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  1. Mine Showed the same but arrived this morning with my general admission tickets. Still Showing on see that there waiting to be dispatched.
  2. Tickets and Camper-van ticket arrived this morning in the same envelope. Can finally look forward to it now without waking up in the middle of the night thinking my tickets wouldn't arrive!
  3. My campervan ticket says that.. As for my general tickets they don't have any delivery details which i think is a bit strange. I did have an email yesterday however saying that they are now in stock and been prepared to be printed?! *EDIT* 5 mins after writing this i checked and have now changed to "prepared for dispatch* I can breath a little easier now!!
  4. I was just wandering to myself, in what order do see tickets dispatch tickets? Order number, registration number, postcode? ?
  5. Campervaning in East. First time at Glastonbury after trying to get tickets for 6 years... Can't. Bloody. Wait. That is if my tickets ever arrive!
  6. just had the "your tickets are now in stock and being prepared to be printed" email. Little less concerned now I've had that!
  7. Same here. When Its the balance payment reference I'm tracking but doesent mention anything about status. When I track my campervan one I get a status for that? Strange...
  8. I'm a little concerned with my tickets... on the tracker they don't even show as in stock yet! ( my campervan one shows in stock ready for dispatch) ? Any else's general admission tickets still not showing as in stock?
  9. I was lucky to get tickets this year for myself and 6 friends for the first time after trying for 5 years!! Interested to know though, can someone living in the catchment area purchase tickets for people outside of the area?

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    wheres worthy view and campervan tickets??
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