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  1. No, zero connections between both. Don't worry.
  2. Pukkelpop have announced it too, so it's not exactly a leak. Shame, I was ready to gather my portion of efestivals fame.
  3. But it's on saturday we need a big dance hall slot.... I'm going to check it... Oh wait, it's already filled by Paul kalkbrenner. They have leaked a name. Lol
  4. I can see Juice WRLD having the spot. He is performing on Les Ardentes at the 4th of July, so he can be announced after that date.
  5. Tame Impala vs Hot Chip is one of the worst clashes this year.
  6. Biffy is really small in Belgium. They can't sell out a venue for 2000 people. Pop and electronic acts attract the biggest crowds, it says a lot of the demography of the Pukkelpop goers. They lost a lot of the "alternative" goers the last years. They are trying to win them back this year, let's see how this will work out.
  7. The lift and the main stage alternate in the schedule, I think the lift will still be in the same place.
  8. This seems like the most reasonable option.
  9. I think it will be TGTBATQ. Parkway Drive at pkp will be the 4th time in a year, a bit too much. They are also a main stage worthy band. If Bring Me The Horizon can play on the main stage in 2016, Parkway can do the same today. About the boiler: the Friday in the boiler is really weak, except for Modestep.
  10. Line-up is on the site, they moved ghostmane to the lower free marquee spot on sunday, so the bigger marquee slot and a lower dance hall slot are free on sunday. I think we still get a dance hall closer on saturday and a dance hall opener on friday.
  11. There are more "retiring" artists who keep on touring than artists who really end their career. The Scorpions announced their retirement in 2011, they are still doing their farewell tour.
  12. Timetable already on the app.
  13. Apparently Eddie Vedder said at the solo concert last weekend in The Netherlands that he will be back next year. Not sure if he means solo or with PJ.
  14. Time table already tomorrow? That's fast. I wonder if there will be late-night dj's in the Castello.
  15. Bears Den and New Order already have concerts in Belgium plannen at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020, so that lower the chances I think. Bastille would be horrendous.
  16. Shit replacement, especially because of the fact that the past replacements Werchter had to make were quality (Faith No More, Millionaire, Slowdive).
  17. recommendations to do in Turin if I go a second time?
  18. Good line up. Shame Turin isn't that interesting and the travel is expensive, otherwise I would go a second time.
  19. Oops, I meant most of the bands...
  20. News from the mail: new collaborations will be announced. Simple Creatures have cancelled PKP.
  21. All the bands apart from Kelis and Mura Masa are local, I would be suprised if you knew one of them.
  22. Also a timetable I guess? Zwangere Guy is not my cup of tea, but I think it is one of the better options.
  23. My guess for the addition of Editors was actually pure pessimism.
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