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  1. Strange one this year. Our daughter is on holiday in Greece and pretty much got straight in and secured our tickets. We were then struggling to get the next group their tickets but then their daughter got in and safely completed the purchase. She is in Portugal. I hardly got past the Glastonbury Festival home page! Really hope everyone who was not so lucky is succesful on the resale.
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    Great closer for me. They managed to put some energy into my tired old feet for a final dance of the weekend. Loved them.
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    The team on the site must get an amazing sense of satisfaction at the end of each day when they look back and see how much tangible progress they have made. I look at what i have achieved today and see it amounts to sending, deleting and filing c200 emails. Only tangible output are the 10 dirty mugs now in the kitchen. Not entirely in the same league! remember to take none of this for granted when we get there next week.
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