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  1. Aerosmith, Spice Girls or Cher for next year i think. Could very much see Cher or Spice girls in the Legends, with Taylor headlining the same day. Would LOVE Billy Joel What about someone like Andrea Bocelli? Never see him as a name mentioned! Imagine "Time to say Goodbye" being belted out Others: Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks (not sure on this one, as i think they will always hold out hope for full FM), Celine Dion, Roger Waters, Madonna (more likely full headline), Eagles (again headline more likely), Sting/ The Police, Ozzy, Bon Jovi, Phil Collins/ Genesis, ABBA Got LOADS to keep them stocked for the next few years. Or it will be Coldplay.... 😬
  2. https://www.ventusky.com/ Awesome for weather
  3. It was 2%, moving to a 7 day working week (so cutting out sunday O/T, meaning a real time wage cut) Also had condition attached that basically meant loads of jobs would be lost. Pure PR so they can say they offered something. TSSA and ASLEF getting involved too now by the looks of things
  4. The comment wasn't meant to be insulting or anything, so I apologise to anyone who found it so. It was more meant along the lines of, "if you think its not fair if that happened to you, why would it be ok to happen to others." We do get it, the worlds been messed up, we have been lucky to have job security, I do get that. What i don't get is how people can be ok with paying the insane prices they pay for a train, these companies making 10s of millions upon 10s millions in profits. Bosses being paid out Millions in bonuses. Shareholders getting paid out close to £ a billion. AND then staff being sacked as they dont make enough money? That stinks. Voluntary redundancies have been a major thing on the railway throughout the pandemic, 100s - 1000s of jobs have already gone, the thought that the rail industry has been completely protected from redundancies is incorrect. "(which, is what would happen with the rail industry, you're not just going to get pulling into an office and fired, but you well know that)". Not enterally sure what you're getting at hear to be honest (sorry, its been a long day!), but if its implying that workers arent getting sacked, then its incorrect. 2500 network rail staff, 600 TFL staff, and ticket office and platform staff throughout the network are under direct threat. The offer on Thursday to the Unions was a wage rise (real time wage cut) with the condition of compulsory redundancies, among other things. If i've got that wrong and you mean we wouldnt just get sacked, then im sure the P&O staff (also rmt) say hi. I wish every working person could be able to be in a position to fight for their rights as a worker, we are lucky that we are in that position. With any luck, when the RMT, TSSA, ASLEF win, it will open the doors to other workers from every job to get what they deserve. Cider bus Cider? 👍🍺
  5. No, workers shouldn't HAVE to go on strike to get protections, rights etc, they should just be given as a matter of course! People shouldn't have to strike to not get sacked while businesses make millions/ billions in profits. Workers shouldn't have to strike to get an inflation based wage rise. Workers shouldn't have to strike to be treated fairly in every level of a company from top to bottom. This isn't just the railway, this applies to all jobs! Also, Teachers, Nurses, Docs etc have all already been on strike for similar reasons to the railway. Strikes are the last resort, and absolutely horrible. But again, the train companies have been training managers in dispatching/ working trains and preparing for strikes since February, when they could have been trying to stop them, they didn't. They have been negotiating with the unions for pure PR this week, without going into details, all that offered was a real time wage cut for a lot of staff (offered Thursday), on the condition of compulsory redundancies. That is no joke and you didn't read that wrong. All they had to do was guarantee no compulsory redundancies, while negotiating other factors and the strikes would have been pushed back. They didn't. Lets get rid of this myth that next week is a busy week on the railway, it isn't. It is no busier than an average summer week. The week of strikes, outside of Jan/ Feb, is one of the quietest, not busiest as people seem to think, weeks it could have been held. 8500 go to Castle Cary station by train in the week (not day, week) of Glastonbury. That is around the same number of extra passengers Bath Spa railway station does for a Bath rugby home match in 1 day. There is no football on, no rugby, outside of cricket i believe, there are no massive sporting events. There are very little to no festivals going on out side of Glastonbury (Glastonbury takes all the equipment so most other festivals cant run at the same time). If The strikes were a few weeks later or earlier, they would have caused a much larger disruption. We all think this is a major busy week for the railway because Glastonbury is on, the reality is it isn't. Middle class elitism? We are comparing people loosing their jobs, loosing all their income, loosing their livelihood, to people taking a few hours longer to get to a music festival?? I LOVE Glastonbury, it is my favourite place on this planet, but its not more important than peoples lives. With all due respect to you, the only middle class elitism are from the people who would happily let 1000s of people loose their jobs so they could get to a music festival a few hours quicker....
