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  1. I'm cheating this year and staying off site where they supply a shuttle bus and I can park next to my tent ... I'm too old and knackered to lug all my stuff and need a shower and sleep
  2. babyblade41

    Camping Solo 2020

    I always go solo.. love it.. I don't over indulge, I go where I want and wouldn't do it any there way
  3. Same here, I got in with my group and daughter and hers didn't . it's taken the shine off a little. I managed to get their details in but wouldn't proceed. The one who got mine never re-freshed at all
  4. Our group got mine but my daughters group weren't lucky
  5. babyblade41

    Good Luck ALL !

    morning all.. well it's nearly time... feeling very complacent and not at all positive but will go through the motions and expect to be deflated again .. See you all on the other side
  6. Spot on, it really is down to luck and with so many wanting the tickets now and particularly next year it does seem the fairest
  7. Ditto all above, I'll be trying on Sunday
  8. I won't go in WV again..I prefer driving in as I am limited on what time I leave home . I leave it down to the ticket gods and it will be my last year this year. This will invariably reduce the chances but who knows
  9. I'm afraid I gave all that stuff up many years ago, as soon as I had a mortgage and planning for the future 35 years ago. Another reason I like going solo so I can keep at my own pace and drink if I want to , I also have no one to take care of me either so I'm Mrs responsible . I am trying for tickets this year but it will be my last
  10. Can we all agree that the present method of ticketing is probably the best one so far ?? With it being so popular it is the most fair , my only tweak possibly would be registrations have to be updated every year, but this maybe not cost effective ..I'm Ok with it as it is now
  11. I think this would be a dreadful idea ,people who go are from all walks of life with varying degrees of abilities so would discriminate from the start. I'm happy with the way tickets are sold now as it's part of the fun ..ticket day stress.. I've been lucky and unlucky . I certainly wouldn't do any more community based projects just to get a head start into the festival I like to choose my projects and they invariably involve animal charities so if I had more time it would be spent with them rather than some project that someone else deemed more important to gain access over someone else
  12. I'm not sure how they would fit in anywhere, and broadcasting it openly this early on could be a huge nail in the coffin for them I'm not a fan of Kylie but could see the appeal, bit not so for the Spice girls. I fear this would undermine what the festival is about and could look a bit desperate and can't see the huge crowds that previous groups had garnered in the past . This will be my last try for tickets this year as I want to try different things , it wouldn't stop me going but I for one wouldn't bother pithing up , I find them irritating at best . I. did take my youngest and her friends to see them the first time round but I stayed in the car for a couple of hours !!
  13. All done... but as @Gnomicide said , not being able to contact home or vic versa would make it a no no from me
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