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  1. merovinjian

    WOMAD EarlyBirds Tix for sale

    Tickets are sold.. sorry i cant find any way to deleat this post!
  2. merovinjian

    WOMAD EarlyBirds Tix for sale

    Sadly I have learnt that my partener and I will not be able to attend WOMAD this year 2017. Its beyond my control, and means I'm looking to re-sell our EarlyBird Tickets along with a set of La di La Loo passes. Im not looking to make anything on the deal so the tickets are £145 each and the LaDiDa's are £25 each. They are standard 3 day camping tickets. If you'd like em please get in touch picklestom@hotmail.com or reply to this post with a contact.. Cheers :-)