  6. Too add to this, GWR has said they aim to maintain all timetabled trains between Castle Cary and London Paddington throughout the course of Glastonbury Festival.
  7. We should be trying to lift all workers rights and wages up to a better level, not dragging others down to a lower level. I work for the railway, I earn just under 16k a year. Not sure why you all think we are all on mega bucks, because we are not..... If your boss called you into their office tomorrow and fired you? Do you think that would be fair? Or would you fight it? You should be able to get a full refund, depending where you bought it. 👍
  8. People are frustrated and annoyed due to the inconvenience, however there is an overwhelming understanding that staff are not to blame. There is massive support for staff from what i have seen this week. When people see train companies this week announcing massive profits (latest i saw was a £36.2million profit for 1 company, so adding every company together you will be in the 100s of millions profits), whilst being on much lower passenger count than pre pandemic, whilst claiming they need to sack staff as they arent profitable, it opens a lot of eyes to whats really going on. Also it was revealed the head of my company got a £1million bonus last year...... thats 40 jobs saved right there.
  9. Check the refunds process with wherever you bought it. Obviously wait until after your finish your trip to claim it. If you got it from a train company, it might be under something like (company name eg GWR)delay repay. For trainline and other 3rd parties, google it or have a look on the app.
  10. I've been working in a train station all week, expecting the public to be angry. I haven't had a single person speak negatively to me about the strikes. I have had a LOT of people talk to me about them in a positive manner. There is overwhelming support. Don't believe what the media tell you.
  11. Offer was made by the train companies yesterday of a wage rise with the condition of compulsory redundancies, among other things. It was rejected out of hand. So unless there is some 11th hour negotiations, the strike is going ahead.
  12. Also another bit of info people might not know: If you have an Advanced / Advance ticket (a ticket for one train and one train only), and this train is cancelled, then your ticket is still valid for the next service, plus you get a full refund. eg. If you are booked on the 10.02 and that gets cancelled, and theres a new train at 10.03, then you get a full refund
  13. UPDATE!!! Not sure if this has been said or not yet, haven't read the last few pages I got sent this today. This is the map or trains during the strike. Purple lines mean the line is open. Grey lines means the line will be shut. I know there are some Cornwall people in this chat, I asked for you and have been told that there will be NO trains past Plymouth, ie, no trains to Penzance on strike days. The person i asked knows about these things. Doesn't mean things wont change. There will be a MAXIMUM of 20% of trains running on strike days (Tues, Thurs, Sat), assuming all goes to plan, which it won't There will be a MAXIMUM of 60% of trains running on non strike days (Wed, Fri), assuming all goes to plan, which it won't There IS a meeting tomorrow (Thursday), between relevant parties. If there is nothing by Friday saying otherwise, then the strikes will be going ahead. Hopefully common sense will prevail and all parties come to an agreement. Tickets will be VAILD from 1 day before travel, and for 2 days after date of travel. EG a ticket for Wednesday 22nd will be valid from 21st - 24th. This is how it is currently, this will most likely be opened up to the entire week/ strike period.
  14. One of the best places to get anything out of a big company (eg seetickets) is to publicly and repeatedly hammer them on twitter, tagging everyone you can (glaso etc). A lot of times they would rather sort someone out than have the bad PR.
