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  1. They announced Nothing but Thieves last week who also is playing Rock Werchter next week. If another Werchter act is coming, why are they announced seperately? Seems unlikely to me. Fontaines DC is occupied during PKP. Idles are playing AB after the weekend of PKP. Sam Fender returns in August to Europe, but he is only playing 3 shows and is available during PKP, he would be great. Fever 333 also looks occupied. Maybe it will be smelly Maneskin???
  2. There isn't more info yet about the changes.
  3. I think the 25-30 bands comment was about the new "shelter", not about the day event.
  4. They've booked gabber. Finally!!
  5. Sad to hear you don't like it. I'll be in Kiewit for sure.
  6. Losing Mogwai is worse.
  7. PKP had a lot of rock on the main stage at sunday in 2019 with Prophets of Rage, Airbourne, A Day To Remember and Pennywise. It also had TOP, Billie Eilish and Anderson Paak though. I wouldn't rule out Slipknot. But someone said there would be an extra day at the festival site this year. Slipknot is touring with Knotfest this summer in Europe. I can see some sort of Pukkelpop x Knotfest collaboration as the extra event.
  8. Stromae already plays 2 festivals in Belgium this summer and has a lot of shows in Belgian venues. Oscar and the Wolf is a possibility.
  9. I remember PKP releasing the line up mid april and selling out a week later. Massive Attack performs in Brussel in May, so they are probably ruled out.
  10. Isn't it already to late to book a hotel in Leuven?
  11. Nobody posted it here because it has its own topic 😉
  12. It could be great for me too, if I wasn't poor 😞
  13. Scooter!! Metronomy is already playing Dour.
  14. Can't people make normal posters nowadays? This, Lowlands, Best Kept Secret, Pohoda,.... damn.
  15. Florence and the machine is also available. KoL is playing Sportpaleis in june.
  16. Can see Iggy Pop as Marquee headliner.
  17. Happy New Year @eFestivals, missed you xxx
  18. Not really. Usually it is only hiphop.
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