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  1. I suppose it depends where you're coming from. For us, no, as we'll be coming from the North and it is generally on the way. Suspect it would be fine unless your friends are coming from the South West from a quick look on Google maps.
  2. We have the same issue with a friend we are bringing. We emailed the Festival and they said: "We recommend you drop your friend at the drop and collect point, based at the Bath and West showground, where they will be able to make use of the free shuttle buses to the main Festival site." I suspect it would actually be ok to hop on the WV shuttle bus back to the Festival but given they have not confirmed, we won't be taking the risk.
  3. We stayed WV in 2017, but this time we are giving a lift to a friend who is staying in the main festival. Is there a shuttle from WV to the festival? I know there is one the other way round... If so, where exactly is the shuttle?
  4. Iron14

    Us Tall People

    I'm 6ft7 and - whilst if it is obvious i'm blocking someone i'll ask them if they want to stand in front of me - it is no more my fault that i am tall than their fault that they are small(er).
  5. ah. That'll do it.
  6. I'm still surprised there is no mention of Catfish & the Bottlemen to be quite honest. New album dropping around that time and small tour ending just prior.
  7. Iron14

    Arcade Fire

    Shocking lineup. Almost blasphemy that AF are on the bill with some of those other acts.
  8. Iron14

    Arcade Fire

    Showing it tomorrow not tonight. Shame.
  9. Iron14


    Lot of progress today - things clearly ramping up now. Mandala bar and various other tents popped up rather quickly!
  10. Iron14

    Arcade Fire

    Last night was unreal. Feel like I've been hit by a bus today but the best gig I've ever been to
  11. Iron14

    Arcade Fire

    Unfortunately we share that honour mate
  12. Iron14

    Arcade Fire

  13. Iron14

    2019 Headliners

    Hopefully Mik Artistik will get the headline slot he is long overdue.
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