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  1. You should do it in Lost Horizons - for no other reason than it'll be fun finding a place to hide the ring beforehand
  2. I've only ever arrived on Wednesday and you don't get a choice of where to park (other than East or West), you just follow the stewards instructions, depending which parking field they are filling at the time. I can't see this being any different on the Friday. So just choose whether to arrive from the East or the West and go with the flow I guess.
  3. I've just kept the email I got from Just Giving which confirms the donation. I'm sure it'll all be sorted on the day, no probs.
  4. I posted somewhere else that tesco have 1 litre of JD Honey for £23 at the moment ?
  5. This ^ its not difficult to have a bit of respect. And you might discover a new favourite ?
  6. Thanks. Defo on the list, high up?
  7. Thanks, will this to the list, line up looks good
  8. Skelts


    There’s no way the Pyramid is female, it was ready first ? <ducks and runs for cover>
  9. What sort of time does The Avalon cafe go on to? I’m trying to add to my list of late night venues that aren’t in the SE corner.
  10. Skelts

    Other Stage Opener

    This would be great, was pretty surprised not to see them on the main poster to be fair.
  11. Bought a litre of Jack Daniels honey in Tesco for £23?
  12. Skelts


    Good work fella!
  13. Skelts


    Thanks for posting, I love stuff like this! ?
  14. Skelts


    Thanks for posting, I love stuff like this! ?
  15. Whether I’m having a good time where I am, and if I can be arsed to move does it for me
  16. Who the fuck would go to Glastonbury and waste their time with this?! Seriously.
  17. Cheers, makes sense. I stumbled into the tipi field in 2017 and joined a camp fire they had going, nice chilled out little area
  18. I think you were being wound up. There would be a riot on Saturday night if it was staff only!
  19. How come the tipi village is in neat rows and the tipi field right next to it just seems like random placement? What’s the difference?
  20. Skelts

    Emotional Moments

    If you don’t cry at Glastonbury, you’re not doing it right and shouldn’t apply for tickets the next time round
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