  15. I won't lie, that did make me laugh 😂
  16. Haha thanks. I get that Mr Fish (if that is even his/her real name!), is just trolling, however there are a lot of people out there that have similar concerns, so the responses were as much to them. But yes, no more time will be wasted on him. Fun fact, i went traveling to South America many many moons ago, we went fishing in the amazon and caught and ate piranha. Genuinely tastes like chicken! We were also frowned upon as we ate it, as it is considered so common that only the absolute lowest of the low will eat it. Personally, i thought it tasted quite nice! 😂
  17. Absolutely carers are some of the most underpaid and undervalued workers in the country. We have stopped many people from doing something stupid on the railway. Its the people in care who truly save them. I remember one lady in particular, you would have never seen it coming from looking at her, very expensive clothes, very well made up, very proper (for want of a better term.) We rugby tackled her as she ran to dive in front of a train. After about an hour or so of sitting with her, she started to open up and it was heart-breaking. She was a completely broken and shattered woman. "I just saw the train and thought, this is my time to go". About 6 months later we saw her at the station again, she was happy and starting to enjoy life again. We stopped her doing something stupid. The care workers who helped her in those 6 months saved her.
  18. Love it, I try to have a polite debate and you get this back 😂 I dont know if you were just deliberately mis interpreting what i was saying, or if i wasnt clear enough or what, but hey, thats up to you. Lets be ultra clear so there no confusion. I am not special, non of us were special. I was loudly saying we didnt need to be there, but it was insisted that we had to be. We did not call ourselves key workers. It was rammed down our throats that we were key workers when it suited the people, like yourself and many others who needed us. If this was to happen again, you would be front of the line asking all the transport workers, lorry drivers, shelf stackers, docs, nurses etc etc etc, to do it all again for you, so you or you loved ones could stay isolated and protected. "Keeping your job" is always thrown around as if its an insult. I'm very very sorry if any offense was caused to you that I didnt get sacked. Yes we kept our jobs..... because we were still doing our jobs as was required. (FYI sitting in a 4ft x 4ft plastic bubble by yourself with maybe 1 person an hour walking past you, isn't quite the thrill you seem to think it is). However, if people loose their jobs now, then no we won't have kept them, partly what all this is about..... Never once have i said Covid was a danger or serious issue to me.... you're just making things up now..... Never once have i claimed to be special.... Never once have i claimed any of my colleges are special... Again, you're making things up to try and score cheep hits. If you disagree thats fine, but its a bit sad if your just going for the lowest hanging fruit. You seriously just don't get it and thats fine. To try and make it as clear as possible so theres no confusion: Its not about me. Its not about you. I am not special. I am not better than you or anyone else. I am not complaining. I am not spinning you a sob story. Its about the pure principle of being there for the people you needed when they need you. Because the next time you need them, they might not be there anymore... Its about all those people who DID die so people could sit at home and be protected. Again, I have never said Covid was a danger to me, however it was to a lot of my colleges who did die. All the families of those people who did die. All the kids of those parents who are growing up without a mum or dad. Its the principle of saying, they didn't die for nothing. The point is the jobs are still required: Do you have any idea how many lives are saved by having staff on a platform? Do you have any idea how many people cant use technology due to disabilities, age, etc etc, who NEED a member of staff in a ticket office? Personally, I think if you are being charged £100s for a train ticket, having a few staff isnt much to ask Its about all those people who will not be able to afford to live Its about protecting the working class who take all the rubbish when it suits, while the people at the top take £millions and £billions. If you read what i said again, I didnt call you Selfish once. I said things were being looked at from a selfish point of view, then also said it wasnt an attack as it was a natural human way of looking at things. Thats VERY different to calling you Selfish. If you want to imply that I am selfish for not wanting to be sacked, then hell yes i am selfish in this regard. If the choice is me loosing my job or you having a few days of your life where you might be delayed for a few hours, then i will pick me not loosing my job every time and if it was the other way around, i would fully expect the same from you. Finally "If you job isn't needed it should go". Good point! The great news for you here is that luckily if our jobs arent needed, then strikes won't affect you or anyone else at all, as we are not needed anyway so it won't make any difference 😄👍 I'm more than happy to debate and discuss as much as anyone wants, Its important for people to speak to people about issues from opposite points of view, thats how we grow and learn as people. But lets leave the cheep digs and cheep point scoring in the daily mail and the other rags shall we? Peace, Love and Glastonbury 🤘
