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  1. 1. Miley Cyrus 2. Mik Artistik 3. Mik Artistik 4. Mik Artistik 5. Mik Artistik 6. Mik Artistik 7. Lekiddo 8. Lekiddo 9. Lekiddo 10. The Cure
  2. Imperial Sound Army (having just seen them for the first time at UoD, and man they r o c k e d !)
  3. 1995 - giant ball entrance...
  4. am genuinely gutted and saddened by this news. there are only so many albums that come along and perfectly encapsulate the moment of their release - they hold and explain and sum-up a moment in time - for me "Jilted Generation" is one of those albums, not only a genuine masterpiece but also a moment in time, and a big moment in my life. one of the best live bands ever, in big part to having one of the best frontmen ever - seen them a bunch of times at Glasto and each show was amazing. RIP Keith.
  5. Jah_Roots

    Glastonbury Virgin

    yup - Glastonbury festival is the greatest place on earth, but that doesn't mean every moment of every day is going to be some sort of magical utopia. its very rare for me to get through the whole festival without at least once wishing i wasn't there - but dont feel bad about it. you cant be bothered to pull your boots on and meet X person at X place at X time? so what... chill and catch up later. the one thing i can say is just do what you want to do - you want to spend all weekend making candle powered boats? cool. you want to spend all weekend sat in front of the pyramid? no problem. just throw yourself into it and you'll have the best 5 days that its possible to have - with all the highs and lows that come along with that. i've got friends who plan every day down to the minutest detail. i don't bother reading the programme, and just head out from camp and see where i end up. we have equally amazing experiences. not long now!
  6. Bruce Springsteen Taylor Swift Ozric Tentacles Wormrot (having only just discovered (like in the past week) just how brilliant these guys are, i am absolutely kicking myself for not seeing them in 2017). Jah Shaka - all night long sunday to monday...
  7. this looks incredibly similar to my box of Glasto bits n bobs!
  8. i keep them on until they fall off naturally - at the moment the last four years are still there. you guys that have put them in frames, that looks really good!
  9. managed to find some Mk1 german para's! hopefully live up to my memory of how good they are...
  10. not really away from the stages but what used to be Blazing Saddles, now the Summerhouse... sat in a deckchair, beer in one hand pizza in the other - sooner or later Mik and Lekkido will come along...
  11. saw Gaga last time she played - great show, really enjoyed it but not fussed about seeing her again. saw Taylor twice recently and the shows were so utterly amazing that i wanted book flights and head straight out to the US and see her again as soon as possible - only the fact that i have no money stopped me... Taylor is the only major star that i can honestly say i would really, REALLY like to see play. she is fantastic.
  12. footwear wise you cant beat a pair of army boots - all i've ever worn and never needed anything else, rain or shine, dust or mud. the old mk1 / mk2 german para boots were probably the best boots ever made but are near impossible to find these days. for the past few years my festival boots have been a pair of current issue british army Haix boots - absolutely brilliant and comfy as trainers.
  13. both of these delivered what, to me personally, were life affirming performances at One Love this year - masterclasses in performance and passion.
  14. Jah_Roots

    The Cure

    one of them enjoyed it but didn't find it life changing or anything, and the other one had enough towards the end and headed back to their hotel early! but for context, aside from Bruce Springsteen our music tastes are quite vastly different and they are more into what i guess you would call rock n roll-y type stuff (willie nile, danny champ, billy walton etc..)
  15. 1. napalm death 2. ozric tentacles 3. zion train in dub 4. twinkle brothers 5. iqulah 6. jah shaka 7. celt islam 8. levellers 9. back to the planet 10. senser
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