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  1. Iron14

    Lost ticket

    Hence why they should barcode.
  2. Iron14

    Lost ticket

    I don't see why they have that policy. You just barcode entry. If you 'lose' your ticket and attempt to sell it on to another, it's a race to the gate. The same happens with camping in WV. x people per bar code - once it has been scanned x times, no more entry. There are so many reasons you could lose a ticket, no matter how hard you try.
  3. I suppose it depends where you're coming from. For us, no, as we'll be coming from the North and it is generally on the way. Suspect it would be fine unless your friends are coming from the South West from a quick look on Google maps.
  4. We have the same issue with a friend we are bringing. We emailed the Festival and they said: "We recommend you drop your friend at the drop and collect point, based at the Bath and West showground, where they will be able to make use of the free shuttle buses to the main Festival site." I suspect it would actually be ok to hop on the WV shuttle bus back to the Festival but given they have not confirmed, we won't be taking the risk.
  5. We stayed WV in 2017, but this time we are giving a lift to a friend who is staying in the main festival. Is there a shuttle from WV to the festival? I know there is one the other way round... If so, where exactly is the shuttle?
  6. Iron14

    Us Tall People

    I'm 6ft7 and - whilst if it is obvious i'm blocking someone i'll ask them if they want to stand in front of me - it is no more my fault that i am tall than their fault that they are small(er).
  7. I'm still surprised there is no mention of Catfish & the Bottlemen to be quite honest. New album dropping around that time and small tour ending just prior.
  8. A swiss fucking army knife. Might not set off in the morning now.
  9. Iron14

    acts on tonight

    If you walk up to Arcadia i'm sure you'll see that there will be no acts on there. Not least as there's the 'opening party' later on in the week.
  10. Time to kill in the queues, lets hope. Will change when there are reams and reams of people coming through. Security searches are obviously for the benefit of all, but logistics will inevitably require it to be quicker. The festival will not want a repeat of the chaos last year because of the mud/queues on the roads.
  11. Iron14


    In all honesty.... why would MTV know? Saying this as praying it's not Elbow.
  12. Iron14


    Everything Now twitter is just one big piss take - wouldn't read too much into it. Having seen them play scunny, can 1 million percent guarantee I'll be there if they turn up. Unfuckingreal EDIT: basically what bocumaroy said above
  13. Iron14


    You'd certainly hope they wouldn't do it if it was AF at JP. Or at least, you'd hope you were the first to see it.
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