  19. Media always twist everything unfortunately! All i hear is "train drivers get paid enough already!". Train drivers are a tiny part of the rail network. Train drivers aren't in the RMT. Train drivers will not be part of the strike, they are represented by a different union. Myself and my colleges aren't on 74k, we are all on 14-26k (most around the 22k mark, i myself am on less than that), decent money but not the mega bucks people seem to think. We, like many other job roles work our butts off for this. The last week alone i've seen a college suffer horrific racist abuse, another 2 suffer sexist abuse, another have someone take his arm and threaten to snap it and "change his life". We have dealt with 2 suicidal people. Dealt with someone intentionally drive a car into someone. This dosnt even include all the general daily abuse. Comparing wages and roles is never a good idea, none of us really know what any job entails unless we are in it. Me and my colleges alone are weak and have no power. The only reason we have the chance to protect ourselves now is our brothers and sisters in other areas, such as network rail, are standing with us. Alone we are weak, together we are strong. I can't comment or judge anything thats happening with the CS (assuming thats Civil Servants?), but the job cuts look brutal. I will happily stand next to and support anyone in any job under threat, especially anyone who has worked their butts off over the last few years. All i can hope is that if the RMT and other unions are successful, it gives greater power to other people in other jobs and other areas of work to get the rights and protections they deserve. Put our heads above the parapet and whos knows what will happen, unfortunately there have been some pretty big indications of what will happen if we don't. Scary times for everyone. Sounds like another pint at the cider bus to me! Hopefully the sun will be shining, we can all have an awesome time and forget all the crap for a weekend. Good luck to all the CS out there
  20. I couldnt say if they would accept no pay rises or not, the final package of the deal would most likely include a pay rise, but it would at least postpone the strike whilst negotiations are going on. Just to add also that Voluntary Redundancies are acceptable as the choice is then with the worker, Compulsory Redundancies is very different. Thats the major issue for me anyway.
  21. Also as an addition because its quite funny. Apparently myself and my colleges are so far, single handily responsible for: The rise in cost of living Every single person not being able to attend Glastonbury Possible CANCELATION of Glastonbury The Tories winning 2 by elections which havent taken place yet Got to love the right wing drama queens sometimes 😂
  22. Sorry to the people replaying to me, been busy working all day on our lovely railway, only the 3 assault forms, 2 police visits, 1 police witness statement to do today! (Non strike related, just a normal day on the railway! Seriously, someone actually deliberately ran someone over, crazy times!) You are 10000% entitled to your opinions, agree/ disagree its the beautiful thing of the world. @Barry Fish, in terms of am I impacted by the strike, Yes, I lose a days pay on the Tuesday (obviously don't get paid when striking, not helpful with a baby on the way). On the Thurs and Sat i am obviously at the festival so those days won't affect me. In terms of getting to the festival, i will be going by car. However My pregnant girlfriend, who also works for the railway and was going to come on the Saturday, will most likely now miss the festival all together. It was 50/50 if it was a good idea for her to come anyway, but this may decide it, we shall see closer to the time. Fingers crossed things get sorted. Something as a replay to you both @Barry Fish and @zahidf and a bit of a replay in general. I think a bit of perspective is needed here as the responses are, and i mean this in the nicest way, looking at things from a very narrow minded and extremely selfish point of view. The amount of people who travel on the train every single day is in the MILLIONS. The amount of people going to glastonbury by train in 2019 was around 8500 (castle cary foot numbers). The majority of them go on the wednesday which is unaffected. So this strike impacts MAYBE 1000 journeys tops on the thursday and saturday. You are both acting like every single person going will miss the festival! The actual numbers of people impacted is tiny in comparison, around 0.05% of people going to the festival, with 2 weeks notice to change plans. Obviously this dosnt include journeys from a wider area towards the site the day before, just the numbers going through castle cary. Now when i say its a selfish way of looking at things, i don't mean that as an attack, its a natural way of looking at things as people by nature don't care as much about things that don't involve them, the fact you are both going to Glasto makes you annoyed as it affects you. Its interesting that neither of you mention