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  1. Aww I just came on to read everyone's tales and I'm the only person browsing How times have changed! For those who made it in, I'm so glad you all had a blast. See you all in 2019 at the farm! x
  2. My drinking is starting as soon as the clock ticks over to 5.30. Maybe even before as I'm working from home. We deserve it tbh
  3. Really sorry to hear that dude. Hope everything's ok, family wise. I wasn't going to watch any of it on TV but husband has decreed that we should. So we have a fridge full of booze, lots of barbecue food, a big pile of snacks and a hot tub in the garden. Mini home-festival it is. We will all be there in 2019. First in the queue for tickets in fact. Karma will see to it! This thread has honestly kept me going at times in the last couple of months and it's so nice to see that so many of the secret resale crew made it in. Hope everyone is having an incredible time. I'm definitely there in spirit.
  4. Congrats! How did you get sorted, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Have some upvotes from me to make up for it, you two
  6. Thankyou! And thanks so much for your help! Have an incredible time!
  7. I haven't watched any of it the last 2 years as just can't bear the jealousy! It's easier if I just pretend it's a fallow year! For sure we will all be first in the queue next time. Karma will see to it!
  8. I've still been lurking here from time to time (when work allows) but there's no way I could go now anyway as I wouldn't be able to get leave and my husband DEFINITELY wouldn't be able to. So I think it's time for me to bow out. Absolutely gutted I won't be there (feel like crying just writing this!). It would have been my tenth and, to make it even worse, we had tickets (and Worthy View) for last year that we had to give up. Don't think I'll be able to cope with watching it on TV so will probably take my dog for lots of long walks, drink a lot of wine and pretend it's not happening. I hope those of you with tickets and those of you who've managed to get work have an AMAZING time. Hopefully see you all on the farm in 2019! x
  9. What the hell happened? Can't see any changes!
  10. That failed high five is the only thing keeping me going this morning, after staying up until 3.30 watching the election results
  11. I'm still here. But can't really carry on next week as I won't be able to get leave from work if a resale happens. Who am I kidding, I'll still be here next week...
  12. Lovely to see so many folks from here getting in at the last minute. Starting to make my peace with the fact it's probably not going to happen for husband and me. Will likely be off to End of the Road by way of consolation! I'm off for the day but see you all back here tomorrow
  13. Just renewed my checkpage for another month (even though, if the resale happens after tomorrow, I won't be able to get the time off work) but it hasn't extended the expiry date or added any more credits. Does anyone know how long it should take to update?
  14. After tomorrow I have to give up on hopes of going this year as won't be able to book the time off work. Very sad (have never failed to get tickets before, somehow!) but it's one of those things. I'll hopefully be back in 2019 and beyond! Have the most incredible time! x
  15. No such thing! It's your festival. Do it the way you want to! x
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