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  1. I sympathise with the renovations.. we are just embarking on the very last house I am ever going to re-furb.. I seem to have spent my life living in building sites and then once finished move on !! Thank fully the 2 big dogs are total couch potatoes so as long as a sofa or bed are within reach they are happy Ex batt hens and ducks are so lovely and my last lot were featherless with open sores but amazing how these little hens re-cover so quickly with a bit of TLC
  2. We do have a pond but ducks are so messy it's easy to have paddling pools dotted around and not all my ducks are water proof some are blind or disabled and can't swim... the factory they came from is not a lot different than ex bat hens Not so much living a dream as it's very restrictive and sometimes would love a weeks holiday but with 6 dogs as well , 2 being Great Danes it's just too much hassle to get anyone to look after such a mixed bunch but it's all very therapeutic ..sadly we have lost half the menagerie and no longer taking on anymore rescues... we have a South African leopard tortoise who has the use of two rooms upstairs who has to be under heat lamps 12 hours a day so I've had to put him in my will as he will probably out live me We don't eat those that die mainly because they invariably have had AB's which isn't ideal so they get either cremated or buried very deep down..depending how hard the ground is. If they die without AB's I normally take into the neighbouring field and leave for the foxes
  3. I do as much as I can .. Haven't flown in 13 years, I'm rural so have to use a vehicle but mostly only twice a week, . We are meat eaters but also rescue ex bat hens , ducks and turkeys..o and pot bellied pigs I use a local organic farm shop for most but we are big fish eaters so a varied diet. I never buy micro wave meals...ever and farm feeds for animals come in paper sacks . Plastic is still an issue and can't seem to get away from a lot of the stuff no matter how hard I try. When I lived in Hereford their refuse collections were dreadful and only allowed 1 recycling bin a fortnight but now I'm back home in rural Oxfordshire they will take everything recyclable and it can all go in one bin or recycling bags . My only extravagance is water as the ducks have to have clean paddling pools every day but that's fine for me
  4. I think I might join one of these groups on here, it sounds more safe than the FB one. I have no friends who would ever want to go so would it be OK if I was to join a group?? I'm always worried that someone in the group would tget there's elsewhere and spoil it
  5. My only problem with the spreadsheet style is that if someone on a group doesn't play fair and is elsewhere it can knock the rest out. I saw it on another forum where it stopped a few getting tickets and the perpetrator getting there's I got tickets with only a satellite connection in a very rural location in 2017 and yet last ticket sale I was on a high speed connection and still nothing. My daughter always appears to get tickets and the person buying there's is in the US . I think I will try the cmd and r route again refreshing every so often and wear my lucky pants
  6. I quit 13 months ago and still using a vape every day, 30 a day and smoking 40 years... I have never felt so unwell as the past 13 months tbh . No reason to give up just had enough but yes , I miss it every daamn day and living with a smoker is hard. Most peculiar thing is when I'm having a drink I don't find it quite so hard
  7. Well I'm totally lost.. my last house didn't have broadband and this one does so I'm a happy bunny... what is this 5g thing anyway ???
  8. oh yes just spotted... I only watched on TV, I thought G. Ezra was good and Liam was never going to be a favourite fr me
  9. are they on there?? I've got my PO glasses on
  10. Glad to see Babymetal not totally at the bottom
  11. Queen with Adam Lambert would be special .. saw them last when Freddie was still alive
  12. I never took mine when they were young ..the thought of it made me shudder, mine would have whinged and fought the whole time I think it is about how you feel accepting a totally different experience with your children I liked a break from mine 😄
  13. No training here.. just probably getting a new keyboard 😄 I won't work the festival . I go to enjoy it in it's entirety so couldn't focus on working enough to give it my all. On Wednesday it had crossed my mind about some super inflated hospitality package , but in reality I survived being ticketless and probably wouldn't feel too good about spending serious money on anything remotely borderline ridiculous and I can't afford it either So for me it's down to Lady Luck again.. it worked before so who knows ... if not I'll be in heart break thread again
  14. The thing is we have the judiciary system and all the facts are put before and a decision is made ..sometimes that decision isn't what we hoped but we have to accept it Sometimes best to move on , accept we have made a faux pas and put it down to experience . I've made some monumental balls ups .. now that time has passed and the hurt had subsided we can look at it and probably look at the other persons side
  15. In reality without all this arguing. . if someone offers something for a fee and that something doesn't materialise then the person who paid for the service has the use of claiming the money back through the small claims court If this chap had paid whatever .. before he did I'd like to think he done due diligence on the company he was buying from... I got my facts wrong earlier as I thought it was a reputable company he purchased from If he did pay this amount then I would assume he has a relatively well paid position and he would know to check out the company first.. easiest way is companies house .. IF everything is sound then the next step is submitting a MCOL to recoup his loss, well the is what I'd do anyway I never understand why people go to the press for anything ... certainly I'd be looking for my money through the proper channels
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