the fact this is going on in GCSE times which has a MUCH bigger impact on peoples lives than a music festival. There are literally MILLIONS of journeys a day on the trains in this country, with all the respect in the world, the 8500 people going to Glastonbury by train is a drop in an ocean! The fact that its the week it is, when there are no other festivals, no sporting events, no football, rugby etc, actually means it will have much less disruption than it would have had if it had happened a month ago, or a month later. The thing i love about Glasto is we can all go have a chat and a discussion about things, I will be flying my RMT flag at glasto and am more than happy to have a pint of cider and debate how to fix the worlds problems with anybody. Quite frankly, and i again mean this in the nicest way, If an RMT or any union flag offends you, then maybe glastonbury, a left wing hippy festival of unity, togetherness, peace and love, isnt actually the right place for you to be? Thats not aimed at anyone by the way, its more general. @Barry Fish Just as an honest question: Do you not think that it is fundamentally wrong for "key workers" to be made redundant? Again all these arguments against ignore the simple fact. 3 magic words is all it takes and there is no strike: NO COMPULSARY REDUNDANCIES. Thats all they have to say. Maybe your anger or frustrations @Barry Fish @zahidf should be aimed at asking why 1 person dosnt say 3 words, that makes all these issues go away?? Isn't one person saying 3 words "NO COMPULSARY REDUNDANCIES", better than 1000s of people loosing their jobs? Anyway, love the debates, peace and love, support the strikes.
  23. My reasons for supporting the strike and waving my RMT flag at Glasto: We were told during the pandemic that we were key workers. We had to work while others isolated. We were told we were ESSENTIAL to the running of the railway and the country as a whole. I am not disputing this. Whilst every single shop or anything that was open during lockdown had screens and masks, we did not. "Can't be sourced" "you'll take PPE away from the NHS", "payment dispute between the train company and the Gov for who should supply". Just some of the excuses given. When Borris went on TV and partially lifted the 1st lockdown, the Unions said staff will not work without PPE. MAGICALLY within 48hrs, the apparent impossible to get hold of PPE appeared at every station. 4000 masks and 100s of bottles of sanitiser, along with screens were impressively plucked out of thin air for my station alone. We were not given anything, we had to fight for everything we got, when we asked for simple things such as masks, we got guilt tripped that we were taking away from the NHS. We had times where people tested positive for Covid, the entire management teams, whether they were there or not, were isolated, lower level staff who had spent longer with the same staff were told "If you've been following the rules you shouldn't have to isolate" and had to continue to work. I should add now that this is not a sob story or me complaining, EVERYONE up and down the country made massive sacrifices, we like everyone else just had to get on with it, power through and try to make the best of a bad situation. This is purely based on principles. One of my old colleges who used to work at my station (moved stations pre pandemic), died as a result of Covid, whilst working as a key worker on the railway. (Along with many others on the railway and all jobs up and down the country) He was there because he was told he was essential to running the railway. His job role is now one of the job roles under particular threat of compulsory redundancy. This is SO wrong to me, HOW can you be essential to the running of the railway and a "key worker" when we were doing less than 100 passengers most days, but suddenly not be essential when we are doing 10,000 - 25,000 passengers a day? I will and cannot stand aside whilst people who put themselves on the line when they were asked to, are cast aside and treated like the bad guys now. Its pure principle. NO COMPULSARY REDUNDANCIES. That's all they have to do to postpone the strike. Its not the unions or workers to blame for this strike. Its not the unions or workers who wanted or forced this strike. Its the train companies and government who are to blame. They could have talked, they could have made an offer, instead they trained managers for months to fill the jobs left empty by strikes. If you see someone with an RMT flag, it might be me, so come say hi and sign it! If i can fill a flag with signatures, i'll send it to the bosses when i get back! Love you all. Can't wait for Glasto. Support the strike.
  24. The ball is firmly with the Train companies and the Government. All they have to do to at least postpone the strikes is put out a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies till X date, whilst promising to talk on other issues raised during any postponement. The only reason they wouldn't do that is because they are planning redundancies. As has been mentioned previously, mangers have been getting trained up for months to do the jobs of other staff during the strikes. That translates as: We knew this was coming, We COULD have sat down and talked.... but we chose not too
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