up instead. Kylie - Basement Jax, im sure the killers got bumped up to headliner too. My thinking is Covid plays a huge part with travel restrictions and the obvious unknown, if they were waiting as late as they could for Macca for example, and he couldnt do it, Aerosmith seems like an easy bump up. Dont think that would happen, but Glasto history suggests if someone pulls out, they bump someone up as opposed to get someone else, obviously still very far out atm tho
  12. Just to throw 2 other names in there who are apparently playing: Aerosmith and/ or QOTSA could both easily step up to be headliners if needed. Any reason they're not being mentioned that i've missed? Both heavily rumoured to be playing other slots, but surely count as the easiest of replacements for a headliner if say a macca or a kenny pulled out. Aerosmith in for Macca if he cant do it almost seems like a no brainer. Another one thats puzzled me a bit: wasn't Fatboy slim due to headline the other stage for the 50th? Sure to be back, is there any reason (other than it not being the 50th) that hes not being tipped to take the same slot again?
  13. My Guess: Swift Macca Fleetwood Mac
  14. Thats what I thought at first, but then all their leaks had them on the Saturday and the metal slot was apparently on the Friday so wondered if there was someone else. Plus Lars has been very vocal about how much he loves Glasto after playing so could see Metallica doing a special slot for the 50th. No doubt just wishful thinking from me tho haha
  15. Times going to be running out on Macca, Fleetwood Mac and Reg to play going much beyond 2022, so wonder if we get 2 of those 3? Eavis has said a few times Fleetwood Mac are his dream booking, Macca will no doubt be back, Swift can come on as a guest with Macca and then come back to headline 2023. Aerosmith and Muse as special guests and someone big to open the festival on the pyramid (insert Coldplay here). Adele will have a new album so could be an option. There was also that big metal special guest they apparently had booked for the Friday for the 50th, Metallica? As you can tell, im already getting carried away and hoping for a mega all star party 😄
  16. Haha. Mates been saying its off for a while and challenging my giddy optimism that it will be on haha. One of the things they say is they havent done any work on the festival from a booking point of view and have been told to not do anything for months now so they are fast running out of time to actually book the festival if it is on. Could be that today is the deadline to actually have time to organise the festival
  17. I never comment but thought id share some info i got with you lovely people. I have a good mate who works on one of the booking teams for Glasto. Hes heard its decision day today and added that its 100% off. He wouldnt be in this meeting so I think the 100% off is his personal opinion, but he is pretty certain that either way, today is decision day.
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