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  1. As an oldie my advice is to pace yourself ... even at my age I felt like a kid in a sweet shop and fell asleep through the early evening on a Saturday especially when I was looking forward to something
  2. babyblade41

    How do you feel?

    It's been a bit weird really, had tickets and after the initial downer of it being cancelled felt Ok as it was beyond anyones control Tried to stay away from the player but popped to my daughters yesterday morning and they had the Glastonbury garden party going on and that just finished my day... came home in a right misery mood . Oh well at least it's nearly over and we can really count down properly .. hope there aren't too many sore heads this morning
  3. I'm sorry I still don't understand BLM , what it is they actually want to see and what laws are discriminatory specifically against black people . My 16 year old GS is mixed race his other Nan is afro Caribbean , we've had this conversation this past week and she finds the whole thing distasteful and has not helped one little bit, if anything the opposite..She has a good job and has never encountered racism in her work or socially , she has not been held back in any way because she is black. My GS has the same opportunities open to him as any other teenager , he does well at school , plays rugby and tbh the colour of his skin has never been a problem, he is around kids of all races so none of his particular year group see any problems at all which is how it should be
  4. I think this guy talks a lot of sense
  5. I find that a lot on here it's one view point only , I'm not sure why a decent debate can't be had but I suppose that's what happens when you preach to the converted . It's a very myopic viewpoint and not the view point of a lot of black people either
  6. I won't accept it as it was done un lawfully , if it was done under a democratic process then that would be different I also feel especially on this subject here if it's not the opinion of the majority then your opinion is not valid . It wasn't me who posted this topic in the first place so to comment must it be only if you agree with it ?
  7. Islam was established by a slave trader Mohammad was a slave trader
  8. absolutely, so why can't everyone accept differences of opinion . No one had done anything up until a couple of weeks ago so why now.? The division this has caused between communities seems to be doing more harm than good IMO especially when some will latch onto anything to have an excuse be that black or white
  9. The statue above the BBC is by a paedophile and that is still up and not on the hit list..where do you draw the line ..should Mosques be removed ? I'm trying to see where one line starts and another ends , My GS other nan would never accept anyone taking the knee for her, she works hard in the community bringing kids from impoverished backgrounds together , I don't think you can cherry pick what parts apply and as the statues belong to a wider audience then surely it should be a democratic process of what happens to them
  10. what about those in receipt of this money as so many POC have benefited from the scholarships at Oriel college . I'm trying to understand why the taking down of statues helps the cause. Take the one outside the BBC of a paedophile
  11. My daughter investigates some of these criminals so you can't hide away from it . My GS is mixed race Afro Caribbean ,16 years old and along with his other Nan don't condone any of this BLM protests so why do some POC agree and many don't ?
  12. I perfectly accept the right for peaceful protest, what I don't understand is that a few of those protesting about the Cecil Rhodes statue at Oriel college in Oxford (my home town) accepted the Rhodes scholarship and studied there ..It doesn't make sense and certainly last night this was what was being said to those doing a peaceful protest ..there was silence when questioned . The other point is that my home town has prolific cases of child grooming gangs and no one ever speaks up about these poor girls and the horrendous acts committed against them Also a lot of the clothes being worn yesterday were quite likely produced in sweatshops , I just don't understand the rhetoric at all in some people
  13. I swapped to a vape 2 years ago after smoking 30 a day for nearly 35 years . It gave me a sore throat and a headache for the first month and then switched to double menthol and have been fine since. Still miss cigs especially the last few weeks but take each day as it comes
  14. Just hope you are feeling a little better this morning after the initial shock but unsurprising news from yesterday. Hope we will have an announcement about what will happen moving forward soon . We are in self isolation here and have been for the last week or more, OH has a major heart condition so keeping an eye out for him now . My son in law will be on lock down from his employer from next week probably so everywhere is in turmoil . I don't suppose anyone on here is from my area but if they are I have a food delivery shop tomorrow and can add items to it if need be and get anything majorly important to anyone at the weekend when my isolation comes to an end . Bit of a long shot but offer is there if necessary . Hope everyone is keeping well and continues to do so in the future . Mothers Day will be from a distance for many this year .. I know I won't see my girls and grand children. My youngest is in isolation and my youngest grand child has health difficulties as he was a very premature baby and his 3rd birthday too this weekend All we can hang onto re: the festival is think how big and wonderful it will be next year and hope we are all lucky with tickets next time
  15. I honestly don't think this would ever be the case, and we probably all knew this would be the outcome, just don't shoot the messenger
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